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Crimes Increase in LA County as a Result of Failed Gascón Policies


RANTZ & RAVEZ - Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón and his reign of Terror on the people of Los Angeles County, and his distorted Filing Policy for Felony crimes including 1st Degree Murder, continues even after the vicious murder of Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Ryan Clinkunbroomer.  (pic above)

George Gascón was elected in 2020 and his reign of terror on the law-abiding population of L.A. County began with his distorted filing policy dealing with an assortment of violent criminals who harm and kill innocent people in the 88 cities that make up the sprawling County of Los Angeles.  Communities from Acton to Woodland Hills and from Venice to Walnut including Beverly Hills and Watts.  Both Rich and poor areas are all impacted by the failed criminal filing policy implemented by Gascón when he took office.  Gascón’s filing policy is as follows:   

  1. The Elimination of cash bail
  2. Ending the use of sentence enhancements and letting violent criminals off easy, no priors, no guns etc.
  3. Abandoning victims at parole hearings
  4. Declining to prosecute crimes that affect the quality of life
  5. NEVER SEEKING THE DEATH PENALTY, even in the most egregious cases, Including the Murder of Police Officers
  6. Refusing to prosecute juveniles as adults, regardless of the crime or circumstances
  7. And many other violations of the law established to maintain a civilized society

The stage was set by Gascón for crimes to increase and increase they did. While there have been a number of high-profile Felony crime suspects arrested by law enforcement and sent to the District Attorney for prosecution, never has Gascón filed a death penalty charge no matter how violent the crime including VICIOUS MURDERS. 

When a young Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff in uniform in a B/W unit was murdered while simply sitting in the driver’s seat waiting for a traffic light to turn green, Gascón refused to file for the death penalty against the murderer.

This action outraged many people in California and throughout America.  How could a District Attorney be so out of touch with the reality of the cold-blooded murder of a uniformed deputy on patrol. The outrage has only grown stronger since the murder and it should help remove Gascón from office at the next election, if not sooner. 

If you are inclined to vote for Gascón for another term as District Attorney, I urge you to please contact the San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center, Inc.  You surely need professional psychological help to being you back to reality!  The phone number is 818 901 4830.   

Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer known as “Clink” to his friends and colleagues was just 30 years old and served with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for 8 years when he was murdered. 

Deputy Clinkunbroomer followed his grandfather and father to the Sheriff’s Dept.  A family tradition was established many years ago when “Clink” was just a young man.  This reminds me of my own situation celebrating 55 years in Law Enforcement with my son a Captain in Law Enforcement. 

As the years pass, we will remember the murder of “Clink” while his family, friends and colleagues will mourn the murder of their son, friend, and colleague for the rest of their lives. 

“Clink” proposed to his girlfriend Brittany just days before his murder.  Brittany will always remember what life could have been with “Clink” by her side into the future.  The dreams have turned to a nightmare that will last until the end of time for Brittany. 

May God welcome “Clink” into heaven where he will join other dedicated law enforcement professionals who have given their lives protecting and serving the people of America.

While we mourn the murder of “Clink,” Jay Leno, a good friend of Law Enforcement, made a personal visit to the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station to meet with personnel and contributed to the fund for Jay’s memorial.     

If you wish to financially help the family of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer and other members of the LASD, contact Cops and Relatives Emergency Support Foundation at alads.org/Donate.  Your contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated.    

Your continual support for the members of Law Enforcement is critical. They are the barrier that keeps you and your family safe from those who commit Murder, Smash and Grabs and the long list of other vicious and violent crimes in your community.


(Dennis P.  Zine is the author of RantZ and RaveZ.  The column is published twice a month to keep you informed and updated on political and community activities in and around Los Angeles.  Dennis is a retired member of law enforcement and the Los Angeles City Council.  Comments are welcome at [email protected].)   

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