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Generic Americans, Revolt!


THE VIEW FROM HERE - The most oppressed group in America is Generic Americans. 

You were first identified way back in 1776 when Jefferson rashly spoke about your individual inalienable rights, but since then a multitude of power blocks have worked to intimidate you into somnolence. 

Generic Americans do have subgroups of generic whites and generic blacks, and generic Catholics and generic Protestants, generic Jews, generic Sikhs, etc., but the thing which all Generic Americans share is that none of those distinctions matter in public where each person is an individual to be judged by individual character.  However, power mongers have always known that there was money – lots and lots of money – to be made by dividing and pitting Americans against each other. 

Why Power Mongers Hate Individual Inalienable Rights 

When a society operates on the basis of respect for each individual, the predatory nature of our institutions is undermined. When a generic Black person sees a white kid oppressed, he sees an individual who needs his protection. When a generic white person hears a Black high school student called the N-word during the basketball game, he stops the game if the officials will not.  Yet, no one said or did anything during the entire basketball game between Laguna Hills High School and Portola High School. 

Laguna Hills says the offending student has been disciplined.

Hell no! Everyone who remained silent needs to be held accountable. Don’t blame that lone kid! He shouted that racism because he lives in an environment where such hideous behavior is acceptable. One thing I know about that kid, whoever he may be, he did not create the bigotry and hatred that told him such behavior was okay.  Now, the adults who are the true culprits, like true cowards, will scapegoat the student.

Let’s be clear about the ramifications of this event.  These were not hooded KKK burning a cross on a lawn in the middle of the night, Nazis’ drawing swastikas on garage doors, or disturbing hate flyers from cars blaming Jews for Covid.  These ongoing racist taunts were by a student in front of bleachers of adults, none of whom did a damn thing. 

Who Has Made Hate Publicly Acceptable? 

The basis of inter group hatreds is Group Rights, where society is divided into different groups and told that members of other groups are their enemies. Group Rights proponents have no use for individual inalienable rights such as freedom for which Martin Luther King was assassinated.  Group Rights are wonderful for power mongers as they pit people against each other so that the resultant inter-group hatreds and fears are so great that no cooperation to stop the oppressor is possible. 

There is no doubt that every person at the Laguna-Portola game had a duty to take action, but the onus fell most heavily upon the generic whites. It was clear that a white student was screaming racism.  Our society has become so divided that no white person had the guts to do anything! 

Generic Americans Need to Reject the Two Most Hate Causing Power Mongers: Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump 

Nancy Pelosi has pursued her hate and fear agenda of Group Rights as her plan to aggrandize her power by constructing a voting block of minorities. Since she has seized the purse strings of Congress, Dems are too cowardly to act against Pelosi and her horrible political strategy of divide and conquer.  By calculating that minorities will eventually be the majority of voters, Pelosi figured that the minorities could vote revenge on the whites, whom she singled out a her out-group to be the evil ones. 

Group Rights in America, in Nazi Germany, or in present day China with the Uyghur genocide follow the same pattern.  The power monger says it will protect the in-group, be they Blacks, Aryans, or a 1.4 billion non-Uyghur Chinese, but that protection always turns to abuse of the out-group.  A crucial tormentor tactic is to abuse without retaliation.  Pelosi’s miscalculation with her anti-white racist Identity Politics is that her party does not have the power of the Nazis or of the Chinese government.  Her victims are striking back in similarly despicable ways so that one hateful act generates counter-hate which keeps the vicious cycle of hatred going, turning America a nation divided against itself. (A word must be said about the Dems’ manufacture of “Asian Hate,” but it merits its own article.) 

Identity Politics, Wokerism, The 1619 Project, White Entitlement, White Supremacy, Alt Right 

As the decent people of Charlottesville told their Dem vice-mayor Wesley Bellamy when he was agitating for Richard Spencer to bring the Unite The Right goons to Charlottesville, these hate groups love publicity and pitting the Alt Right against the Antifa was a formula for disaster.  To this day, Pelosi has not condemned Wes Bellamy but instead has peddled the false narrative that it was all the work of White Supremacists.  The Woker Doctrine of White Entitlement extends beyond the bad behavior of any particular person but instead it holds liable everyone with a sufficiently light skin hue. Wokerism and The 1619 Project similarly accept the concept of white inherited sin to justify slavery reparations.  Pelosi’s Identity Politics and the Progressives’ Wokerism are the antithesis of Martin Luther King. 

While Trump’s race baiting is too obvious for mention, lest any reader think it has gone unnoticed, let’s remember that Trump began his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants drug dealers, criminals and rapists.  As I have pointed out since Jan 2017, Trump is mentally ill with the bizarre talent to shout out the most absurd nonsense that his most extreme fans are thinking.  Truth and falsity play no role in Trump’s thought processes. All that matters is that he receive cheers. He habitually sees himself in the most grandiose fashion. Trump sincerely believes that his inaugural crowd was larger than Obama’s and he won the Nov 2020 election.  Despite his mental infirmity, Trump and his echo chamber pick up Pelosi’s and the Progressives’ anti-white racism and play it back to White America at high volume. 

We Are Rushing Towards a Violent Civil War

There are too many minorities and too many whites for either side to prevail without violence.  Because Pelosi has specifically threatened whites that the minorities will exact revenge as soon as they are the majority of voters, the GOP are trying to limit the number of minorities who can vote.  Biden had the chance to defuse the situation by proposing a Voting Bill along the lines of One Man One Vote and addressing the Whites’ fear of minority vote stealing. Instead, Biden went all Woker and refused to speak to a single GOP Senator. Biden turned the Voting Rights Bill into the Blacks Voting Bill and drew the battle lines along race lines: unless white people supported the bill, they were racists like George Wallace and Sheriff Bull Connor. 

Will Pelosism Backfire? 

Although she is consistently the most hated US politico and architect the Dems’ most stunning losses, on January 25, 2022 Nancy Pelosi announced she will seek re-election.  Already 20 leaders of House Dems had said they would not run in Nov 2022 due to the anticipated GOP landslide.  The winning GOP issue will be to stop Pelosi.  Had Pelosi retired yesterday, that would have blunted the entire GOP plan to retake Congress.  As the Dems should have learned in 2021 when Trump was not on the ballot, trying to run against an absent person is a failing ploy.  Now, however, anti-white racist Nancy Pelosi will be on the ballot. 

Assuming that Congress becomes heavily GOP in 2022, that may stop a civil war.  The Alt Right are the violent loons who believe in their second amendment rights.  When the GOP retakes Congress in Nov 2022, why shoot anyone?  They will focus on re-electing Trump in Nov 2024, and for the intervening years, a GOP Congress means no civil war. 

If we Generic Americans of all stripes and hues wish to retain the land of the free and brave, we have to revolt against all group rights claims. No more Wokerism, no more white supremacy, no more racist taunting of high school students.


(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor. The views expressed herein are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch. You may email him at [email protected])