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LA: Parking Enforcement Starts again on October 15


VOICES--Parking enforcement resumes Thursday October 15, 2020 in the City of Los Angeles, for street cleaning, abandoned vehicles, oversize and overnight restrictions, peak hourand anti-gridlock zones, and expired registration. 

Relaxation of these restrictions was originally slated to end October 1, but the LA City Council voted on September 30 to push resuming enforcement back to October 15, to allow time for outreach to be conducted, notifying the public of the change. 

Impounding of vehicles in which there is vehicle dwelling will meanwhile be delayed for 30-60 days, to allow time for development of a next steps plan. 

Read the September 30th City Council motion here.  Visit the entire City Council file on pandemic-related relaxation of parking enforcement restrictions here.  

(Provided by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.)