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BernieBots Whine to Get their Way While Trying to Destroy Democratic Meetings


TRUTH WATCH-Riddle me this: In what part of life does anyone get the right to demand that they get their way and throw everyone else out that has variations of opinion? 

Just like mosquitoes that are constantly buzzing and trying to make a feast from your blood, the BernieBots seem to exist to stomp their feet to make demands for their 1–2 issue agenda with the expectation that everyone will comply with their idiocies. 

In life, love, biz and even politics, we expect that a group will have varying priorities. In the case of Democrats, a majority agree on the basic principles. However, the BernieBots, Bros and Crats don’t care about anything but their own extreme left belief systems. Life is made up of compromise and yet those that are members of the extreme Tea Party Left seem to have a spoiled brat attitude of “my way or the highway.” This isn’t surprising, as this is the same philosophy that Bernie Sanders has historically had and that’s why his peers refer to him as “the angry old man.” 

One of the curious concepts is that when standard Democrats simply ignore the demands and continue to try to create a platform that embraces a broad perspective agenda, the BernieBrats look to this as though Democrats are “attacking” them. 

This is probably one of the most bizarre of situations as the Dems are moving things forward while the extreme left is the one attacking the Dems. Instead of focusing on getting Democrats into key positions in elections, the bots and crats are devoting their time to demeaning Dems and even promoting the election of Republicans. Why? Because the Democrats that are running for political office don’t pass their “purity test” and just like spoiler Bernie, they would rather see a Republican in office than support a candidate that would help their own cause. I cover this topic in my article“Sanders Supporters Focused on Anti-Democrat Instead of Ousting Republicans.” 

This misguided and totally wacked out view of “life” has recently been exemplified when three of the so-called “progressive” organizations banded together to whine and declare “stop attacking progressives.” 

Huffington Post included a rather detailed article:  

“Three leading progressive organizations launched a petition campaign Friday demanding that the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ‘stop attacking progressives.’

The petition, which is directed at DCCC Chairman Rep. Ben Ray Luján (N.M.), is a joint initiative of Justice Democrats, a progressive group that backs left-leaning primary candidates; Credo, a liberal, issue-based, online organizing outfit; and Our Revolution, the legacy group for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential run. 

‘We call on Chairman of the DCCC Ben Ray Luján to stop attacking progressives,” a version of the petition circulated by Justice Democrats states. ‘Democrats should fight for progressive values and offer a clear contrast to [President Donald] Trump and the Republican Party.’” 

The article continues with: 

“Progressive activists believe the DCCC’s intervention in contentious primaries ― which has largely consisted of promoting moderate candidates and cautious campaign rhetoric ― reflects misguided political strategy and contempt for the Democratic base.” 

Since When Did Appealing to a Broad Base Instead of One Group become an “Attack”? 

The BernieBots have already demonstrated that they are part of a group that they hold the most disdain for: elitists. This has been proven over and over again as many of them refused to vote for Hillary Clinton, sat the election out or even voted for Trump. Their idea is to completely burn down the Democratic Party and then try to rebuild it the way “they” want it to be. 

Their idea of an “attack” is simply their view that they aren’t getting their way and therefore everyone is against them. Blaming others is the “Bernie way” and was shown most recently when Sanders himself decided to blame Hillary Clinton for not doing more against Russian meddling of the 2016 Presidential election…even though she was a private citizen and HE was a Senator. 

In their article“Bernie Sanders Mirrors Trump, Blames Hillary Clinton for not Combatting Russian Meddling, Denies it Helped His Campaign,” Newsweek includes: 

“Senator Bernie Sanders pinned blame Wednesday on Russia’s interference in the 2016 election squarely on Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign, largely reflecting President Donald Trump’s repeated claims. The Vermont independent, who ran in the Democratic primary in 2016, also scuttled any notion that his campaign was aided by Russia. 

During an interview with Vermont Public Radio, Sanders rebuffed Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians and three Russian entities that detailed how Russia used social media to favor the Sanders and Trump campaigns — as well as others — over Clinton’s.” 

