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Venice Whole Foods’ Conditions Become Intolerable Thanks To Illegal & Stationary RV’s

Conditions at 715 Rose Described As Dangerous By Locals!

WESTSIDE UNHOUSED - It seems WHOLE FOODS and the area along Rose Avenue are getting worse and not better according to locals who reside in this plagued neighborhood. 

The pictures here were taken Wednesday, October 18th as residents become irritated by these unacceptable conditions which make access to the sidewalk for pedestrians nearly impossible. 

For the “sweeping” seems to be only cleaning up the space for the camper’s to promptly move back in less than an hour versus offering a sanitary and safe public access on foot according to neighbors who spoke with Yo! Venice.

Venice Residents no longer have direct sidewalk access, and are forced to share it with bikes and larger vehicles, endangering general pedestrian safety.

Unless a pedestrian or shopper is circumventing via the parking lot or Lincoln Boulevard, the path to WHOLE FOODS is more problematic then ever before!

Open air trash is everywhere, as the outside has taken on slum-like conditions!

According to those who live in the neighborhood the conditions are now historically worse than ever before!

Tragically,  RVs are still being ignored, as ticketing is non-existent despite a temporary "Tow-Away" sign that was put up only for Wednesdays.  

With so much traffic because of the proximity to WHOLE FOODS as well as restaurants, CVS Pharmacy and the $99 Cent store, immediate residential streets have been compromised by the ever-increasing homelessness and encampments here in the center of Venice! 

Is it no wonder why Venice continues to be a containment zone for the crisis conditions on our streets, only worse at Skid Row? 

When one of the country’s premier shopping chains is forced to submit to these kind of dangerous conditions, is the City of Los Angeles and specifically CD-11 waiting for WHOLE FOODS to close or relocate despite its popularity with locals? 

The time for action is now. 

(Nick Antonicello is a thirty-year resident of Venice and covers extensively the homeless and encampment crisis on the our streets today. Have an encampment issue on your block or neighborhood? Contact Antonicello via e-mail at [email protected].)