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Both Political Conventions are Non-Stop Lies


ONE MAN’S OPINION-In case you have not noticed it, both political parties are grooming you just like pedophiles groom their young victims. 

Both political conventions are non-stop lies, but Trump’s convention is far more interesting.  He is using the White House as a prop.  Likewise, he uses official government ceremonies including pardons and naturalization to promote his re-election.  The First Lady speaks from near the White House Rose Garden.  I guess she was only “near” the Rose Garden so that no one would see she has killed all the rose bushes.  Shall be now call it the Denuded Rose Garden.”  

No Other President Has Shown as Much Disdain and Disrespect of the Nation as Trump 

He constantly uses his own businesses in connection with his official duties and he has the US government pay him.  He uses the government to promote his sons’ and Ivanka’s businesses.  Trump is as crudely low class as anyone could be.  He mocks the disabled and tweets lies daily.  His gross incompetence has needlessly killed tens of thousands of Americans and has destroyed the economy. Yet, his base has been groomed to see Trump’s disrespect for elementary decency as somehow exhibiting his strength.  

Quite ironically, Trump does have the Dem’s number.  Obama inhabits the other end of the decency spectrum, but under his reign, 90% of productivity increases went to the top 1% and the blue-collar Rust Belt workers got a new name – Deplorables.  “Deplorables” is the Dems’ N-word for Whites.   

Meanwhile, law enforcement in blue areas and in red areas continue to murder Blacks and Mexicans by shooting them in the back, that is, when they are not choking them to death.  If the cops had any worries about being prosecuted for murdering minorities, they would stop murdering minorities.  It’s not complicated. 

Both political parties are driving huge wedges between parts of society and they are doing it intentionally and with evil motives.  When it comes to race baiting, the GOP and Dems are Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dee.  Trump has changed from concentrating on Mexicans and now he rails against Blacks for burning down our cities.  Every few days another white cop feels compelled to murder another Black.  They used to limit the murders to Blacks males, but with Breonna Taylor and a year earlier 2019, Atatiana Jefferson, gender no longer matters.  Dead is dead.  Both were inside their homes when shot by police.  Maybe a White man’s home is his castle, but for a Black woman, it can be her coffin. 

We Are Being Groomed for Violence  

The violent civil war will not begin until after the Nov 2020 election.  Lincoln was elected President on November 6, 1860, but the South did not fire on Fort Sumter until April 12, 1861.  If Trump loses, the violence will most likely begin much sooner.  He will claim the election was stolen and declare the need to combat the lawless elements in the cities.  Vigilantism is likely to be Trump’s favorite form of aggression.  It is one thing for him to order the military to fire upon American citizens (they may refuse), but quite a different matter for Trump to order the various federal forces to stand down while his thugs roam the streets, lynching to their hearts’ content. 

What Will the Pusillanimous Dems Do? 

Nothing!  What can they do? Impeach Trump?  Joe Biden will be only President-elect with no authority to direct anyone to do anything. 

Whom Do the Dems Attack? 

As we see in California, the Dems attack troublemaker Jews who refuse Jesus Christ and elderly white people.  Yep, the vicious vipers in LA probate court’s coven of evil have struck again.  Not only did the illustrious Jeffrey Siegel have the Widow’s M’s signature forged to steal her late husband’s pension, he stole 100% of her Social Security.  As if that were not enough, he cleared out her bank account so that when she went to pay for her food with her debit card, it was rejected.  Suppose tomorrow you go to Ralphs’s and discover that Judge Lippitt and Jeffrey Siegel had wiped out your entire bank account. Why? Because they wanted the money – just like any other thief. 

Has Jeffrey Siegel ever paid one cent of Patricia’s bills? No!  As far as we can tell, he has kept every penny except for the funds he has shared with his various co-villains. 

California Has Had Dem Governors for 12 Years 

That is more than enough time to stop the murder of Blacks and to stop the financial rape of seniors.  After a while, people become desensitized to the murders and to judicial elder abuse.  They realize it is not going to stop.  There is no more law; it is all a matter of power.  As state bar judge Yvette Roland replied when asked to follow the law, “I am here now.”  That’s it. All that matter is who has the power. If you’re a troublemaker Jew attorney, watch out for the anti-Semites. If you’re an elderly person, watch as the corrupt judges wipe out your life savings.  If you’re a minority, you have the option to be shot in the face or in the back. 

There may be a golden lining in the coming civil war, (although the word golden is used sarcastically).  With all the bloodshed, it will be easier for the revenge takers to seek out their judicial predators.  Maybe they won’t get back their money or their loved ones, but they can stop the covens of wickedness from enjoying the fruits of their villainy.  The real question is: when will Americans stop being victims and turn the tables on their tormentors in the GOP and in the Dem?


(Richard Lee Abrams is a Los Angeles attorney and a CityWatch contributor. He can be reached at: [email protected]. Abrams views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch.)