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Pit Bulls Wearing Glasses: The Trend Taking Over the Internet in 2023


PET TRENDS - Photos of pit bulls wearing glasses (and other accessories) seem to be taking over the internet right now. From pooches channeling their inner librarian to dogs sporting wraparound shades and bandanas, we can't seem to get enough of these cute snaps. 

We've got everything you need to know below about pitbull wearing glasses and why they’re so irresistible! 


What Type of Dog is a Pit Bull?

The pit bull is a breed of dog descended from bulldogs and terriers. Due to their historical connection with dog fighting, and fears regarding the aggressive nature of the breed, they've suffered some reputational damage over the years. 

Notable pit bulls include Sallie Ann Jarrett, who was the mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment during the American Civil War (a statue of Sallie Ann can be found on a monument within Gettysburg National Military Park), and Pete the Pup from the movie franchise The Little Rascals.  

Over the last few years, there's been a growing craze whereby owners upload photos of their pets wearing glasses, often generating huge amounts of likes and shares as a result. Pit bulls are particularly well-represented in terms of this trend - and it's not hard to see why!

The #Pittie 2020 Campaign

In a bid to show the world just what adorable, personality-filled pets pit bulls can make, the brand Jolly Pets (known for its range of extra durable dog toys) teamed up with the charities Fetch Eyewear and Project Blue Collar to host a monthly photo contest in which owners were invited to submit images of their pit bulls wearing glasses! 

The entries received exceeded even the expectations of the contest's organizers: from pit bulls wearing dusters, cowboy hats, and vintage-look round sunglasses to pitties wearing cute pink wraparound shades and matching caps, the owners were clearly having as much fun with this as their pooches! Particularly popular, too, were images featuring owners and pets wearing matching eyeglasses, which definitely rated highly in the too-adorable stakes. 

And the winner? Parker the pit bull won the Most Creative award for a photograph of him wearing flying goggles and a flowing red cape.

Why Do Pit Bulls Look So Cute in Glasses?

Great question - what is it about this particular breed that has them looking so darned cute in glasses? Well, it's largely due to their distinctive, chunky head shape - rather than perching on the end of a snout, glasses seem to sit almost perfectly on pit bulls' round faces, giving them an almost human aspect that can be hilarious. 

Whether in a pair of chic oversized shades or a pair of round John Lennon glasses, pit bulls can rock any eyewear style with ease!

The Best Glasses to Snap Your Pit Bull Wearing

Want to snap a cute or funny picture of your own pitbull sporting a pair of specs? Who wouldn't? Try popping a pair of aviator shades or a wraparound style on your pooch, or see what they look like wearing a pair of Clark Kent-style glasses or some exaggerated cat's-eye glasses. 

To really make the magic happen, add a hat. Whether it's a baseball cap featuring the name of your favorite team or a rakish straw number, never underestimate the ahhh-factor of popping some headgear onto your pit bull.

…But Be Mindful of Your Dog's Nature

While we all love seeing cute photos of dogs wearing glasses on the internet, it's important to always have your pit bull's welfare and happiness at the forefront of your mind. While some pooches may be quite happy to play dress-up, others will be less keen. At the first sign of distress or anxiety, it's vital to remove any accessories and allow your dog to relax.

It's also important to note that, while wearing glasses - even if it's only for a few moments while you take the snap -  your pet won't be able to see clearly, so allowing them to move freely about could result in their getting injured.

From Pit bulls Wearing Sunglasses to Pitbull Wearing Shades

And if you're wondering what type of sunglasses Pitbull wears, as in Pitbull, the singer, we can help answer this question, too! Pitbull is a fan of Oakley's and has been most photographed wearing the Oakley model Dispatch II. Unfortunately, these shades have now been discontinued but were popular due to their highly-customizable nature. For example, buyers could choose to have an iridium coating added to the lenses, which is particularly useful for those working in diverse environments.  

While the Dispatch II from Oakley isn't available new anymore, it's worth keeping an eye out at your local thrift or vintage store in case a pair turns up on the shelves!

How to Get Inspired

If you and your dog would like to get involved in the pit bulls wearing glasses trend and need a little inspiration, head online, where you'll find a near-infinite number of photos of other pooches sporting eyewear. Whether your dog is a feisty style icon or more the shy retiring type, you'll no doubt discover a look that captures his personality perfectly!





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