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Lies Breed Violence


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Whether the lies come from Donald Trump or from the Los Angeles Times, lies breed violence. 

As the nation learned with Donald Trump, even after the violence, liars persist.  Will the Los Angeles times tread farther down its path of lies about Councilmember Kevin de Leon being a racist? 

While no one would compare Jason Reedy’s antics to the burning of the Reichstag, one can discern a similar pattern.  It’s a pattern which we ignored before January 6th insurrection to overturn the November 2020 election.  In fact, lies have laid the foundation for all sorts of violence.  The Spanish did not blow up the Maine in Havana’s harbor, but that lie started The Spanish-American War.  The Hearst newspapers were in the forefront of yellow journalism. No one did anything before the war, nor did anyone do anything after the war to stop yellow journalism.  Likewise, after Trump set lose thugs with guns to murder the vice-president on January 6th, no one actually did anything afterwards.  When Nancy Pelosi’s office learned that Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Buetler (R-WA) was willing to testify about the conversation between Rep. Kevin McCarthy(R-CA) and Donald Trump in order to establish that Trump knew the violence and danger at the Capitol, she chose to sandbag her own impeachment managers and to protect Trump by withholding that crucial bit of evidence from Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) who was the head of the impeachment team.   

Pelosi knew Rep. Herrera Beutler was parallel to Watergate’s John Dean who testified that Nixon knew about the break-in and the Watergate tapes. If Herrera Buetler testified, Trump would most likely be convicted.  (Unchecked, by Bade & Demurijian pp577-579) 

“President Richard Nixon might have gotten away with it if it weren't for John Dean. In June 1973, Dean testified before Congress that Nixon knew about the Watergate cover-up. Not only that, Dean said he suspected there was taped evidence—and he was he right.”   June, 29, 2022, Watergate: How John Dean Helped Bring Down Nixon Becky Little 

Lie, Cheat Steal Murder, Do Whatever You Want, Power for the Sake of Power Justifies Everything 

The difference between Watergate and Trump is that in 1970's the Speaker of the House did not sabotage the impeachment.  Times are different now and the only thing that matter is power. Lie, cheat steal murder, do whatever you want, power for the sake of power justifies everything in Washington and everything in Los Angeles. Pelosi did not care that Trump’s insurrection had killed innocent people. All that matter to her and all that mattered to Senate GOP McConnell was preserving their power. In Los Angeles, the corrupt vote trading system has been killing thousands of homeless people, but no one cares because there is too much money in destroying rental controlled apartments so that developers could buy property for the lowest possible cost.  L.A.’s criminal enterprise, aka city council, is protected by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard Fruin who said that the city council’s actions were de facto “non-justiciable.”  No one in city government or the courts skipped a beat as the number of LA’s homeless dead piled up.  They had a good excuse, one used by Polish villagers after WW II, i.e., Oh we didn’t know about the death camps a five-minute walk down the country lane. 

Genocide Does not Begin with Mass Murder 

At first there are small evils which people ignore.  Then, the small evils like railroading young Blacks into prison become routine with corrupt DA’s making excuses like, “If he didn’t commit this crime, he committed another one.” Then, we got to the Rampart Scandal where the LAPD had criminal gangs in competition with the street gangs.  The persons who were really in charge of Ramparts were the superior court judges.  The more cops Testi-Lied, the more convictions and the better for judicial careers.  Trump was similar. At one time people thought it was laughable that he publically called out to China to find Hillary’s emails – the blatant solicitation of a foreign government to mess with American presidential election. Right there, Trump should have been stopped.  All the politicos cared about, however, was their personal power and taking action in face of incipient criminality might interfere with their pursuit of power. 

So here we are back to Los Angeles and our own Big Lie #2, “The tape was racist” and the lie’s violent aftermath.  At least the LAPD was prepared when the thugs made their first attack on city hall.  How many were arrested?  The promoters of Big Lie #2 knew that there was nothing racist on the tape  December 5, 2022, , From Watergate to TapeGate  In fact, much of the conversation had been about working with and helping Black councilmembers.  The Times never highlighted that. Instead, Pravda West mangled and twisted the tape to make it appear that the Mexicans were anti-Black.  And, like Trump, they’ve never backed down from these lies no matter how egregious. The media’s motto was: If the fire is not hot enough, pour on more gasoline.  Hearst would be proud of LA Times owner, the billionaire Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. 

Smash and Grabs, Follow-Home Robberies, People’s Dogs Kidnapped At Gun Point 

After Los Angeles has been beset by vicious criminals for well over a year, we have thugs crashing the charity Christmas celebration to attack councilmember de Leon.  Why do these woker thugs engage in criminal behavior? For the same reason the January 6th rioters broke into The Capitol. Lies! Lies published over and over again by the media.  When is the LA Times going to stop its barrage of lies against Kevin de Leon? 

Or will this time be different? Is there a hint that the Times suspected that Jason Reedy was true culprit?  The initial video has the smell of rats all over it. 

Yep, Reedy Did Physically Attack De Leon 

After this was written Saturday, a longer video appears on YouTube.  It shows how Reedy interrupted the children’s charity Christmas party and de Leon asked Reedy to leave.  When Reedy refuses, de Leon himself leaves, but Reedy chases after and catches up to de Leon, corners him and then head butts Kevin. At that point Kevin takes the guy down! Wow, it turns out that small Kevin is one tough hombre.  Maybe, Reedy who is much larger thought Kevin was leaving because he was scared. Not so! Kevin can take care of himself, but Reedy, like all crybaby bullies, then goes and spewing more lies.



Will the LA Times and the Rest of Media Stop with the Not Stop Lies about the “Racist Tape”? 

Has Trump stopped with his Stop the Steal?  It surely looks like some powerful interests are trying to force Kevin de Leon out of this lucrative council district.  Yep, CD 14 covers DTLA which the developers have not finished destroying with their Manhattanization. And, then there’s Boyle Heights which they want to gentrify, but Kevin is protecting his constituents. 

Now, on the day she takes her oath of office, Karen Bass has a dilemma: Does she side with the developers’ violent goons or does she stand with the citizens of Los Angeles?

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].   The opinions expressed by Mr. Abrams are solely his and not necessarily those of CityWatch.)