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LAPD Police Commission Begins Deliberations on Interim Chief Following Chief Michel Moore's Retirement


LAPD SEARCH- The Los Angeles Police Commission is set to decide on an interim chief to lead the LAPD following the impending retirement of Chief Michel Moore. The meeting, scheduled for 9 a.m. on Friday, will be conducted behind closed doors, with the decision to be announced to the public afterward.

Chief Michel Moore, who has served the department for 42 years, announced his retirement plans last week, expediting his departure to the end of February. The move comes as Moore intends to relocate to Tennessee to spend more time with his family.

Several sources within law enforcement circles have revealed that the LAPD's command staff currently has five potential candidates for the interim chief role. Additionally, there is speculation that a retired executive from the department may also be considered for the position. Notably, current LAPD employees will only be considered if they do not have intentions to seek the permanent chief's position.

The selection of an interim chief is seen as an urgent priority, with the process following a distinct track from the search for a permanent chief. The Police Commission is responsible for appointing the interim chief, while for the permanent selection, they will collaborate with the LAPD personnel department's general manager and present candidates to the mayor in ranked order.

Chief Moore, in an interview, expressed his confidence in the commission and Mayor Karen Bass's ability to find a suitable interim chief. He emphasized the importance of continuing the department's ongoing initiatives and maintaining the momentum achieved during his tenure.

Responding to questions about potential departures from the LAPD after his retirement, Chief Moore expressed optimism that the department's dedicated officers would remain committed to their duties and the department's mission.

"We're in good hands with this commission as well as with Mayor Bass," said Chief Moore. "I'm confident that the interim selected will be someone who can carry our work forward."

Chief Moore also looked forward to the support of Mayor Bass and elected officials in ensuring the department's staffing levels are maintained and improved.

The decision on the interim chief is expected to be a crucial step in the transition process as the LAPD seeks leadership continuity and continued progress in maintaining public safety and community relations.



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