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Does Los Angeles Need Wokeism?


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Most Angelenos do not know what Wokeism is and until very recently, there was no need to know.  Now, it is a dire threat to both Los Angeles and the country. 

In our polarized society, we contrast the right-wing GOP with the left-wing DEM, but when it comes to Wokeism, there are more contrasts between the two extremes.  Both extremes are lethal to the general welfare. See Which Is More Lethal – Wokeism or MAGA?   Briefly, MAGA is a cult, and without Donald Trump, it will disintegrate.  As with most cults that lose their leader, many will try to salvage the organization and continue, but they fail.  The aspect of MAGA which most overlook is that Trump is feared and hated among most GOP leaders and most GOP to the center of MAGA would cheer the cult’s demise.  Wokeism, however, is a well-organized attempt to take over traditional American values of individual inalienable rights, rule of law based on a constitution, in favor of a simplistic philosophy that society is divided into two groups: (1) The Oppressors who are all White people and Jews. (2) The Oppressed who are all minorities. Observation, however, shows that minorities, such as Black professors at Harvard, are re-classified as Oppressors and then driven out of the universities when they do not toe the party line. In Wokeism there is only one acceptable answer to any problem: White racism.  To keep one’s Woke creds, one has to link everything in the world to White racism and the solution is to get rid of the Whites and Jews. 

Presently, the most extreme Wokers are members of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which requires that any DSA member who is elected to public office must “co-govern” with the DSA.  Since the DSA repudiates individual inalienable rights in favor of classifying people as good or bad by the Oppressor-Oppressed dichotomy, each DSA elected official has an irreconcilable conflict with their oath of office to the US Constitution and the DSA co-govern requirement. 

What Do Woke, DSA Councilmembers members Hernandez, Soto-Martinez, and Hernandez, offer? 

In Los Angeles, one has to recognize the Woker-Developer Alliance since both share the same goal to transfer wealth away from the average Angeleno and to Wall Street, aka. The 1%. 

(1) Destroy the Detached Single Family Home 

The number one way Americans have created inter-generational family wealth is buying a single family home.  Wokeism opposes homeownership which is why in LA DSA member Soto-Martinez continues to destroy what few single family (starter) homes remain in CD 13.  Rather, Wokers want people to become eternal renters where they will never ever gain any equity, but will face rising rents until their dying day. 

(2) War on the Family Car 

Wokers also hate the family car and do everything they can to make car ownership difficult.  Garcetti devised Bike Lanes for the sole purpose to make traffic congestion unbearable on the theory that Angelenos would then use mass transit.  Subways and above ground fixed rail transit cost billions of dollars to construct and the billions of dollars annually to maintain.  The best form of mass transit is the bus , because it is flexible and can get people much closer to their destination than a subway or a trolley.  Americans hate subways and trolleys and whenever they have the opportunity, they will use any alternative: a car or telecommute.  Buses, however, do not make a fortune for Wall Street, whereas as massive projects for subways and new rail tracks along city streets and tunnels under freeways rake in trillions of dollars on a national basis. 

The purpose of fixed rail mass transit is to make money for Wall Street.  It loans the money to cities and counties and then Wall Street collects interest on the hundreds of billions. The developers claim, despite all proof to the contrary, that subways and trains are necessary to provide enough riders to make subways, etc. financially viable.  The fares never comes close to making any mass transit system solvent.  

A soon as a subway is proposed, then the developers scream that the there needs to be thousands upon thousands more people living within a ½ mile of the subway station to enhance revenue from more riders.  When proposing to construct more high rise density, they claim more subways are required to handle the increased population density along their TODs.  It is an eternal vicious cycle: density requires more mass transit and more mass transit demands or density.  The fact which they ignore is that this vicious cycle has driven so many people out of the Los Angeles that we are losing more and more middle-class Millennials and Gen Zers each year.  Destruction of the single-family home and replacing the family car with mass transit is a key to Wokeism’s objective to make Angelenos poor and dependent on the government. The worse off we become, the more power the Wokers gain. LA’s demise was inevitable. 

Wokers Do Not Care about Facts or the Poor 

They want power and a poor population confined to apartments and with no personal mobility has to look to the government for their subsidence living. Government will have to provide rent control and spend more on mass transit.  The Woker-Developer Alliance is very profitable for both the power mad Wokers and Wall Street. 

If LA’s new DSA councilmembers were only new allies with the developer corruption which is making Los Angeles into a third world city, it would be a case of “ho-hum, the same old, the same old.”  However, the Woker DSA bring a virulent Nazi type racism to LA. The damage is not limited to its pitting all minorities against Whites and Jews, but lies in its repudiation of basic Western values.  The closest parallel is pre WW II Germany where Nazis likewise saw the world as a division between the Oppressors (Jews and all non-Aryans) and the Oppressed master race. The Nazis prime tools were lies, deceit, and institutional thuggery.  Paul Joseph Goebbles was the Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda from 1933 to 1945. In 1942, Goebbles was one of the few Nazi leaders who publicly supported the extermination of the Jews.  Today, the DSA already publicly supports the extermination of the Jews. This position is a necessary conclusion from the Woke classification of Jews as Oppressors who must be annihilated for the Oppressed minorities to have Woke DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusions). Despite  dissent within the DSA over its support for Hamas and the eradication of all Jewish people between the “River and the Sea,” as an organization, DSA’s is still pressing its genocide policy on the Biden Administration. Unless Biden coerces Israel to lose the war and faces extermination, the Wokers are commit undermining Biden’s re-election. 

Angelenos may think that Wokeism and DSA Councilmembers do not affect them. Who, do they suppose, was behind the Goebbles-like Woke attack on three innocent councilmembers other than the DSA which wanted to take over important city council districts – CD 14, CD 6 plus the Presidency of the City Council?  Similar to gullible Germans, all Angelenos ate up the total false narrative of the councilmembers’ anti-Black racism. To this day, this orchestrated Big Lie has eradicated the truth – far more effectively than Trump’s lie about the 2020 election being stolen.  Now,  Ysabel Jurado, DSA member , is in the run-off for city council district 14. 

There is no need for Angelenos to ask pre-WW II Germans how they allowed the Nazis to rise to power.  All we have to do is look at America and Los Angeles with their embrace for Woker DSA bigotry and extermination of Jews.   

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].)

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