While Sanders denies any knowledge of the Russian purveyors of “fake news” against Hillary Clinton, it was well-known by members of his internal social media staff. 

Once again, Sanders and his bots, bros and crats refuse to be accountable for their bad behavior and just like the TrumpTrolls, when they have “nothing”, they invoke Obama or Hillary. 

Sanders, who has long been a supporter of Russia throughout his life was only one of two Senators to vote against the Russian sanctions. No matter what he may “say”, his actions speak louder than words. 

Both Trump and Sanders blame Hillary Clinton and President Obama for the Russian influence, ignoring the fact the Mitch McConnell literally blackmailed Obama into not revealing the interference and that Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t receive any communication from the Sanders group (as they claim). 

As we move along into today’s social media realm, we see the BernieBots spewing the same old (and now quite boring) trendy terms. They continue to call anyone that isn’t part of their cult group: “neo-liberals or corporate shills” while ignoring the fact that Sanders has also played a major role in receiving contributions from large companies and organizations and has deliberately voted against many of the progressive bills that Democrats have introduced. 

In their little world “Bernie is God” and can do no wrong and when everyone doesn’t line up to follow their pied piper, they view it as an attack. 

Disrupting a Democratic Meeting Because They Didn’t Get Their Way 

The main reason that the so-called “progressives” became so incensed was due to a response from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee when they refused to back Laura Moser as one of the candidates in the Texas Seventh District. The dichotomy about this situation is that the DNCC knew that Moser did not stand for or promote the type of agenda that has long been considered to be “Democratic.” The “progressives” erupted in a Democratic House primary in the Houston area. 

In a CNN article they include: 

“Central to the DCCC’s case against Moser is a 2014 Washingtonian article in which she wrote that she’d ‘sooner have my teeth pulled out without anesthesia’ than live in Paris, Texas. The committee feared the article was ready-made for scathing attack ads casting Moser as a DC-loving, Texas-loathing carpetbagger — the kind that her campaign might never be able to overcome. Attorney Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, nonprofit executive Alex Triantaphyllis and oncologist Jason Westin are others seen as leading candidates. 

‘Democratic voters need to hear that Laura Moser is not going to change Washington. She is a Washington insider, who begrudgingly moved to Houston to run for Congress,’ the DCCC said on its website as it posted a bundle of research critical of Moser.” 

The key area to note here is that simply because Moser declared herself as a “progressive”, the BernieBots and crats are standing up to support her, no matter how bad her history is or what she has said in the past. 

The article continues to include: 

“Kandice Webber, an organizer of Saturday’s March for Black Women in Houston  -- of which Moser was a sponsor  --  also took issue with Moser’s 2014 article, in which she argued that Washington residents should get over their city’s high housing prices. She told BuzzFeed’s Alexis Levinson that in the article, Moser was ‘completely tone deaf and it just, it reeked of white privilege.’ 

She said Moser ‘has no business’ representing Texas’s 7th District. 

‘If I had read that article this time last week, she would not be sponsoring,’ Webber said. ‘I am a little uncomfortable with it because I think that at this point, she needs to answer for what she does.’”

It also included: 

“DNC Chairman Tom Perez, who has said the national party will remain neutral in primaries, also took a shot at the DCCC. 

‘I wouldn’t have done it,’ Perez said on C-SPAN’s ‘Newsmakers’ on Friday. 

‘I would have done it differently,’ he added. ‘I think the DCCC has the ability to endorse in primaries, and they do that from time to time. But again, I would have done it differently.’” 

So, there you have it : the so-called “progressives” are ranting and screaming because a candidate has claimed to be a progressive but has historically supported an agenda that is closer to the GOP. It appears that the elitist BernieBots care only about a claimed “title.” For all other Democratic candidates, they demand that they comply with their purity test. 

Proof that the BernieBots are just misguided elitist hypocrites.


(S. Novi is a journalist that worked in the media when it DID have integrity. A liberal and one that is suspicious of cults and empty promises.) Prepped for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.