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Predator Society


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Mathematicians, physicists, and philosophers seek the Unified Field Theory which will explain everything. The Predatory Society is one unified field theory to explain the disparate problems facing Los Angeles.  Smash and grab robberies are one aspect of a predator society, as is the homeless crisis, as are the faux criminal prosecutions of officials who interfere with the criminalization of Los Angeles city government, and as is the corrupt state judiciary.  A predator society allows people in power to financially plunder weaker people.  Yes, “Rich Men North of Richmond” own Los Angeles.  [lyrics]

The Predator Courts

Documenting the corruption in the California judiciary would consume thousands of pages. Suffice to say, the judicial system is corrupt from the State Chief Justice down to the lowest clerks who are subject to the same rule as everyone else, “Go Along to Get Along.” 

The Predatory Los Angeles City Council

Because “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Lord Acton 1887), society always has to combat corruption.  The US Constitution structured our government to constantly check the corrupting influence of power.  Western society’s oldest political philosophy story about how power corrupts and then corrupt destroys is Genesis: 19:1-38. Four corrupt judges controlled Sodom. When the angels found no honest person, GOD destroyed Sodom.  In Jewish tradition, the lesson is that power corrupts and corruption destroys. Sodom describes the City of Los Angeles and its evil cohort the state judiciary.

Predatory Behavior

The city of Los Angeles has adopted predatory mafia tactics.   Mafioso racketeering is a drag on the economy and a threat to the life and limb of those who did not go along. In Los Angeles, city hall is our mafia. The fact that the city council is a criminal enterprise is well known, but in case there is anyone who does not know, here’s a brief summary: Penal Code § 86 criminalizes vote trading which means a councilmember may not vote Yes on another councilmember’s project in return for a Yes vote on his/her own projects.  Los Angeles city council runs of the exact opposite: LA is classic quid pro quo – each councilmembers must vote Yes on every project of another councilmember. Under the Vote Trading System, a developer need bribe only the councilmember where he wishes to build in order to guarantee unanimous approval.  Hence, LA’s “One and Done Rule.”

Garcettism – Densification and Manhattanization

The One and Done Rule smoothed the way for Garcetti’s Manhattanization of Los Angeles. Based on the Big Lie #1 that LA had a housing shortage, Garcetti supported the mass densification of first Hollywood and then LA in general. The destructive impact of densification is reflected in Hollywood; the more density, the more people fled. In 1990, Hywd had 214,000 ppl, but by 2021, it had only 190,000 ppl. Each year the homeless population increased.  Attorneys who exposed this data in court were disbarred to prevent them from bringing more cases.

Destruction of LA

Garcetti’s corruption so inflated the costs of housing, that the Millennials and Gen Zer’s fled and with them employers.  Thus, LA’s wide middle class base has been decimated. LA’s economy has become dependent on construction dollars just like a narcodrug state cannot survive without the drug trade.

No Modern Society Can Survive Without a Middle Class

Every LA strike has one common element – housing costs are too high so that even the privileged like screen writers cannot afford to live in LA. Netflix’s folly is its belief that writers and actors are superfluous as AI will write everything and AI will manufacture CGI effects to replace humans. Most insidious is that corruption has killed homeownership. The inability to build equity is the major factor causing people to abandon LA.

The Difference between Garcettism and the Woker-Developer Alliance

Garcettism focused on the destruction of Rent Controlled Apartments (RSO units) as they were the cheapest for developers to buy and their tenants were expendable – just dump them on the streets.  The rapid destruction of RSO units created the massive homelessness – tax payers spend well over $ 2 Billion per year on homelessness. Wokeism makes Garcettism look genteel.

The Vicious Predatory Alliance of The Wokers and Developers 

As LA saw with the recent Westchester Neighborhood Council Meeting, the city is now focusing on the destruction of single family homes.  As Woker Judge David O. Carter believes, “Blacks are homeless because racist Whites live in single family homes.” The state government agrees that single family homes are evil and the only solution is for poverty projects in each neighborhood. This is called social equity.  Councilwoman Traci Parks inadvertently admitted that these poverty projects were harmful when she told Westchester residents: Through the discussions and debates, Park assured those who gathered that other neighborhoods are not exempt from expanded housing.    Aug 29, 2023, KABC Channel 7, Hundreds of Westchester Residents Say No to City's High-rise Plans: 'This Is Excessive'  

In brief, Westchester should be content that other decent neighborhoods will likewise be destroyed.  Who will live in these projects? The same criminally insane who roam the streets, the same drug addicts who leave needles on the streets, the killers who murder riders on Metro, the same psychos who harass kids on their way to school.  Now, these folks will be inside the apartment projects where they can attack women, children, and the elderly from behind closed doors.  Nearby homeowners will find it hard to sell their homes as no rational person wants to buy near a poverty project. This is the wretched life Traci Parks is forcing on her district and her sole justification is that all districts will be similarly terrorized.  May I rob Bank of America if I promise to also rob Wells Fargo? 

What Happens if Traci Parks Says, “No Poverty Projects.” 

She can look at city Councilmember Richard Alarcon, who had the audacity to question Garcetti’s densification.  Violate the Go Along to Get Along rule in city council and face prosecution on some bogus charge.  The appellate court finally threw out the faux charges against councilmember Alarcon, who’s crime was living in the wrong house in the San Fernando Valley.  In judicial-speak, the appellate court decided that it was done with the persecution of Alarcon so the DA could drop the case.  Non-woker Mark Ridley-Thomas’s offense? Funneling money to USC to support the School of Social Work! Non-worker Curren Price faces a bogus criminal complaint based on alleged crimes where the statute of limitations have run.  Englander’s and Huizar’s real crimes? Interfering with the smooth operation of the One and Done Rule by using the PLUM committee to extort more money from developers.  January 28, 2021, The Ludicrous Cover-up of LA City Hall Corruption Continues.

Councilmember Traci Parks faces more immediate problems: terrorist threats against herself and her family, thugs like Jason Reedy surrounding her house demanding that she reign, being stalked by Wokers calling her a White Supremacist, being physically attacked.  Parks knows who prevents the LAPD from arresting the thugs who enforce Wokeism with political violence.

Angelenos Face A Phalanx of Predators

Tell the truth and you risk being imprisoned like attorney Richard Fine or Sharon Kramer in San Diego for exposing fraud in the toxic mold litigation.  Under the extreme wokers like Sen. Scott Wiener, California has become Predator Central. It's a damn shame what the world's gotten to / For people like me and people like you / Wish I could just wake up and it not be true / But it is, oh, it is. Oliver Anthony

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected]. The opinions expressed are those of the author and not those of CityWatchLA.com.)

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