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Reparations:  Another Racist Screed Hits the Fan


THE VIEW FROM HERE - California’s Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans’ interim report was issued on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. It is worse than expected!

One suspected it would be biased but not this egregiously racist.  Let's remember, these reports are put together by professional race agitators for monetary gain.  They are the heirs to the Poverty Pimps of the 1960's and 1970's.  They work in concert with the Dem Identity Politics’ implementation of the Grand Replacement Theory (GRT).  While the GRT is wack, it poses an existential threat to the paranoid Right, who believe it could happen.  

As law enforcement has been telling Dem leaders for years, the Far Right is dangerous because it is extremely violent and paranoid.  Only a few weeks ago, we had an 18 year old kid, Peyton Gendron from Conklin, NY, who believed that the minorities will replace the Whites as soon as enough minorities reach voting age, murder eleven innocent people in Buffalo.  He believed GRT from the Dems’ repeated promises to replace the Whites. The threats by people like Nancy Pelosi (Brookings, The US will Become ‘Minority White’ in 2045, Census projects), (4-15-2018, People of Color to Outnumber Whites in 2045)  and Michelle Goldberg (Oct 29, 2018, We Can Replace Them - The New York Times) are endlessly amplified by the Alt Right echo chamber. https://bit.ly/3zh4Oth (Caldron Pool April 24, 2019, Joe Biden says: “Whites will be an absolute minority in America… That’s the source of our strength.”) 

The Nation Has a Dilemma 

On the Right we have traditional bigots who believe Blacks are inferior, while on the Left we have the new bigots who believe that Blacks are inferior.  The Left casts Blacks as eternal victims who can never achieve without the Dem patronage.  Neither party will admit reality.  America is complex and this simplistic Us v Them mentality is absurd and deadly. 

One Thing Is True - America Has a Predatory Culture 

Too much of our collective culture is predatory, and every single American of any race, creed, color, etc. is harmed by our predatory institutions.  In California, the two groups most victimized by the predatory courts are (1) poor young Black men and (2) wealthy elderly White women.  The only people who fare well are subservient to the Chief Justice, Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye, who seems to be a cross between Imelda Marcos and Leona Helmsley.  She pretends she did not know about attorney Thomas Girardi's paying off judges so he could steal millions of dollars from his clients. Ha! She sits at the top of the courts, of the Commission on Judicial Performance and of the State Bar, and yet she was deaf, dumb, and blind to the incessant complaints. Get real. She was killing off the complaints against Girardi to keep the entire corrupt racket going. 

You know who busted thieving attorney Tom Girardi and the cabal of corrupt judges? A federal judge in Chicago! A Californian who objects to judicial corruption is disbarred if an attorney or removed from the bench if a judge.  The rule in California’s judiciary is, “go along with the predatory abuse or you’re out of here.” 

Predator Abuse, Not Racism, Is America’s Real Problem 

Institutions which were non-abusive would not think of harming anyone because of skin color or ethnicity or any other reason or because they exposed judicial corruption like money laundering.  Blacks have not had it good, but the idea set forth in the Executive Summary (p 1 col I) of the reparation's report is racist. There is zero acknowledgment that anyone other than Blacks have suffered. Thus, Blacks alone are entitled to special privileges. 

"In 1883, the Supreme Court interpreted the 13th Amendment as empowering Congress “to pass all laws necessary and proper for abolishing all badges and incidents of slavery in the United States ” However, throughout the rest of American history, instead of abolishing the “badges and incidents of slavery,” the United States federal, state and local governments, including California, perpetuated and created new iterations of these “badges and incidents.” (Bold added) Executive Summary p 1, col I 

In other words, rather than treating Blacks fairly, all other Americans did was perpetuate and create new iterations of slavery. According to this June 1, 2022 Interim Report, nothing was done to treat Blacks decently. Even President Trump when he launched his campaign with his bigotry against Mexicans as rapists, criminals, and drug addicts, threw in "And some, I assume, are good people."  This interim report sure is hard core – all of America has been relentless in new iterations of “badges and incidents” in order to harm Blacks.  Wokers do not even assume that some Whites are good people. The falsehood that all the rest of American history has been anti-Black calls for a new word to describe such a gargantuan lie.  

Generic Blacks, Whites, Gays, Jews, Catholics, Armenians, Asians, etc are not the bigots. Most of us still follow MLK’s maxim to judge individuals, based on their own merit and not their skin color, ethnicity, religion, etc.  The two political parties push their own type of predatory racism for their own profit and power.  April 8, 2021, CityWatch, Hate Money Stalks America 

We Centrists cannot stick with the GOP with their traditional bigotry. Look how the GOP goes berserk over gender identification, which is a basic liberty.   December 6, 2021, CityWatch, Self-identification Is the Most Basic Liberty Look at Trump’s hideous exclusion of Trans from the military.   August 28, 2017, CityWatch, Defense of Transgender Rights:  Everybody’s Fight  Oh, how the GOP hates to be called on their bigotry.  When you don’t look Jewish or Gay, you hear a lot of stuff which recognizable minorities don’t hear.  The bulk of GOP, however, are certainly not Alt Right bigots.  Rather they are mostly what I call Country Club snobs. I can hear Gloria Upson intone, “Jews, Gays, Blacks, well dear, they just aren’t our crowd.” Nonetheless, the Far Right calls the shots in the GOP. 

The Correct Course is Obvious 

We need to respect each individual’s inalienable rights as the basis to promote the general welfare.  For whatever reason a person needs help, we need to provide it. It does not matter if a child suffers because his father died of Black Lung disease from working in coal mines for substandard pay or he attended a substandard school. Some Blacks have been wildly successful; many Whites suffer terribly through no fault of their own.  Group Rights no matter the justification will result in violent internecine warfare.  Peyton Gendron is a pale harbinger of the nightmare to follow. 

The Time Is Here for the Moderate GOP and the Moderate Dems to Become Independents 

Once we are free from the clutches of both parties' racist extremes, we former GOPs, former Dems, and current Independents can fashion a centrist government.  We Centrists are actually 85% of the voters.  Both parties are controlled by their own group rights extremists.  Do we really want to be subject to this racist division for the rest of our lives? We do not have to put up with this eternal polarization. 

Here’s What the Centrist Government Can Do 

(1) Institute gun control laws at the state level (The 2nd Amendment forbid the federal government from any gun control including the power of the Supreme Court to review a state’s gun control laws. Read it more carefully.) 

(2) Reinstate Roe v. Wade as written, which is a federal constitutional Liberty right 

(3) Pass reasonable Voting Rights which neither favors nor disfavors any group 

(4) Rewrite Brown v. Bd of Education and end segregation as a denial of individual Liberty (The Brown case was so racist that like Plessy v. Ferguson, it never considered that segregation deprived Whites of the right to associate with Blacks.) 

The Center Has to Shun Group Rights and America’s Predatory Ways 

The Declaration and the Constitution provide the foundation of a cooperative society where individual’s inalienable rights dovetail with promoting the general welfare so that each of us can Pursue Happiness.  “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” should be the Center’s guidepost. 

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected])