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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Finally Said Something, and I Wish He’d STFU


SUPREME VIEW - When Clarence Thomas wasn’t working as a mute-ass puppet for former Justice Antonin Scalia, he literally was a real-life mute who was apparently attempting to break the Guinness record for being the Black man on the highest court who had absolutely nothing to say about anything.

It should’ve stayed that way.

On Thursday, Thomas, the longest serving justice, decided to open his piehole to note that the Supreme Court is independent and warn that we run the risk of “destroying our institutions because they don’t give us what we want, when we want it,” the Washington Post.

During a lecture at the University of Notre Dame, Uncle Thomas cautioned that the highest court in the land mustn’t veer into the “role of legislators and politicians, saying it’s not for judges to make policy or to base decisions on their personal feelings or religious beliefs,” CBS News notes.

Which is funny AF considering that’s exactly what drunk Justice Kavanaugh and the rest of them are doing. They claim that Roe v. Wade is settled law and then when Texas came through with its raggedy-ass abortion ban, most of the conservative judges didn’t do shit to stop it.

But I digress.

Thomas—who is married to Ginni Thomas, a conservative operative who supported the political “rally” on Jan. 6, which turned into a failed attempt to overthrow Congress—made his comments just weeks after the “Supreme Court voted 5-4 to deny an an emergency appeal of a Texas law banning abortions after six weeks.” Also, Thomas, a Black man in name only, is a staunch conservative who considers Roe v. Wade to be wrong. Did I mention he’s married to Ginni Thomas?

Justice Thomas called the Supreme Court a “car with three wheels” that somehow still works and added that the justices aren’t ruling on “personal preferences.”

“I think the media makes it sound as though you are just always going right to your personal preference,” Thomas told the crowd of more than 800 students and faculty, the Post notes.

“So if they think you are anti-abortion or something personally, they think that’s the way you always will come out. They think you’re for this or for that. They think you become like a politician. That’s a problem. You’re going to jeopardize any faith in the legal institutions.”

Thomas is the latest justice to claim he’s not a politician as Justice Stephen G. Breyer used a recent book tour to tout that he and his colleagues are not “junior league” politicians. 

“Last week, the court’s newest member, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, told a crowd in Kentucky that justices are not a ‘bunch of partisan hacks’ and that their divisions are based on competing judicial philosophies, not partisanship,” the Post reports.

The Post reports that “Thomas’s speech comes as the Supreme Court is planning to return to the courtroom next month to conduct arguments in person for the first time since March 2020 when the building was shuttered because of the coronavirus pandemic. All nine justices are vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to the court, and have been meeting together for their private conferences.”

I kind of just wish that Uncle Thomas would go back to shutting the fuck up. Also, did I mention he’s married to Ginni Thomas?

(Stephen A. Crockett, Jr. is a writer for theroot.com where this was first published.)