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I’ve Got An Idea That Might Fix Things


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Unhappy with the election results? Wondering where we will go from here? Well, here is a theory.  Mayor Pete! 

This idea might sound like a script for a 1930's movie like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, but everyone says they want something new. (Of course, they’re lying; they really want someone competent.) 

We cannot afford to waste Mayor Pete as Secretary of Transportation, but he cannot jump into an elected office such as a Senator and pull a Barrack Obama.  The objective is: How do we get Mayor Pete to function as President in 2025? Here’s my cockamamie plan.  

1) Biden makes Mayor Pete his new chief of staff.  This way Mayor Pete is in on all the domestic and foreign issues. 

2) Mayor Pete is a fast study. He learned Norwegian just because Buttigieg wanted to read all the works of the Norwegian author Erlend Loe in the original Norwegian. When Mayor Pete was in Norway, he conversed with the  Norwegian reporters in Norwegian.  Gutsy? Que no?  Buttigieg learned it in two weeks. Mayor Pete also speaks Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, Dari, Maltese. Unlike a lot of egghead Rhodes Scholars and Harvard grads, he is an every man’s man, having been an intelligence officer in Afghanistan. Being Gay, he is doubly a man’s man. 

3) Wokeism is ruining the Dem Party. The Dems and country need to move away from wokeism at light speed.  While the Alt Right will like that he is White, they will hate that he is Gay, but that is good.  Gays who promote the inalienable right to liberty will go over very well with mainstream GOP. Gays are the one minority whose rights are based on Liberty and not some ersatz equality BS. (See Lawrence vs. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003))   The dynamic of his being founded in the Declaration should help wean the GOP away from their lunatic fringe. Since Liberty is Martin Luther King’s core value, Mayor Pete will allow a majority of the Dem liberals, except wokers, to gravitate to him. Alienating both the Alt Right and the Wokers is a great way to prove that one is centrist. Centrists are 85% of the country! In other words, Mayor Pete is the most traditional, modern and centrist guy in America, plus he’s competent! 

4) In 2024, Mayor Pete can replace the Queen of the Lying Jailhouse Informants as Vice Presidential candidate. 

5) After January 20, 2025, Biden can mosey about the Rose Garden. 

While TrumpyDoodle screams “MAGA,” he really is clueless about what Makes America Great. In fact, Trump and Nancy Pelosi are twinsies in that respect.  Extremism of the Alt Right and the Wokers do not make greatness; they’re killing us with polarization. America’s inalienable rights mean that each person is free to pursue greatness no matter their background.  America does great things when we all pull together for the common good.  We fought the Nazis during WW II, not each other. We won the space race by uniting in a common goal and improving educational competence.  Polarization has led to decline at home and abroad.  We have to revert to being a centrist nation because that is when we are Great!

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].   The opinions expressed by Mr. Abrams are solely his and not necessarily those of CityWatch.)