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Can a Histrionic Narcissist be a Racist?


ONE MAN’S OPINION-The labels we place on things and people influence how we react to them.

Most people don’t know what a Histrionic is, but probably think it’s related to a hysterical or overly dramatic type of person. And they’d be more or less accurate. A Narcissist is a more pejorative term even if we cannot identify all the criteria. A racist is certainly bad, although its meaning seems to be expanding faster than the universe. 

Histrionic and Narcissist refer to personality disorders classified respectively under the DSM-V as 301.50 and 301.81, making it easy to look up their diagnostic features. Applying those symptoms, however, is not so simple. Nonetheless, a little research can help the layperson grasp the behavior patterns of Histrionics and Narcissists. A common element is that the disorder controls them; they do not control it. 

Racism, however, is taking on a fluid, expanding meaning. The traditional meaning was a belief that racial differences produce an inherently superior race. In America, that definition is becoming obsolete. While many people struggle to hold on to some type of White-Black divide, our country has far too many people from far too many other backgrounds with much cross-pollination for the term “racist” to be used only for Caucasian vs Negroid. What does one do with people like Obama or Beyonce and millions of other Americans of other races and mixed racial backgrounds? 

Group Rights Requires an Expansion of Racism 

People invent and modify words in order to convey common ideas. The rise of Group Rights in both the Right and Left Wings requires a new word. What nasty word can one call a diverse group, whether they are Whites or Blacks or Mexicans or Hispanics or Gays, who have the absurd new name LBGTQRDSFYBFS? The word “racist” is just sitting there carrying its stain of moral inferiority, so calling someone who doesn’t like Hispanics “racist” seems appropriate even though millions of Hispanics are Caucasian. People who dislike Gays can now be called homophobic or racist. We could try inventing a new word like “Groupist,” but let’s face it, that term lacks the emotional wallop of “racist.” 

Thus, in current-day America, where Group Rights have become king, the word “racist” allows bigotry to flourish as the basis of our politics. Anyone who does not favor our group may be called a racist.  There is no need to pay any attention to the content of anyone’s character; all we need do is look at skin color, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. Mass movements require the dumbing down of the proletariat so that they can be manipulated more easily. Thus, Blacks herald Obama’s blackness, forgetting that he is half White, but White supremacists hate Obama, ignoring that he is not only half White, but his culture is 100% White and his White family has been here since the 1700s. 

Trump’s grand daddy tried to return to Germany, but they deported him because he had been a draft dodger. Yet, we have millions of White Americans cheering Trumpty-Dumpty, who himself is a draft dodger and whose family was forced to return to America, while many of these same White folks hate Obama whose ancestors helped construct the nation without being draft dodgers. When we think in terms of race, individual inalienable rights cease to exist. Martin Luther King is thrown into the dust bin of history along with Thomas Jefferson. 

Trump’s Type of Racism is Actually Calvinism 

Under the traditional definition, Trump is not a racist. He’s a Presbyterian (Calvinist), and his attitude is rather typical of the snobbery which flows from the Doctrine of Predestination. In its crass form, “Because I have money, God saved me and you poor people are damned.” Since Trump sees Blacks and Mexicans as poor, God has damned them. More importantly, in understanding Trump and in the recent “Send her Back” chanting, Trump wasn’t being a racist. I expect most people realized that the real message was “Go back to Africa,” but as a Histrionic, Trump probably heard something quite different. Trump heard “Lock her up,” since he is still swooning from his victory over Hillary. For a Histrionic Narcissist, everything is about him. 

The irony is that when it comes to traditional racism, the Squad is more racist than Trump. They are hard-core Group Rights advocates, while Trump, being a Histrionic, goes where the crowd cheers the loudest. If America had not abandoned the Declaration of Independence with Thomas Jefferson’s individual inalienable rights, Trump would be responding to crowds wildly cheering Trump’s repeating MLK, “judge a man by his character.” But those crowds will not be found in America.  

The immutable neurology of a Histrionic is that he needs constant adulation and is extremely superficial in his understanding of everything. When one thinks about it, it is understandable why a Histrionic person’s reflexive response to the crowd goes hand in hand with his intellectual shallowness. That’s why Rex Tillerson called Trump a “fucking moron.” Trump’s behavior is controlled by his personality disorders, not by racism such as that exhibited by David Duke or Pelosi’s Identity Politics. 

People who see life through the lens of Group Rights believe that racism explains everything. Much like Histrionics, Group Rights advocates do not comprehend the complexities of individual behavior.  For them, individual inalienable rights do not exist. The danger to the Republic is that both Right-Wing and Left-Wing Group Rights are inherently racist in that their operating principle is “My group, right or wrong.” The idea that “a house divided cannot long stand” does not matter to Group Rights advocates on the Right or the Left. Rather, they believe the country must be made pure for their side – end of story.


(Richard Lee Abrams is a Los Angeles attorney and a CityWatch contributor. He can be reached at: [email protected]. Abrams views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch.) Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.


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