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They Fought the System and WON!

RANTZ & RAVEZ - In January a parking citation was issued to the vehicle owned by a RantZ and RaveZ reader.  The reader informed me of the situation and ultimate outcome.  The situation began when they parked their vehicle in a residential neighborhood off Ventura Blvd to attend a meeting at a local restaurant.  It was a little after 7:00pm on January 24th when they parked.  The Parking Restriction sign showed 2 Hour Parking from 8 AM to 6PM.  Another sign restricted parking from 8AM to 10AM on Monday for Street Sweeping.  Those were the only VISSIBLE parking restrictions posted along the street.  Following the dinner meeting, the person returned to their vehicle and noticed a parking citation on the windshield.  The citation was for section 80.58L (Preferential Parking Violation) with a $68.00 fine.  

The alleged violator searched for signs noting a “Preferential Parking” area and did not find any in the vicinity where they parked.  Scanning the street, there were a few posted a distance up the street on the other side of the street from where they parked. 

Believing that the signs were not properly posted, the violator decided to appeal the citation.  First there was the trip to the Administrative Parking office on Van Nuys Blvd where the written appeal was submitted.  The matter was taken under consideration and they received notice that the violation would stand.  They were informed they could request an in-person administrative appeal if they did not agree with the findings.  Since the Alleged Violator is retired and has time to challenge the system, they requested the Administrative Appeal.  They were informed that the Administrative Appeal would be conducted in Van Nuys on March 13. 

On March 13 the violator appeared at the Administrative Appeal Office on Sepulveda Blvd.  Upon entering the Appeal Office, the security guard directed the violator to empty all their pockets and submit to a search.  The guard used a device to check for any weapons or metal in the pockets of the violator.  

Following a short wait, the violator was called into a small room to meet with the hearing officer.  The officer informed the violator that the interview would be video recorded and that they would be notified of the decision by mail following the hearing. 

The hearing officer was very polite and listened to the explanation and shown photos of the location where the citation was issued.  The Violator left.

A few days following the hearing, the violator received the results of the Administrative Hearing in the mail.  The letter read….“The Respondent’s testimony and evidence regarding the absence of a visible sign on the block, involved with this citation were credible, persuasive, and convincing.”  “I therefore find Respondent not liable!”      

So, in this case, the innocent motorist received a Bogus Parking Citation and spent a considerable amount of time proving their innocence.  If you received such a citation, would you have sent the time for a $68.00 citation?  When the system is wrong, we should fight it and not roll over and accept it.  That is the American way.   

The 5 Day School and Work Week may be changed to a 4 Day Week for Both School and Work. 

The Lakeland Board of Trustees in Rathdrum Idaho is currently conducting a survey to determine if a 4 Day School Week is the future for education in Idaho.  Many School Districts in Idaho are scheduled to move to a 4 Day School Week next year.  It is also interesting to note that California lawmakers have considered legislation that would allow workers to propose alternate 40-hour weeks, such as four 10-hour days, more than a dozen times since 2005.  Like they sometimes say, things are changing around here.  

L.A. County Board of Supervisors Barger and Horvath visit the San Fernando Valley. 

It was a refreshing and positive change to see two members of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meet with the United Chambers of Commerce of the San Fernando Valley members at a pack luncheon at the remodeled Woodland Hills Country Club in March.  The leadership of both Barger and Horvath impressed the members of the United Chambers.  The cooperation and working together attitude for the benefit of the tax payers was the highlight of the impressive luncheon.  

Barger who was re-elected for 4 more years expressed her appreciation to the voters for her victory and solid and cooperative relationship with her colleague Horvath who is now the Chair of the Board of Supervisors.  Of note Horvath has visited the San Fernando more times in her short term as a Supervisor than Sheila Kuehl did in the many years she served on the Board of Supervisors.  It is good to know that we have caring and hardworking people representing the business and residents of the San Fernando Valley. 


The Federal Government is looking for your Tax Return money so they can pay some bills and borrow more of our hard-earned money for who knows what! 

The National Debt in America is last reported to be in the area of $31,450,337,795,985,239,284 and growing larger every day!   With our elected officials in Washington, not getting along and spending more and more money, we are all paying for it.  The cost of living is continuing to increase with gas at the $5.00 a gallon range along with other products we rely on.  Food, Home, Family and all the rest.  Most people are struggling to make ends meet.  The credit card debt is increasing daily and interest rates are not going down.  There is only so much a person can take.  I hope that whomever is elected to local and national office in November our economy and national debt find correction for all our benefit. 

This edition of RantZ and RaveZ will publish prior to April 6th.  I invite everyone to come out and meet Jay Leno and enjoy the day at Warner Park in Woodland Hills (5800 Topanga Canyon Blvd)  for the “Grateful Hearts Fundraiser” for the LAPD and LAFD.  There will be Food, Entertainment, LAPD and LAFD displays along with a car show, bands and lots of fun for everyone.  I hope to see you there.             

(Dennis P. Zine is a former and retired LAPD Supervisor, former and retired 12-year Los Angeles City Councilman and current General Manager at Bell Canyon in Ventura County.)