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RV Update: First Lutheran Cleaned and Cleared Along Venice Blvd!

WESTSIDE BEAT - On Friday evening over 250 Venetians and parishioners packed the First Lutheran Church to tell city officials how unhappy they were with the three collectively parked and seemingly permanent RV’s that have held this church community hostage for months.  

With dozens of stakeholders speaking out on the conditions that existed, it became apparent people have had enough! 

What a difference five days can make! 

As of Wednesday evening (1/31/24), a major cleaning and sweep of those vehicles have been removed and the picture above was taken around 7PM tonight.  

For just Friday night Councilwoman Traci Park (CD-11) and members of her staff conceded to those in attendance there was no plan to move these particular vehicles and that the removal of RV’s in general would take weeks.  

But suddenly the power of local persuasion seemed to take over as these vehicles are now gone!  

And while this is great news for the First Lutheran community, it’s congregation and the school-age children who populate the grounds, what does it say for action that can be immediate, swift and permanent if enough people simply say, enough is enough?  

For the notion that things cannot be cleared and cleaned in Venice or anywhere else for that matter is political fallacy and empty rhetoric that needs to be cast aside. The power of people organizing locally and making their case is only proof positive that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and those who challenge the system, and not enable it will eventually win.  

For there is power in numbers, and all politics is local.  

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what really occurred and recognition to those elected officials like Councilwoman Park, LA Mayor Karen Bass and members of the LAPD for listening, being pro-active and getting the job done.  

Yes, you can fight City Hall and win.  

(Nick Antonicello is a 31-year resident of Venice who covers in-depth the homeless and RV crisis on the streets of Venice. Have an encampment on your block or neighborhood? Contact Antonicello at [email protected])