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US Elections Are a Sham


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Elections are beneficial when two situations coincide:

(1) the voters base their decisions upon facts and not sheer emotionalism, and (2) the candidates have intelligence and integrity.  Neither situation exists in America. 

Here’s a depressing thought. There is no solution to our dilemma.  We get to vote, but we can only vote for charlatans.  That is one reason negative campaign ads are so effective; all candidates lack the intelligence and/or the integrity to serve.  Some candidates like LA Mayoral Candidate Rick Caruso are so over the top in their braggadocio, lies, and slander that it is amazing that Angelenos don’t have a visceral reaction to such obnoxious behavior. Rick Caruso, however, is playing the game which LA voters have endorsed for decades: fib, and then lie, and after that concoct gigantic falsehoods. Soon I expect Caruso to take credit for Neil Armstrong’s landing on the moon. 

Karen Bass, on the other hand, has not been honest with the voters so she has no integrity.  So what if Caruso opposes abortion as Bass alleges?  Government policy on abortion is not a function of city government.  The city government of Los Angeles is crimogenic cesspool which has taken LA from being the nation’s #1 destination city to being the urban area most shunned.  While Karen Bass has not been in city government, she has been in lock-step with its Omerta which covers city government and the judicial system.  

Omerta is a code that prohibits speaking or divulging information about certain activities, especially the activities of a criminal organization. Not only will Karen Bass refuse to acknowledge that the city council is criminal enterprise based upon bribery in flagrant violation of Penal Code § 86, but she also will not breathe a word about the judicial sex-capades at Yellowstone Mountain Club, LLC in Montana (Company Code 092472).  Even Mortimer Snerd would have foreseen that the sexual encounters would be video taped. “How could they be so ignorant? Answer: “Well, It ain’t easy.” https://bit.ly/3wS3JFe (Snerd video) How would you like to have a judge who’s been video taped preside over your case?   I suppose whoever has the video would be okay with it.  Do you think the judge will disclose to you that XYZ Corp represented by Cheatum & Howe has a video of His Honor’s proclivities? 

On a national level, Kamala Harris, who had been California’s Attorney General and ended up a Vice President, was the Queen of Lying Jailhouse Informants.  As detailed in the January 2015 Ninth Circuit Court hearing in the Baca v. Adams (13-56132), Judge Alex Kozinski said that if Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris, continued to defend a conviction “obtained by lying prosecutors,”  Kozinski would “name names” in a ruling that would not be “very pretty.”  The prosecutor had used a lying jailhouse informant to convict defendant Johnny Baca. The prosecutor had taken the stand and testified that no inducement had been give the witness for his testimony, which was flat out perjury. The state appellate court knew about the informant’s and the prosecutor’s perjury as did Kamala Harris.  Yet, she pressed ahead with the corrupt prosecution.   January 31, 2015 LA Times, U.S. Judges See 'Epidemic' of Prosecutorial Misconduct in State and Direct Link to the 9th Circuit Hearing

The Baca Case was not an isolated incident, but as Judge Kozinski said, the state courts had an “epidemic of misconduct.”  Yet, Kamala Harris, California’s Chief Law Enforcement officer, ended up Vice President and Judge Kozinski with life time tenure was forced to resign. July 9, 2020, CityWatch, Sen. Kamala Harris’ Role in Systemic Racism and Corruption  From 2013 to present Karen Bass has been Congressional Representative from California’s 37th District and from Jan 2019 to January 2021, she was chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.  Thus, one would expect her to be concerned about lying jailhouse informants and Attorney General Harris who supported them.  As far as I can find, Rep. Bass was silent. (Kozinski was not accused of visiting Yellowstone. Rather, it was alleged that his computer had photos which made certain female employees uncomfortable.) 

How does Karen Bass intend to end the destruction of poor people’s homes, which is the cause of our Homeless Crisis, when she won’t mention the criminal bribery which allows for the destruction of poor people’s homes?  Any election where Omerta prevents candidates from exposing the vast corruption in city government and in the courts is a sham. 

Does Karen Bass agree with Judge Fruin that the LA city council’s actions are de facto non-justiciable so that Penal Code § 86 does not apply to it? How can voters make a rational choice when candidates tacitly approve of criminal behavior? Does the election become any less a sham because all candidates adhere to Omerta?  

When Federal Judges Are Forced off the Bench for Exposing Corruption, Who Is Safe from Retaliation?  

Attorneys who do not go along to get along will be disbarred.  The State Bar has its own special case which prevents innocent attorneys from introducing evidence on their own behalf when faced with disbarment.  In re Collins 16-0-10339 holds that attorneys may not collaterally attack false determinations against them. This legalese means naught to laymen; here’s how it works in practice.  A lower court falsifies evidence against an attorney whom it dislikes or engages in some other dishonest behavior such as never sending attorneys court orders and then holding attorneys in contempt for not following the secret orders.  During the state bar hearing based on the lower court’s decision, the attorney may not challenge the false evidence or show that there was no notice.  In re Collins is similar to preventing a criminal defendant from introducing evidence that the prosecutor had falsified the DNA evidence. 

Corruption Exists in All Branches and Level of Our Government 

Elections can do nothing to rectify the situation because Omerta hides the corruption and hypocrisy. Who is the most recent fool to break Omerta nationally? North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorn! He disclosed that GOP invited him to sex orgies and used cocaine and other drugs. March 30, 2022, CNN, Madison Cawthorn claims he was invited to an orgy in Washington, by Chris Cillizza   Despite Trump’s support, he lost his primary.  The force may be strong, but Omerta is stronger. 

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected])


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