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Another LA/American Icon Bites the Dust:  Playboy Magazine


EXCLUSIVE TO CITYWATCH--Condemned by some as pornography and lauded by others as the empowering of women, Playboy was the quintessential men's magazine. It was the first to combine intelligence and wit with pictures of pretty girls … and Wow … what a combination.  (Photo above: Playboy new and old. Marilyn Monroe was first Playboy cover.) 

Hugh Hefner created a formula to allow us “Boomer Men” (and several generations beyond) to hold our heads high while appreciating female beauty and, at the same time, providing a platform for social discourse. Yes, Playboy was fantasy to the endmost degree, but it was also a force for social and political change. 

From hard hitting contemporary interviews to political and social satire, Playboy consistently supported civil rights and personal freedom. Its editorial page pulled no punches. 

It also supported the arts showcasing writers and artists from many different and diverse disciplines such as Photography, Painting, Drawing, Music, Dance, and Theatre, to name a few. 

And there were articles about sports and liqueur, and fashion, and social graces in the mix. 

Of course, Sex was the driving force that allowed Playboy its platform. It catered to young adult male fantasies while at the same time infusing Hefner's own social values. And yes, much of it was sophomoric and silly, but that does not demean the real and positive things Hugh Hefner was doing … like shining light on injustice and supporting civil rights … like promoting freedom of speech and fighting censorship … and always supporting women's causes … something playboy's critics never acknowledge. 

"What am I talking about?" I hear you cry. "Like Hefner, Playboy is still alive".  Alas, I beg to differ.  The magazine is alive in name only. 

Just recently I received an offer I couldn't refuse. A Playboy subscription at a ridiculously low price. They were practically giving the magazine away. As a previous subscriber to the magazine (albeit not for many years), I accepted the offer and received my first issue this month. I was expecting a nostalgic stroll down memory lane, but was appalled to discover an homogenized magazine that had little resemblance to the Playboy of old. To their credit, they did have an interview and a few articles … and there was a pretty girl on the cover, but that is all that remains of the iconic magazine. 

If Hugh Hefner was dead, I would say he was rolling over in his grave, but he is alive and I suspect has nothing to do with the magazine … his name positioned as Editor in Chief not withstanding. 


I don't know if Hugh is actively involved with Playboy or not. And, of course, my critique of Playboy Magazine is only my opinion. 

In conclusion: 

I raise my glass to Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Magazine of Old… and say Thank You.  Thank you for my first glimpse at the beauty that is woman.  Thank you for the many cartoons and jokes that made me laugh.  Thank you for the many articles that informed me and made me think.   Thank you for the stories that entertained me.   Thank you for always holding up sex as a positive force in the human experience.  And thank you for always supporting women's rights. 

To Hugh Hefner and Playboy Magazine of old; Farewell and I salute you!!


(Charles Tarlow is a CityWatch contributor and lives in Los Angeles.)


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