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Stakes High in SoCal House Races


BCK FILE-The June 5 primary is a doozy in California, with top-two primaries for the gubernatorial and Senate race, as well as primaries for a slew of state offices, from Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State to Controller, State Treasurer, Attorney General, and Insurance Commissioner up for grabs and numerous propositions. 

But on the national front, the action is closer to home where Democrats hope to flip three GOP-held House seats, necessary to gain control of the House by gaining 23 net seats when the Republicans may be able to narrow their votes to just two candidates. 

With Ed Royce (R-39th District) and Darrell Issa (R-49th District) retiring, a number of Democrats jumped into the race, which could lead to a split vote among Democratic voters. In the 48th District, Dana Rohrabacher is facing competition from Scott Baugh, which could throw Democratic candidates out of the November race. 

In these three districts, Democratic candidates have raised $23.73 million with $16.23 million self-funded. In addition, funds from outside the state have been pouring in. Democratic groups across the US have raised over $10 million, almost five times what Republican groups across the country have brought in. 

Another issue is primary voter turnout, which tends to be lower than in general elections. In past primary elections, California GOP voters have edged over Democrats. 

All eyes will be on these three races on Tuesday.


(Beth Cone Kramer is a professional writer living in the Los Angeles area. She covers Resistance Watch and other major issues for CityWatch.