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How Wokeism Polarizes America 


THE VIEW FROM HERE - While the Alt Right is dangerous due to its propensity for violence, the Wokers pose the more lethal threat to the nation. 

August 25, 2022, CityWatch, Wokerism Is More Dangerous to the Republic than White Supremacy, by Richard Lee Abrams    

Woke, in its original use, was the same as The Rashomon Effect that each person views the same situation differently due to their varying viewpoints. Wiki.  All minorities have a perception of the larger culture which differs from how the majority culture views itself, and different groups have views which vary from what others see. It could not be otherwise.  It is also the three blind men feeling a elephant each describing three different animals.  Wiki.  Rational people recognize this phenomenon and heed other people’s insights.  Power-mongers, however, demand that only their opinions prevail. 

Since society will always have subgroups who will always perceive the same situation somewhat differently, wise political leaders will make certain that the dogmatic extremes do not trample over other people.  Power, however, tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. (Lord Acton 1887) Thus, it is more common for power-hungry politicos seize upon their narrative as the sole truth and the perspectives of others as false, or worst yet, as evil.  June 21, 2018, CityWatch, The Dangers of Dichotomy: The Saved vs. The Damned.     

The History of Wokeism Starting With President Johnson’s Great Society 

Originally, The Great Society and its Poverty Programs included Americans of all backgrounds.  The objective was to make the Opportunity Structure function for everyone.  Since the Opportunity Structure had been evolving long before the nation was founded on individual rights, special attention was required to make certain each individual could avail him/herself of the Opportunity Structure.  The Poverty Programs were not limited by race or ethnicity.  Whites and Asian students were in Upward Bound and some programs were tailored to Appalachian Whites.  This was a time when Martin Luther King spoke for the nation when he said to judge a person by individual character and not by skin color, religion, ethnicity, etc. Wokers reject individual inalienable rights and instead focus on comparing groups against each other.  Any differences are then attributed to discrimination without regard to other forces. 

Why Political Power Mongers Hated The Poverty Programs 

The common obstacle to everyone’s entering the Opportunity Structure was the predatory nature of American society.  Predation always operates to abuse and exclude those with less power.  “No dogs or Irish allowed,” Jewish quotas in universities, exclusion of non-WASPs from country clubs, etc. We saw violent predation during the Unionization of the early 1920's.  Western society has been predatory from the beginning.  Genesis relates our first political philosophy lesson with the four abusive judges who ruled Sodom and Gomorrah. As was true with Sodom’s wealthy inhabitants and with the factory owners in the 1920's, clinging to their wealth required closing the opportunity structure to others . . .  by murder if necessary. The Real Sin of Sodom. 

Thus, political power-mongers in the 1960's and 1970's made crucial changes to the Great Society.  They racialized The Great Society so that it operated according to racial and ethnic identities and thereby it was closed to most Americans.  It ceased to be about opening the opportunity structure so that everyone could advance, but about political power by attempting to create a national patronage system.  The shift away from helping the poor individuals of all races and all backgrounds sabotaged the Great Society. No longer was the goal to dismantle the predatory nature of society, but to divide people along race lines.  Rather than working to allow everyone to actually to “move on up to the Eastside,” it turned the races against each other.  There has always been money to be made and power to be gained from wars, be they international or internecine. 

The Dems championed the Theory of Victimization (today’s Wokeism) where minorities were relegated to the role of hapless victims who lacked the ability to overcome anything. The Dems mandated a quota system where a certain percentage of Blacks must be admitted and must be advanced under the absurd theory that eons of discrimination had no deleterious impact on Blacks.  Programs such as Upward Bound, which tried to help minority students make up at least a little ground before being dumped unprepared into the colleges and universities, were attacked as foisting white man’s culture like homework and studying, claiming that Blacks had a superior culture of peyote and music.  Non-minorities and Asians, then, were excluded from the poverty programs and non-minority teachers became unwelcome in minority schools.  The Dems turned the Great Society into a giant patronage system where the Dems would use political power to force institutions to admit and then advance minorities without regard to merit. 

This change from opening opportunity so that each person could improve to one of racial quotas created a nation divided against itself, resulting in the Dem Party becoming the party of minorities and the GOP being the party Whites (except Gays).  This turn of events was fantastic for Wall Street which had the real power as no one was threatening the status quo by stopping the predatory nature of our financial institutions.   

Wokeism Extreme Racialization 

As the courts slowly combated the inherent defects in Affirmative Action quotas, the Dems saw their grip slipping.  Too many Blacks and Whites were intermarrying and there was far too much inter-racial cooperation.  Then, the idea of White Privilege came to the Dem’s rescue.  With White Privilege, all Whites became responsible for all the woes of  Blacks.  No matter how fair and just a white person and his ancestors, all White people were the unjust beneficiaries of slavery, and thus, they should make reparations to Blacks.  White Privilege was a tremendous advance in polarization as one need not find that any specific White person had done anything unjust.  Light skin hue became the Mark of Cain.  

Predation, Not Racism, Is Our Problem 

By making racism the problem, political power-mongers and Wall Street are let off the hook while the Have-Nots try to kill each other.  May 31, 2021, CityWatch, Racism Is Not the Problem.  The last thing Pelosi and the Wokers want the average American to realize is that racism is not the problem.  Predation is the true evil! If society were not predatory, no one in power would think of harming anyone else for any reason.   

Wokeism Legitimizes Lawlessness 

The concept of White Privilege is more harmful to the Blacks than it is to Whites.  The idea that Whites have it easy and just glide through school without coming close to nervous breakdowns is BS.  While a few may be quick studies, the world itself is far too complex for anyone to master anything easily.  Just as being good looking has negatives so does being wealthy. When we are on the outside looking in, we’re so certain that if we had millionaire parents everything would be perfect.  Don’t ask about South Carolina’s toxic Murdaugh family dynasty of money, murder and mayhem. Aug 27, 2022 New York Post  MLK said that an individual’s character counts!  Not so for Wokers; it’s all about how well your group is doing. 

When national leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Wokers, however, promote the false idea that due to deprivation, Blacks are owed reparations, too many impressionable young Blacks use self-help to set things right.  The Alt Right also jumps on this idea of deprivation. Dylann Roof and Peyton Gendron believed it was their duty to take action to save White America by murdering Blacks.  Their mayhem also ruins their lives and further polarizes society which makes power-mongers giddy with glee.  4-18-21, Hate Money Stalks America 

The Results of Wokeism 

By polarizing America into good minorities vs the Deplorable Whites, Nancy Pelosi’s woker Identity Politics not only resulted in Trump’s election, but also resulted in religious extremists being seated on the US Supreme Court.  Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, No. 19-1392, 597 U.S. ___, made their agenda clear, i.e., to make the federal government impotent by subjugating individual inalienable rights to the whims of the voters in each state.  Justice Alito recapitulated the Dred Scott Decision. In 1857, the Court denied Blacks the inalienable right of Liberty, and in 2022, it denied women the inalienable right to Liberty. It took the Civil War to undo Dred Scott.  This time, no one has any idea how to restore the rule of law over the tyranny of the majority ... unless the Mar-a-Largo documents contain the promises which the three newest Supreme Court justices made to Trump in order to secure their nominations.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].   The opinions expressed by Mr. Abrams are solely his and not necessarily those of CityWatch.)