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Steve King Asks Why He Keeps Getting Called 'White Nationalist': A Question That Answers Itself



WHAT THEY’RE SAYING--On today’s episode of “White Men With Weird Persecution Complexes,” I give you Iowa Rep. Steve King. On Friday, King spoke on the house floor to decry the term “white nationalist” as a totally unfair term created and weaponized be “the left” to smear good conservatives such as himself with.

“It’s one of their weaponized terms because they wore out the word racist and they needed to make up some new terms to be offended by.” said King as he presented a graph which apparently showed a spike in the term’s use since 2016 as a way of illustrating it as a manufactured attack.

“How did it happen that a terminology that had been virtually unused all of a sudden became used multiple times ― up to 30,000 times a year? How did it happen that this is the word that gets tagged on me? Is that an accident, Mr. Speaker? I don’t think so.”

King is right about one thing: it’s no accident that he keeps getting called a white nationalist. (Read the rest.)