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Wokerism is Wrecking the Biden Administration


VIEW FROM HERE - Wokerism is the current name for the Democrats divisive political strategy which also is part of Nancy Pelosi’s racist, anti-White Identity Politics.

Although the founding fathers based our independence from Great Britain on the rejection of Group Rights and instead installed individual inalienable rights as the basis of any legitimate government, they could not repeal human nature.  Power and the lust for ever more power not only corrupts society but also destroys a united society.  The best way to gain power is to appeal to only one part of the society and pit them against another part of society and make the destruction of the Other as the force which unifies your group.  That is the motivating force behind Wokerism aka Identity Politics. 

For the Wokers, people cease to be individuals with individual rights and individual life aspirations but rather their lives matter only to the extent that belong to a recognized Group.   The power lust of both Dems and the GOP rests upon dividing Americana against each other and both parties are guilty of cultural treason.  June 7, 2021, CityWatch, Equity is Bunk!, and June 21, 2021, CityWatch, Cultural Treason and the American Myth  Of the two parties, the Dems are far more culpable while the GOP are more visibly racist. While the declaration states “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends [of securing individual inalienable rights], it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.” 

When Paul Revere rode in 1775, he did not declare, “The British are coming. The British are coming.”  We still identified as the British. Rather he warned that the Redcoats were coming. “Cheese it, the cops!”   A year later in 1776, the demarcation line had to be drawn to divide the colonies from the mother country.  The Revolutionary War required a realignment of identities.  In order to fight the war, we needed a new identity. We ceased to be Brits and became Americans and on the basis were won the war and established a new nation conceived in liberty.  The Us vs Them divisive nature of American vs Great Britain worked because after the war, the Brits were way over there and everyone here was an American – the division within our society was abolished. 

Thousands who could not make the switch fled to Canada or moved back to Great Britain.  Somewhere between 80% to 90% of the Loyalists, however, adjusted to the new reality and became American citizens.  Remaining a Loyalist within the former 13 colonies was not an option.  When Abe Lincoln said that a house divided could not stand, he was applying a general political maxim to the issue of slavery.  Unless everyone plays by the same rules and accepts the same premises, not only cooperation but competition is not possible. The Rams can play against the Charges but neither team can play against the Dodgers. 

As long as Americans accept the premises that each person has individual inalienable rights, there is a common identity which allows different factions to promote their goals.  When the Constitution was written, the framers recognized that religions and secular government demand separate identifications.  Christianity is especially exclusivist with its belief that only by having faith Jesus can man have salvation and anything else was the province of Satan. The Constitution separated the realms of religion and government. Religion and slavery were the two threats to individual inalienable rights.  In the 1780's, there was not a sufficient consensus to abolish slavery in order to write it into the US Constitution the way the First Amendment divided “baseball” and “football.” 

As The Federalist Papers warned, factions were inherent in human nature and would pose an existential threat to the Union forever.  That threat has become the new reality with the Wokers demanding that all minorities unite against the whites.  While the modern GOP has been uneasy about its White Supremacists and often points out that the KKK sprang from the Dem Party’s opposition to GOP efforts to reconstruct the South, the GOP has made itself the heir to the KKK and folks of similar mentality.  The GOP’s anti-minoritism is not even plausibly deniable. 

The Dems, on the other hand, make their Group Rights agenda foremost. Just as the Revolutionary War could not be fought without the Americans becoming united as a group against the British, Woker Dems require that people identify as a group: Black, Hispanics, #MeToo, Native American, Gay, etc. and each group must blame Whites for all their ills.  When the Dems can find no rational basis on which to blame today’s white people, the Wokers posit that by virtue of light skin color, each white person, (and Jews twice on Sunday) is a beneficiary of slavery and hence they should make slavery reparations to Blacks. The Wokers have yet to explain how this theory applies to Barrack Obama.  

The Wokers cannot banish the Whites back to Europe. Half the nation will not tolerate a government which operates on the belief that the Whites are inherently evil.  For that approach to work even temporarily, one needs to stigmatize a small minority as was done to Jews in the 1930s. 

Wokerism Has Essentially Ruined the Biden Administration 

Afghanistan: Biden’s error with Afghanistan is his failure to repudiate Trump’s declaration that we would leave Afghanistan.  The first step in the wrong direction was when someone asked Pres George Bush when we would leave Afghanistan and he did not respond, ‘Leave?  Who said anything about leaving?”  You want to see real trouble along our Southern Border? Ask Pres Biden, “When will the US withdraw from the Gadsden Purchase?”  Within 24 hours there will be a plethora groups demanding our withdrawal. 

However, Biden could not say the obvious, “If the US leaves, the Taliban will take control and within hours Afghanistan will become a safe haven for terrorists.”  Within hours?  We have not even left and already the terrorists are pouring into Afghanistan.  Under Wokerism, America is evil and anti-Americanism is good. 

CDC Walensky:  On May 13, 2021, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky decimated Biden’s centrist approach to governance by pitting the good Dems who were vaxed against the bad GOP who were unvaxed. As a reward for being vaxed, the vaxed Dems could go everywhere unmasked while the unvaxed GOP had to wear their masks like Scarlet Letters of shame.  One can trace the Delta Variant surge in the US not to the mutation of the Delta Variant itself, but to Walensky’s statement reviving with particular vitriol the mask vs unmask division.  Within a few weeks, the masked vs unmasked division eviscerated Biden’s centrist approach of “Everyone mask up until July 4th when we reach herd immunity.”  Walensky knew that the Delta Variant was highly contagious, and masks were more important in May 2021 than one year ago.  

Wokerism, however, dichotomizes America into the holy, i.e. the Wokers, and everyone else, especially GOP.  Such a divided nation cannot long endure. 


(Richard Lee Abrams is an attorney and lives in Los Angeles and is a regular contributor to CityWatch.)


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