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Can We Have a Do Over for 2022?


MY THOUGHTS - This was not the article I was planning for this week’s column. 

I had planned to discuss how COVID had created a new work atmosphere, which would affect mostly white-collar workers and give women bosses an edge.  However, that will be for another time. 

Can we have a do-over for 2022?  Wouldn’t it be ironic if we discovered 2021 was a good year in comparison?  Its only the third week in February and we are surrounded by gloom and doom.  The first week of the year was pretty good.  It started with more rain in reservoirs and snowpack than normal; the stock market was up; jobs were increasing; Covid was de-creasing, at least to those who were vaccinated.  Kids were planning on returning in person to school.  The new infrastructure bill had passed Congress. More information was discovered by the January 6 Commission; it looked as if we might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Unfortunately, I had just finished the Ken Follett book, “NEVER”, which was very well written as a piece of fiction, although disconcerting in its conclusion. One review read “Visionary in scale, NEVER imagines the unimaginable: the imminent threat of World War 3.” Originally published: November 9, 2021, the author could have been the fly on the wall in President Putin’s office.  The main difference, it focused on another part of the world. 

 Some of my family’s forbearers were from small towns near Kyiv (formerly Kiev) so it has been a little more than a passing interest.  When Putin decided that those in Crimea would rather be Russian than Ukrainian, President Obama reacted by issuing sanctions on Russia and giving assurances that the U.S and its allies would support Ukraine.  We don’t have to reiterate the Ukraine machinations of U.S. President 45 which resulted in his first impeachment. 

I am not a military expert!  Obviously, I am not schooled in the niceties of diplomacy BUT I am a child of War.   I was born in London, England right before World War II.  My world, until 1945 consisted of Bomb Shelters, gas masks, sirens and all clear signals, rationing of food, clothing and gas.   I went to school most every day and we knew where to go and how to put on our gas masks by ourselves at age 4. I never had a bicycle because we were never allowed to play on the street.  I wasn’t unhappy because I didn’t know any different.   

My Father was in the Fire brigade, which was charged with putting out the fires started by the bombs.  He said every time he came home, he would hold his breath as he rounded the corner to see if our house was still there.

I am sure that the late President Ronald Reagan would be turning over in his grave when he hears his fellow Republicans and President 45 root for Putin calling his brilliant and strategic moves, genius.  Practically this minority, of what was once the Grand Old Party, has neither served in the military, suffered a family member’s loss due to enemy fire or visited war torn areas.  

To become an American Citizen, if not born in the US or its territories, one must take a semi-challenging exam.   I became a citizen more than 50 years ago, but I seem to remember that there is a word called “treason” directed to those who support our enemies?  What a disgraceful example this group represents to our Youth and those who helped make this country a beacon of light for the rest of the world. 

Mr. Putin decides that certain parts of an independent country were part of the soviet empire, so even though they have been independent for more than 30 years, he wants them back.  Maybe next, because Alaska is his neighbor (Sarah Palin can see Russia from her front porch) and was probably contiguous in the Ice Age. He can also author a decree wanting Alaska or part of Alaska to be part of his newly minted Empire? 

It’s as ridiculous as if Mexico, deciding that since Texas was part of Mexico, wrote a decree wanting it back. Maybe, that is not a good example, because there might be some citizens who would not put up a fight. 

Before you all start painting me with the ultra-left Democrat brush, in the past I have always considered myself a fiscally conservative and socially liberal person, who looks at individual issues as well as candidates. 

If you want to look into a crystal ball to gauge possible outcomes of this latest “made for television” crisis I urge you to read NEVER. Considering todays circumstances, its conclusion should leave you sleepless. 

Russia’s economy is 50% of California’s although Putin’s personal net worth is probably more than Russia’s GDP.   One doesn’t have to be a military expert to know that his playbook in annexing other countries through “Peace Keeping” troops, has been used many times by Dictators, Autocrats, and even Kings.  Each wanted to shift the emphasis from poor economy and substandard living conditions existing in their country to a nationalistic call for sacrifice. 

To those of you who are using social media to slam our President and side with Putin…you should be ashamed of yourselves.   This will have a definite effect on our pocketbooks and for normal human beings…take an emotional toll on our psyche. 

Can we please have a do over?    

(Denyse Selesnick is a CityWatch columnist and a former publisher/journalist/international event organizer. Denyse can be reached at: [email protected].)