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Growing RV Encampment Along 91 Marina Freeway Raises Concerns for Del Rey Residents 

WESTSIDE CONNECTION - A chain of some fourteen illegally parked and permanent vehicles along the 91 Marina Freeway have local residents frustrated and seeking action.  

Del Rey has this growing homeless encampment of RV vehicles along the corridor of Inglewood Blvd and the 90 Marina Freeway for some time and most of the permanently parked buses and campers have been towed-in, and most are currently unlicensed and unregistered. 

Sources say that when other encampments are cleared, they arrive at this particular location because enforcement has been lacking.  

Now we see these illegally parked RV’s making their way to Bray Street and Messmer Avenue, directly parked in a residential street and not just a commercial corridor.  

The photos here were taken recently by area residents. 

While we recently saw a collection of three (3) RV’s removed at the First Lutheran Church located on South Venice Boulevard, encampments such as these continue to flourish and increase in size according to reports by those who live here in Del Rey.  

(Nick Antonicello is a 31-year resident of Venice and covers the RV and homeless encampment issue here in the neighborhood. Have an encampment or RV crisis on your block or street? Contact him via email at [email protected].)