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Isaac Bryan for the 54th? Progressives be Warned


GUESTWORDS--During this special election block, I have had the opportunity to attend many democratic club and community meetings for endorsement of candidates for the 54th Assembly, and I am perplexed and disappointed in the process to say the least.

We have candidates that are highly qualified and are being overlooked by candidates that are fairly new to politics with minimal experience. Most say that they are “Progressive Democrats”, but their actions state otherwise.

The goal of a Progressive Democrat is to dissolve the alliance between corrupt businesses and corrupt politicians. Furthermore, a Progressive Democrat aims to represent the interest of ordinary people (Like us) through meaningful political change and support of the government.


Isaac Bryan:

I have requested an interview with this candidate several times and have received no response. Therefore, I have to go by my research, as well as my observation of this candidate and his performances at community and club meetings. Isaac Bryan states that he is a progressive democrat. According to his website, he has led grassroots coalitions. Yet, this “Progressive” Democrats first fundraising event was hosted by Alex Johnson, a major proponent of charter schools.  Mr. Johnson was appointed to the Los Angeles County School Board by none other than the common denominator, Mark Ridley-Thomas.  In fact, not only are many of Isaac’s endorsers and donors’ proponents of the privatization of education, many of them are proponents of the privatization of public enterprises. I verified this through “Campaign & Lobbying”.  Mr. Bryan must not be aware that privatization fosters corruption, It leads to job loss and reduces local control and public rights.

Here is a word of advice. if you want to be the progressive that you claim to be, learn more about the progressive movement. You cannot call yourself progressive and align yourself with proponents of privatization. It’s an embarrassment and makes you appear to be a climber. 

Next, Isaac Bryan states that he is the founder of the Black Policy Project at UCLA. The Black Policy Project is a multifaceted policy-oriented research initiative housed within the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies. Hopefully, Isaac is applying the results of his research to improve conditions.   Dear Mr. Bryan, The plight of the black and brown communities are also multi-faceted. We are a disenfranchised population with systemic issues that require systemic resolve. The issues of our communities go far deeper than policing. 


Based on my observation of Isaac Bryan accepting the endorsement from the Stone Wall Democratic Club, he, like certain members of this club presents with questionable integrity, and little regard for black women, but you be the judge. 

Stonewall Democratic Club: The VP of political affairs presented with bad behavior. Instead of paying attention to the questioning of a candidate, she decided to post in the chat disrespectful comments about the candidate that was being interviewed, only to find out that the candidate was part of the chat and saw everything she posted. Needless to say, this did not end well. This candidate was not given a fair opportunity, but the club endorsed someone anyway. They endorsed Isaac Bryan, and he accepted instead of questioning why this happened to a fellow candidate. This showed me instantly that he presents with lack of honor, courtesy and justice which he claims to be a great advocate of, and because of this, it brings into question his moral and social code and his readiness to help communities and fight for the little guy. In this particular case, Isaac Bryan presented as an opportunist and a performative activist. Much like some of those who endorsed him.

On a side note, Jane Wishon, VP of Political Affairs, for the Stone Wall Dems, should never be able to hold an officer’s position again. To bring insult to injury, Mrs. Wishon also failed to give the credentials of the highly qualified candidate that she insulted. Looks like discrimination. Oh well, so much for equality. 

Black Woman’s Democratic Club: This club is totally off mission. It was founded by Supervisor Holly Mitchell and State Senator Sydney Kamlager. The mission of this club is to mentor and elect black women. (Note: there are three black women running in this race with exceptional qualifications). As an attendee of this clubs meeting, I had the misfortune of hearing Sydney Kamlager-Dove state that “assembly needed a progressive in the seat, and that they didn’t need someone who would be difficult when it came down to voting”. These statements translated to me as, they did not want a true progressive democrat, they just needed someone who they could control. I honestly don’t believe that Kamlager is a progressive Democrat. It was disappointing to see that her disciples broke their own mission by supporting and uplifting a male, Isaac Bryan, who has already proven that he is self-serving. Case in point, accepting without question the Stonewall Democratic Club endorsement, knowing that someone did not receive a fair process. 

In my opinion, Isaac Bryan needs more time to broaden his political experience. He should also strengthen his identity. He has to present as more than just tragic circumstances, because the reality is that many in my community have had it just as bad if not worse, including myself. Don’t play on peoples’ emotions, present with informed awareness. Furthermore, he should beware of whom he aligns himself with. Based on contributions and endorsements, it would appear that he has an alliance with Mark Ridley-Thomas, Alex Johnson, Bill Bloomfield and a host of other privatizers. Furthermore, if he is presenting himself as a progressive, he will need to disassociate himself from proponents of privatization of enterprises and questionable politicians.


(Diedra M Greenaway, MS/MBA, Retired Department of Defense , Retired State of California Employee, Retired APC Union CSUN, Retired elected Official of the City of Los Angeles,TRUE PROGRESSIVE)


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