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The Most Popular Neighborhoods for Renting in Los Angeles


NEIGHBORHOODS - Los Angeles is arguably one of the best-known cities on the planet. No matter where you are in the world, if you mention Los Angeles, the person you are talking to will know what you are talking about. And this ties in nicely to what the city is about. It is an entertainment mega hub and also a place for everyone. Many people worldwide flock to the city with stars in their eyes, hoping to make it big. But what is it about living in this city’s many neighborhoods that is so appealing? Well, we are going to explore just that with this article. Here are the most popular neighborhoods for rent across LA.

West Hollywood

Located between Beverly Hills and Hollywood, West Hollywood is an iconic place to live. It is lively and central, making it a prime location for anyone who wishes to have an exciting lifestyle. There are some key rent trends in this area to look at. Rent prices mirror how trendy the area is. In 2023, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $2800 and can be as high as $6000 for a two-bedroom apartment. This might seem high, but it is relative to the vibrant nightlife locations, well-known restaurants, and its proximity to several entertainment options.  

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Santa Monica

Did you know Baywatch contributed to the popularity of Santa Monica? The legendary Pamela Anderson series was filmed in this beautiful area and has contributed to much of Santa Monica’s fanfare since the 90s. However, the area has always been popular. This perfect paradise has the best beaches in the world. It is also quite a laid-back place. Because this is a coastal area, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for rent. In 2023, the average rent is the following:

  • Studio: $2095
  • One-bedroom: $2895
  • Two-bedroom: $4807
  • Three-bedroom: $6475
  • Four-bedroom plus: $14 875

Downtown LA

Downtown LA is a place where everyone wants to live. And it makes complete sense since the city has many things to do. In Downtown LA, you can enjoy spectacular skyline views, several museums, cultural centers, pop-up events featuring up-and-coming artists, and so much more. The area has seen exponential growth in recent years, which has directly impacted rent prices. These are the average rent prices for 2023:

  • Studio: $2500
  • One-bedroom: $3250
  • Two-bedroom: $4807
  • Three-bedroom: $4452
  • Four-bedroom plus: $17 519

Silver Lake

If you were unaware that Silver Lake is a popular place to rent in LA, then now you know. It is for several reasons. The area is known for its timeless architecturally significant homes, diverse restaurants, and creative environment. Some have gone as far as to dub the area a bohemian paradise due to its free-spirited and artistic atmosphere. Silver Lakes is also home to an iconic and picturesque landmark: its reservoir, which was built in 1907. Despite this area's popularity, it is relatively economical for most budgets. Here are the average rent prices for 2023:

  • One-bedroom: $2500
  • Two-bedroom: $4675
  • Three-bedroom: $6745
  • Four-bedroom plus: $10 125

Echo Park

Centered around Echo Park Lake, this area is as culturally diverse as it comes. This area has become popular with creatives due to its reputation for being home to trendy businesses. Many creatives flock to the area to draw inspiration for their next big moves. Echo Park offers a mixture of rental types and prices, making it somewhere you can find a place to stay that suits your needs. These are the average rent prices for 2023:

  • Studio: $1999
  • One-bedroom: $2400
  • Two-bedroom: $3497
  • Three-bedroom: $6148
  • Four-bedroom plus: $6450

Culver City

A popular place for many reasons, Culver City is a key area in the entertainment industry of LA due to its industry prominence. This area is best known for its production houses, including MGM Studios, which now forms a part of Sony Pictures. Some of the most influential films were shot in this area, including Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz, and Gone With The Wind. Regarding accommodation, you will have economical and luxury spaces to rent. And on that note, here are the average rent prices for 2023:

  • One-bedroom: $2833
  • Two-bedroom: $3605
  • Three-bedroom: $5000
  • Four-bedroom plus: $8500


No matter where you choose to live in Los Angeles, you can find something that suits your budget. Looking at the rental price trends will give you a better understanding of how prices will decrease or fluctuate over time. Once you understand how rent prices work and why there are changes, you can decide on the area you want to rent in based on price.