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Four Former Presidents Campaign For Vaccine. One Former Lump of Vile Putrescence Doesn't.


MEDIA WATCH--In hopes of spurring wary Americans to get the COVID vaccine, two national ad campaigns launched Thursday starring all four former presidents - Obama, Bush, Clinton, Carter - who along with their wives urge people, "The science is clear...This is our shot...Now it's up to you."

A joint project of the Covid Collaborative and the Ad Council, a nonprofit that produces PSAs, the ads feature a one-minute spot showing them all being vaccinated, and a 30-second one of Clinton, Bush and Obama at Biden's inauguration, where Obama calls the vaccine "the first step to ending the pandemic and moving our country forward."

Noticeably missing from this pageant of good will and commonality is the former guy, who secretly got vaccinated this winter. He issued a "statement" proving that once a sick, racist, subhuman ghoul, always a sick, racist, subhuman ghoul: "I hope everyone remembers when they're getting the COVID-19 (often referred to as the China virus) vaccine, that if I wasn't president you wouldnt be getting that beautiful "shot" for 5 years, at best, and probably wouldn't be getting it at all.

I hope everyone remembers!" - a projectile so vile the person posting it felt compelled to add, "This 'statement' is REAL." Ignoring the lie - scientists had spent years preparing for what they assumed would be another pandemic - most people shot back with the obvious, obscene rejoinder: "I hope everyone remembers that if he weren't president there wouldn't be 528,000 American souls. May they Rest In Peace."

There was also, "If we ignore him will he go away," "Pathetic," "Good lord, this man had the nuclear codes," and "Stop feeding the beast."

Mostly, there was this: "I just hope everyone remembers I have Narcissistic Personality Disorder & because of that I'm a fragile little fuck nugget who has to put shit like this out into the world because without praise & adoration I would literally ball up into a fetal position on the floor & die."

Do, please.

(CityWatch guest columnist, Abby Zimet, writes for CommonDreams.com.) Photo  credit: Getty Image