Sat, Jul

Resident Wants Investigation into Misuse of Public Funds by Inglewood Electeds

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--My name is Marvin McCoy, a long-time resident of Inglewood California. 

The purpose of this message is to respectfully ask the United States Dept of Justice to conduct an investigation of political misconduct and theft of public funds by elected officials in Inglewood, including administrative officials and non-profits that are closely aligned in conducting day to day business with the City to further facilitate widespread grafting of public funds. 

I and other members of this community have presented to the local District Attorney numerous, unquestionable cases of fraud and political malfeasance and to no avail has the District Attorney here locally even as elected officials continue to cause irreparable harm to the residents of this community. 

I kindly ask that you refer to the article written by Jason Henry of the Southern California News Group attached to this message indicating an improper gift of an "alleged" bonus that wasn't voted on or part of public discussion as required by the California Brown Act. 

This example of public gift is similar to the unwarranted salary increases and bonuses awarded to Mayor James T Butts, executive asst Melanie Mcdade who is allegedly having an affair with the Mayor with the full knowledge of the entire City Council and executive management. 

I kindly ask that you please look into these matters as I'm more than prepared and willing to provide proof of fraud and intimidation of citizens whom have attempted to expose this fraud and mismanagement for years.


(Marvin McCoy is a long-time resident of Inglewood.)