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When a Political Party Goes Insane


WHAT THEY’RE SAYING--Many of us watched the impeachment proceedings in absolute horror. We witnessed Republicans screaming, ranting, pounding tables, dredging up information that was a deflect or distraction, and yet never making any attempt to actually “defend” trump’s actions. I know I wasn’t the only one thinking “what is wrong with these people?” They appeared to be appealing to the theatrics and drama of the type of reality show that the trump base love. Was this performance for those that watch the likes of Duck Dynasty or Honey Boo Boo? All the while, the Democrats remained fairly calm, focusing on the issues, and not playing into the Republican gas lighting attempts.

The most telling moments that proved that those supporting the Republican Party’s insanity was the repetitive request by Democrats to have ANY of the Republicans answer “yes or no” to the question:

Is it ok for an American president to request the aid of a foreign government in election interference?

The silence from the Republicans was indeed deafening, and proved to all that were watching that every single one of the Republicans represented in Congress during the impeachment proceedings were loyal to trump and not to the country.

Historians will tell you that this type of insanity has happened in the past, and it almost always involves dictatorships. There is a tipping point where those that think their very survival is dependent upon making the choice of choosing country over party, and when they witness the types of punishments ladled on those that take the stand of “country,” they meekly slither back and make their pledge to whatever leader is involved. The fact that the Republican Party has shown that they have absolutely NO spine when it comes to the bullying and threatening tactics that trump display is a chilling tale that they have crossed over the line of reality and embraced whatever totalitarian dictatorship trump has in mind.

For some of us, this form of “angry white guy” is not only disgusting, but is reminiscent of many of the attempts in our own American past for individuals to try to dictate what their ideas of law are. We saw this in many instances, including those that preferred slavery all the way to the McCarthy era and the red scare.

Fear can be a useful tool. If they were alive, you could ask both Mussolini and Hitler. In today’s world Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un have both used fear tactics and outright murder to keep people in line; and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that the latter two are trump’s friends.

Another telling moment during the impeachment proceedings was when the Democrats played the video of trump stating that he could “do anything that he wanted.” Only kings and dictators take that stand and yet the Republicans backed trump 100%. (Read the rest.)