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Robbery, Corruption, Conspiracy. Just Another Day in LA


LA CITY CRIME - So, it's Sunday afternoon, and I just went over for a quick stop at the Beverly Connection Mall. That's the Value Mall across the street from the virtually empty Lux Beverly Center in Beverly Grove, near WeHo and Beverly Hills. Anyhoo, as I approached one of the big box value stores there, a big tall guy made quite a noise leaving. He was carrying a ton of stuff, some of it was ringing continuously as he walked away, and he also dropped a big metal object that made a loud bang. So, as I walked inside, I asked the young security guy at the door, “You're not gonna stop him? Because the stuff he was carrying was ringing and he dropped stuff that he didn't bother to pick up.” He responded, “No, we can't put our hands on him. I think he got some shoes.” So the City of Los Angeles has officially turned into San Francisco.

So why is there SO MUCH Property Crime in the City of LA. Because LAPD response time is like Two Hours. Whereas, in the Small Cities that surround us, cops come right away. So if you were a thief, where would you steal??

And then there's the infamous LA County DA George Gascon, a criminal's best friend. They're still fighting over signatures on that GG Recall Effort. Caruso spent 100M on himself in the Mayoral Campaign, but I only heard about him giving them 50k to pay for recall signature gatherers, with the condition that they don't collect at The Grove, even though people could protest his mayoral run there. I blame Caruso for the failure of that recall effort. He could have EASILY made that a success. During a Recall Effort, you have to collect a ridiculous number of signatures during a very limited amount of time...so, failure by the design of lawmakers protecting their gigs. They also make it very hard to get onto the ballot in the City of Los Angeles, many candidates fail, and the best way to do it is to use paid signature gatherers.

Curren Price Corruption

Speaking of George Gascon, Council Member Curren Price is the latest shady politician to get taken down at LA City Hall. But THIS time, it's the LA County DA Gascon going after the politician, NOT the Feds. And the LA Times, MSM, and his colleagues on the City Council have the AUDACITY to try to save Price (WHY? Does he know where their skeletons are buried?) by playing The Race Card. Gascon, as guilty as he is of many things, does NOT have a racist bone in his body. And he's SUPER Criminal Friendly. You really think he would bring this prosecution against a Prominent Black Politician Right Before Juneteenth AND His Reelection Effort without dotting every i and crossing every t ?? Yeah, right. And, of course, City Council President Paul Krekorian and Crew punted on concluding with The Price Takedown until after their long summer vacay. Can't stand Council Member Hugo, but I read he was ready to take care of it BEFORE the vacay, and if that's true, props to him this one time.

LA Times Being Prepped for Sale??

So, the Times just laid off a bunch of folks, and then I started finding mistakes on their website. Latest one was an article from way back in 2015 on their CA Page. Oh, a previous time they misspelled Newsom in their headline and it propagated onto Yahoo News (where a lot of their content is being republished these days). So, these layoffs were a Power Move by the owner during negotiations with the employee union, the LA Times Guild. Very recently, the owner sold the Big San Diego paper he picked up with his Times purchase. Sold it to the absolute worst buyer, the hedge fund that owns the LA Daily News and is notoriously unfriendly to employees. I didn't hear a peep out of the owner's hyper progressive daughter Nika. He also scrapped the Sports Page format on the same day as the NYT...did they get together in a cigar smoke filled room on that one? Too much of a coincidence. And he sold off the printing press? Anyway, it does seem like the Billionaire is tiring of this distraction after squeezing whatever personal benefit he could get out of it. I'm guessing he's also sick of his young daughter messing with the paper and destroying the City of LA in the process, whether it be what words the news reporters can use or editorial content. Some of their recent endorsements were young progressive knuckleheads that she was backing.

Don't expect The Billionaire to sell the Times, “The Crown Jewel”, to the Hedge Fund. I expect him to sell it to another Billionaire, probably local, maybe a CA Tech Billionaire. Wouldn't it be interesting if Rick Caruso buys it seeking vengeance on the El Segundo Times employees that did him wrong during the mayoral campaign?? We shall see. Honestly, a print version of a daily newspaper does not make sense in this day and age. Printed Paper News is old news. People get their news on their iphones, and it's immediate. The future of the Times is the Website, not the physical paper.

LA Times is Boring AND Dangerous Because They Sit on News AND They Have an Agenda

I STILL haven't seen an article about the recent suicides at the most prestigious school in Los Angeles, Harvard-Westake (HW), the topic of my very first column for CityWatch,. It's good that HW allowed the school's paper The HW Chronicle to publish more details on May 28 in an article entitled “School Responds After Second Student Death”. But, apparently because the owner of the Times is a HW Parent, the topic is off limits for the paper. It also appears that the spate of unsolved antisemitic occurrences at HW is off limits for Times coverage. THAT was written about NUMEROUS times by The HW Chronicle, thankfully. The Times should cover scandals at the school that produces our future leaders like former Mayor Eric Garcetti (I'm a HW grad too, btw).

I thought to bring up these Antisemitic Events (google The HW Chronicle articles about them for more details) because RFK Jr just canceled himself by suggesting that The Asians and The Jews designed Covid to target the DNA of Non-Jewish Whites and The Blacks (leading to Covid Deaths), just about the most ignorant hateful message a US Presidential Candidate could deliver. He couldn't just say (what he likely wanted to say) that Jews designed Covid to kill everybody else. So he threw in China, because he KNOWS that the Chinese Government has HIDDEN their HUGE Death Numbers. Israel had heavy vaccination with Pfizer (something that RFK Jr is against), the European and US Jewish populations (for the most part) got vaccinated, masked, and social distanced. But the Orthodox Jewish population had a lot of deaths because they did not. You know what the pattern is for people that died from Covid? Not getting vaccinated, not getting vaccinated enough, getting vaccinated with an inferior vaccine, not taking care, etc, etc. RFK Jr is lucky that he lives in a Blue State and that his wife is not as ignorant as him.

So, getting back to HW, I really think the Antisemitism at the school is more likely to be extreme bullying against Jewish students there. They might install cameras to try to dissuade/catch the perpetrator(s) going forward. The El Segundo Times should have written that up. That's a big story. And if the Owner is blocking that story and using the paper for his own personal benefit...kind of like his daughter does...then he should really sell the paper to somebody else.

And I think he will. My guess is that he's sick of Nika's meddling at the paper...and the consequences of that meddling to the City of Los Angeles.

The LA Times has been a HUGE backer of the Homeless Industrial Complex. And they're as much to blame for the destruction of Los Angeles as former mayor Eric Garcetti. The LA Times and Eric Garcetti. They're the ones most to blame for what LA has turned into...for a deeper dive on that topic look out for my next column right here in CityWatch!


(“An Angry Angeleno” is the nom de plume of Yuval Kremer, a former ballot candidate for both LA County Supervisor and LA Mayor and a regular contributor to CityWatch.)

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