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Why Would Whites Fear That They Will be Replaced?


THE VIEW FROM HERE - “In a week, American voters can do to white nationalists what they fear most.

Show them they’re being replaced.” October 29, 2018, New York Times, Editorial We Can Replace Them.  Oh, The Dems publicly admit that the Dems’ objective is to replace Whites. 

Now, the 2017 Charlottesville Tikki Torch chant, “Jews shall not replace us,” makes sense. The Alt Right believe that we Jews are orchestrating a grand replacement of White people with Blacks and other assorted peoples of darker skin hues.  Since Nancy Pelosi’s Identity Politics made Replacement of Whites as its objective, the White Supremacists’ chant singling out Jews was perplexing.  As Peyton Gendron’s manifesto made clear, they believe that Jews are in charge of replacing Whites with Blacks. (BTW, Pelosi is not Jewish.) 

Peyton Gendron’s Obsession with Jews 

If one reads his Manifesto, he is obsessed with Jews. The thing that these disturbed Alt Right never seem to realize is that if we Jews were 1/10th as powerful and evil as they pretend, they would all be dead.  It isn’t facts or logic which drives his paranoia.  From reading his Manifesto, Peyton is clearly smart enough to spot the gigantic inconsistencies in his Grand Jewish Conspiracy.  

Inner Feelings Are Not Based on Reason 

Feelings simply are. Sometimes, some feelings are totally unacceptable to the individual.  110 times out of 98, the origin of the unwanted feelings is thwarted sexual desires. When they cannot do not break through to the conscious mind, they result in rage and projection – and murder.  The person identifies his terrible feelings as coming from outside him, and he will be okay if he can kill the outside source.  That is essence of Peyton’s paranoia: evil outside forces are destroying Whites. Thus, he can find peace only by killing the evil ones. (Do not confuse psychology with logic.) 

People often have trouble understanding how fear converts people’s behavior into mass murder. In fact, it is a common phenomenon.  Look at the segment the movie 1954 Them.  (17 min version).  There is only one acceptable solution – eradicate Them!  

The movie’s theme is millennia old.  Western Civilization repetitively dichotomizes everything into Good vs Evil, Rights vs Wrong, Christian vs Jew, Catholics vs Protestants, Gay vs Straight.  The trouble starts when some group believes that outsiders, Them, are the cause of all their owes. Perceiving an existential threat, their response is to kill all of Them before They get us.  This was the Nazi paradigm for the WW II, The Cold War, and is what caused the rise of The Moral Majority, the Alt Right and the Wokers.  

Sometimes, However, Them Are Actually Us  

People who are mentally disturbed think that everything is about them because for them everything is about them.  Those with pressing unwanted sexuality are constantly bombarded from within, but they think that threat is external.  Since they are under non-stop pressure, they become obsessed. When they believe that they’ve made some great discovery which explains everything, then that becomes their all consuming passion.  Presto, we have a 180 page Manifesto explaining why, “It’s all the Jews’ fault.”  One thing we know about Peyton is that originality is not his longest and strongest suit. 

Paranoia Has Been Defined as Systematic Delusions of Persecution And/or Grandeur 

His paranoia has a few chinks.  Jews are evil, but not all Jews.  It seems that Jews he knows, e.g. relatives and friends, are different.  But, the Jews he does not know are plotting to destroy Western Civilization.  Peyton has cast himself in the hero role to lead his chosen people like Moses to the promised land.   At the same time, he feels the need to honor certain groups with praise and merely say that they need to stay in their own place. PGM 006 Things need to stay in their proper places – hmm, like sexual urges which arise at inopportune times in young men lives? 

Law Enforcement Advised Pelosi and Other Dems about the Alt Right’s Lethal Nature 

Since the standard protocol when dealing with violent paranoids is “Do not agitate them,” law enforcement advised leaders in Congress and successive administrations that the best approach is to ignore them and provide no publicity.  They are a law enforcement matter, which is the way the Jewish community working in concert with the police handled the JDL in the 1960's and 1970's.  While the protocol was not universally followed, overall it was successful.  Pelosi’s Identity Politics did the opposite; it focused on Alt Right and then imputed its prejudice to all Whites. 

Identity Politics embraced the concepts of White Fragility, inherited guilt, White Privilege, and The 1619 Project.  Pelosi’s Identity Politics did not limit its to the minuscule White Supremacists.  Pelosi’s Identity Politics claims that all Whites need to be replaced.  All Whites were responsible because each White person has greatly benefitted from slavery, and thus, all of today’s Whites owe slavery reparations to today’s Blacks.   The fact that Identity Politics is per se racist does not matter when society has been polarized into Us vs Them. Truth is whatever your leaders say it is.  

Peyton Gendron’s Manifesto 

Here’s a link to Peyton’s 180 page Manifesto.  (I Bates stamped my version PGM 001-180) People need to read it – not in order to believe it, but to see it. One cannot analyze what one has not seen.  

Here’s one thing from my cursory analysis. Peyton hates Blacks as he thinks they are inferior, but he fears Jews as he thinks Jews are superior!  Yes, this White Supremacist believes that Jews are the true superior race!  PGM 024 

While some Jews are good Jews, Peyton believes most are evil.  Peyton thinks Jews control and direct everything. Since there are only 7.1 Million Jews in the US, we must be quite superior to control everything. Peyton says: “When referring to “the Jews” I don’t mean all ethnic or religious Jews. Some can be actually decent, and make significant progress to humanity. However many of them are not.”  PGM 024 

Peyton states: “They control the mainstream media, many government positions, and international and global banking.” PGM 024 

Peyton states that there are about 1% as many Jews as Whites.  We must be very superior to control so much. What are all those decent Jews doing while the rest of us are trying to destroy civilization? Are decent Jews inferior? 

Pop Psychology Time Has to be Postponed 

The fun stuff – Pop psychology has to be postponed until we know more about Peyton and can digest his Manifesto.  One irresistible observation:  Peyton has Jewish ears.  If you believe the Nazis, we Jews are not supposed to have ear lobes. Instead, our ears are suppose to attach directly to the upper jaw.  Also, Peyton either died his hair blond or he wears a wig made of straw. Most Jews have dark hair, while stereotypical Aryans are blond. Look at his photos at PGM 003. Does Peyton fear or wish he were Jewish?  Jewish ears with yellow hair. Talk about a confused young man.


(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].  The views expressed by Richard Abrams are solely his and not that of CityWatch.) 

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