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I Declare War On The 'War On Woke


ABE WON’T BE SILENT - We begin by referring to Merriam-Webster Dictionary to define the word ‘woke’ that Ron ‘Girly Voice’ DeSantis, is hell-bent on going to war with. Just to be clear, the unfriendly, uptight jerk in the white go-go-boots has officially declared war on a word. So, we must clarify what the word really means before we go to battle with a bunch of racist jerks who have hijacked the word.

WOKE: past tense and past participle of WAKE
a. They woke early.
b. Something woke her in the middle of the night.
c. An experience that woke old feelings.

Where does the word ‘woke’ lend itself to the moronic, far-fetched associations that the Christian Conservative morons are trying so desperately to connect the dots?

  1. They woke early and decided to ban books? That makes no sense.
  2. Something woke her (Marjorie Taylor Greene) in the middle of the night that made her want to divorce her husband AND America in one fell swoop. Make that make sense.
  3. An experience that woke old feelings of racism. OK, that tracks because the GOP invented racism.

My goal is to exorcize the word WOKE currently being spewed by the heinous, right-wing, MAGA Trump republican, psychotic, Christian conservative evangelical lunatics. And I use the word ‘exorcise’ very intentionally because these people are demons and are co-opting the word to spread their hellish poisonous venom. All the GOP elected politicians, led by Captain Not-So Courageous Meatball Ronda DeSanctimonious, have seized the moment to rile up their sicko, bible-addicted asinine, violence-prone base in the hopes of taking down the Biden Administration, which will not happen as long as I am breathing.


Who will be the Biggest Loser in 2024?


We have to pin the word ‘woke’ on the GOP candidates running during the upcoming crucial election cycle. We have to paw through every decision, every relationship, and every action that these GOP rats have made that remotely smells like the shit they are accusing Democrats of being or doing. You know, in that woke way, that they love so much. Just know, these MAGA morons are running alright…running scared in this next election cycle. They are pinning their hopes on the word ‘woke’ because they’ve had their ‘come to Jesus’ moment (literally AND figuratively) and see, very clearly, that their dumbass MAGA Trump Republican party is nothing but a bunch of lying criminals, evildoers, and pedophiles, which is a losing proposition. Then again, when your standard bearer is the biggest loser, what do you expect?


(ABE GURKO is the executive producer of a documentary “Won’t Be Silent,” about the extraordinary Women of Protest Music. He's an Opinionator who hosts a podcast, "Conversations From the Edge of Democracy," that discusses the current state of our fragile political landscape. Abe is a contributor to CityWatchLA.com[email protected].  Abe’s opinions are his own and not necessarily those of CityWatchLA.com)

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