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Thank You, Kanye West and the U.N., For Reminding Jews That Antisemitism is Alive and Well


THE DOCTOR IS IN - For any Jew (or a friend, family member, or sympathizer to Jews in the nation and abroad), it's become pretty clear that the historical go-to for blaming the Jews still exists. 

And although the former Trump and current Biden Administrations have taken measures to shore up Israel's standing, and the standing of Jews here and abroad, they're too close to blatant anti-Semites for Jews to be comfortable or secure with respect to their future safety. 

President Trump hanging out with crazy, conspiracy theorists Kanye West and Nick Fuentes? 

President Biden cozying with Iran to make a deal for energy and weapons? 

Is either political side kidding ANYONE when they state they're on the side of peaceful Jews who just want to be left alone? 

And if any Democratic or Republican CityWatch reader can get over their partisanship to see the frightful B.S. on both sides, they'd realize that: 

1) Kanye West, Louis Farrakhan, Ilhan Omar, Nick Fuentes, the Ayatollahs of Iran, and all those who pretend that the Holocaust was NO BIG DEAL and that blatant PLO/Palestinian terrorism did NOT happen are pretty much the same people. 

2) Black, white, Hispanic, and even Jewish antisemitism (oh, they're out there, all right!) is still abundant and perhaps growing--when a given economic environment gets worse, the Jews are always convenient scapegoats.  

Arguably, Asians are the least likely to fall into the realm of Jew Hatred (in all fairness and accuracy, the term "antisemitism" is not accurate, because both Jews and Arabs are historically descended from Semites). In fact, Asians too often are as likely to be discriminated as Jews. 

3) When Kanye West, who probably considers himself a hero but needs to realize he's become too crazy even for the Kardashians, goes on about praising Hitler and the Nazis to fellow conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, he forgets what they would have done to him had he lived in Nazi-occupied Europe during the 1940's. 

4) When the United Nations passes a resolution declaring the founding of the modern state of Israel a "catastrophe" by marking Nakba Day, they forget that they were a major player in founding Israel, and are also forgetting the decades of Palestinian terrorism and the PLO-based propaganda that has altered public/historical narratives from fantasy into fact. 

Six million Jews, and more recently the tens of thousands of Jews slain throughout the world by the PLO and other Palestinian terrorist organizations were and are very real victims who were singled out for execution merely because of their faith.

5) Because Jews don't go hunting after other peoples, but other peoples certainly go hunting after Jews.  

The recent "Never Again" motto and policies of Israel are new, and are unforgiven by so many Jew Haters who are used to Jews being unretaliating, willing-to-just-take-it victims of pogroms, Holocausts, exiles, and discrimination. 

And the supposed Jewish cabal that runs Big Hollywood are hardly supporters of Israel, and run Hollywood as much as do Asians or any other group (in other words, NO ONE runs Big Hollywood, or Big Wall Street, or what have you).  

The Jewish Steven Spielberg's fictional narrative "Munich", which mischaracterized the main characters in a virtual 180-degree falseness, shows that even prominent Jewish film producers will throw their own slain fellow Jews under the bus. "Munich" is a testimonial to Jewish Jew Hatred in Hollywood. 

So...to review and summarize: 

President Trump moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Deal with it. 

President Biden has taken major steps to distance the U.S. and decry Jew Hatred from crazies and killers. Deal with it. 

President Trump smashed Jewish threats in Iran and Syria but cozies up too much with right-wing Jew Haters. Deal with it. 

President Biden continues to smash threats to Jews here and abroad but cozies up too much with left-wing Jew Haters. Deal with it.  

In short, Jews better recognize that Jew Hatred is alive and well. 

And they also better recognize that "their guy", either on one side or another of the political spectrum, is part of the problem, and part of the threat to their well-being and very lives.



(Kenneth S. Alpern, M.D, is a dermatologist who has served in clinics in Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties, and is a proud husband and father to a wonderful wife and two cherished children. He was termed out of the Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC) twice after two 9-year- stints as a Board member and is also a Board member of the Westside Village Homeowners Association. He previously co-chaired the MVCC Outreach, Planning, and Transportation/Infrastructure Committees for 10 years. He was previously co-chair of the CD11 Transportation Advisory Committee, the grassroots Friends of the Green Line (which focused on a Green Line/LAX connection), and the nonprofit Transit Coalition His latest project is his fictional online book entitled The Unforgotten Tales of Middle-Earth and can be reached at [email protected]. The views expressed in this article are solely those of Dr. Alpern.)