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The Fraud of anti-Asian Hate!


THE VIEW FROM HERE - The fact that the Left can dredge up some White Supremacist who hates Asians does not mean America hates Asians. 

Hate, however, is big business. One might say, “Hate is the business of the Dem Party.”  While individual GOP members excel in their absurd bigotries like Jewish space lasers, the Dems have made inter-group hatreds the basis of their politics. They even named it – Identity Politics. 

Review of How Identity Politics Works 

Some political charlatan, be it Nancy Pelosi or Donny Small Hands, promises to protect some group, e.g. Blacks or poor whites, from some other group. Pelosi promised to protect Blacks from Whites and Trump promised to protect working class whites from Mexican immigrants.  Trumpy’s prejudices, however, were not elevated to the status of a formal part of the GOP platform as the Dems have done with Identity Politics.  

As soon as your group is identified, the group rights advocates then locate the out-group who threatens you.  Unless your group is threatened, there is no need to seek protection. It’s an old Mafia trick. Thugs visit your store so you know you need protection.  Pelosi aims to protect all minorities from the evil white people.  She even has elaborate theories like the 1619 Project to explain why all White people are usurpers of the nation’s wealth. 

Because Hate Makes Money, Let’s Make Asians Feel Hated   

Hate and fear fuel Dem fund raising.  Pelosi knows that people do not give much money to keep good things going in the right direction.  Make them fearful and direct their hate towards some out-group and then watch the loot flow into the campaign coffers. Boy! Do the Asians ever have money! 

Asian per capita income: $40,878.00, household income $87,243 

Let’s look at breakdown of Asian family incomes by country of origin:  Indian $126,705, Taiwanese $102,405, Filipino $100,273, Pakistani $87,509, Indonesian $93,501, Chinese $85,424, Japanese $85,007. 

In contrast, White per capita income is $36,962, household income $65,902 and Black per capita income is $23,303, household income $30,134. 

The more discretionary income, the more money to donate to political campaigns.  While there are only about 6 Million Asians nationally, money can be a vital ingredient to get votes. In Los Angeles, the Asian population is about 14%, while Blacks are less than 9%. 

Thus, we have been subjected to a disinformation campaign that Asians are hated by Whites and prime example is Trump’s calling the Covid “Chinese.”  Let’s look at how the KKK and the Nazis actually feel.  In Charlottesville, they carried their Tiki Torches while chanting “Jews shall not replace us.”   Notably, they did not chant, “Asians shall not replace us.”   In early 20th Century, the Ivy League Schools had quotas to limits Jews, but now their quota system is to limit Asians.  Even this discrimination is not because the schools dislike Asians, but because they like them too much. 

Just Who is Attacking Asians? 

First let’s point out: Just because someone is attacked does not mean they are the subject of a hate crime.  All groups suffer from violent crimes so it is silly to count each attack on an Asian as a hate crime. 

Blacks are attacking Asians more than other groups.  This is a problem for the Dems as they admitted in 2020 their need for media not to mention who attacks Asians as that info interferes with the Identity Politics coalition.  The Dem political strategists realized that letting Asians know that it was Blacks who were attacking could seriously hamper the fund raising.  Thus, the Dems would decry the increase of violent crimes against Asians while giving the false impression the attackers were White. As more and more videos showed, the attackers were mostly Black.

Perhaps most destructive to the Dem narrative was on March 29, 2021 a New York City Black man kicked an Asian woman in the stomach and then stomped on her, while three Black security personnel watched and did nothing.   

On May 4, 2020, three Black teens kicked an Asian woman in the face at a rail stop in St. Paul, Minnesota.   

On January 15, 2022, 61 year old Simon Martial, a Black man, shoved 40-year-old Michelle Alyssa Go, an Asian, in front of a subway train in NYC.  

Was Ms. Go’s Murder an Anti-asian Hate Crime? 

News reports say that a few moments before, Martial had been positioning himself to push a non-Asian woman onto the tracks and she was in the process of reporting him to the police, when he shoved Ms. Go.  Although there is no reason to believe that Mr. Martial was motivated by Ms. Go’s race, or whether he even noticed her race since he shoved her from behind, her face is displayed on a massive billboard in Times Square as a victim of anti-Asian hate crime. 

"I was overwhelmed with both grief and sorrow," said Bretillon, a 41-year-old Korean American and college instructor. "It put it all together, the Asian American community's fears and the problem of racial violence."   Jan 20, 2022 CNN 

After admitting that Ms. Go’s death was not a hate crime, CNN writes: ‘A 61-year-old man has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with Go's death, drawing renewed attention to the burgeoning homeless crisis and the ongoing wave of anti-Asian violence.”  § "You can tell me all you want this is not related to me being Asian but when I look at pictures of Michelle Go and read the story I see myself in it," Choimorrow said. [Choimorrow is executive director of the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum] People see what they want to see, especially when they head an agency which can gain government funding and donations from the myth of Asian hate crimes.]

The special interest group Stop APPI Hate reports 3,800 hate crimes of which 11.1% (421) are physical attacks, with 69% against females (290).  The group does not report incidents to the police which deprives us of any investigative data.  Also, with so many against female victims, there is no way to know whether it was anti Asian or anti female or victimization because Asian woman are small and predators attack weaker people.  There is no adjustment for living in high crime areas or for the general increase in crime during the pandemic.  The public is subjected gigantic public displays of victims of anti-Asian hate when there is no evidence that Generic Whites dislike Asians.  Of course, the more the Dems clamor about Stop APPI Hate, the more likely yahoos will attack Asians. 

We are witnessing the opportunistic manufacturing of the Myth of Anti-Asian Hate so that Dems can make money by dividing Americans.  The more people the Dems can gather under their Identity Politics banner, the more votes they can garner and the more loot they can fund raise.


(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor. The views expressed herein are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch. You may email him at [email protected])