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Putting Chief Beck’s ‘Damn Lies’ Comment in Context


VOICES--This was one of a few letters sent to LAPD OIG, and CIVIL GRAND JURY after Beck berated a captain in front of the media. 136.1 PC - Intimidating a witness, and LAPD Vol 1/273 intimidating a wit who gave info to the OIG.  

The actions of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck should be taken in context. First of all he stood in front of cameras in uniform and berated a subordinate, LAPD Captain Carranza. He started by saying Carranza’s claims were “untrue” and “outrageous,” and not only “lies, damn lies!!!” He needs to be held accountable for intimidating a subordinate who gave information to LAPD’s Office of Inspector General, and for intimidating a witness to a pending civil case against the City. 

In a press interview NBC4I-Team, Carranza responded to Beck’s comments and said “When I heard what the Chief had said about me, it heart me, it broke my heart.” 

Chief Beck also violated his Media Relations protocol and discussed a case under current litigation, and displayed “personal feelings” in regards to an employee who is a witness in a pending case. In December 2017 a complaint was sent to the OIG regarding Beck’s intimidation caught on camera. OIG Kevin Rogan unfortunately forward the complaint downstream to Internal Affairs. However, in light of LAPD Manual Volume One 273, notice Rogan should NOT have sent the complaint to IA. Notice anyone intimidating an employee who gives information to the OIG is to be investigated by the Board of Police Commissioners. 

Notice 1/273 also has a special clause for the Chief of Police, instructing that if the misconduct was regarding the Chief, it was not to be sent to IA, and rather up stream. OIG Rogan may have misclassified this similar to the same way crime stats were misclassified, or minimized. In February 2018 it was then pointed out to the OIG that the BOPC needs to investigate Beck’s misconduct, and not Beck’s subordinates as you can see why. 

The OIG was established in 1996 for various reason. Anyone giving information to them should be protected if you want to ensure public trust. Harsh action should be taken against anyone attempting to intimidate witnesses of police misconduct. 

LAPD Chief Calls Crime Stats Accusations 'Damn Lies'


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