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Inglewood CFO Announces Departure From City

SOUTH OF THE 10 - The Inglewood finance department is light four employees after recent departures of key personnel due to retirement and quitting.

David Esparza, served as Asst. City Manager and Finance Director, and announced today he is leaving the city.

Finance Supervisor Peggy Velasquez, and two other finance staff members have closed out their time with the City this week with one retiring and the other handed in his two week notice.

Another finance supervisor is scheduled to leave by March, as the City presents its 1st Quarter budget numbers to the public.

Sharon Koike is expected to serve as interim finance director.

Other retirements include members of the sound installation, housing, and code enforcement.

How will this affect the city’s pension liabilities, which the mayor has stated publicly multiple times it’s only “problematic” when you have a lot of employees retiring at once.

Last year the police department lost nearly a dozen officers due to their retiring.

Former city manager Mark Weinberg has received a short form agreement with the City, with employees fearing he is there to “clean house”, and work alongside administration to consolidate positions as the city’s finances appear to be dire.

“Why do we have a City Manager, two Assistant City Managers, and need to hire a “former” city manager as a consultant,” asked an employee who requested to remain anonymous.

The City is closed for the annual two week end of the year holiday, however the city clerk’s office staff will be working through the holiday if you are in need of assistance.

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