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Jose Huizar: Resign or Flip 

LA WATCHDOG--On Saturday, the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (“LANCC”) passed the following motion demanding that embattled Councilman Jose Huizar resign from the City Council. 

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Who’s Minding the Store?

LA WATCHDOG--While Eric Garcetti has been prancing around the country promoting his presidential pedigree, the City of Los Angeles is experiencing “over expenditures” of almost $100 million for the first two months of its fiscal year, blowing a hole in the City’s supposedly balanced budget. 

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Repeal the Gas Tax, Flush the Rain Tax, and Veto the Bank of Los Angeles

LA WATCHDOG--When you oppose a new tax such as the State’s Gas Tax or the County’s Rain Tax, the all-knowing political establishment, the leaders of the campaign funding public sector unions, and many other bottom feeders go ballistic, claiming that you are clueless, ill informed, and mean spirited, and do not understand the big picture and the nuances of the budget and government finance. 

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LA Watchdog Voter’s Guide: Separating Fact from Fiction

LA WATCHDOG--We are being bombarded by so many political ads that we are having a difficult time sifting through all the clutter, trying to separate fact from fiction, so that we can make a rational decision on how to vote on eleven State propositions, one County measure, and three City charter amendments. 

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California Taxes: The Sky Is the Limit

LA WATCHDOG--Despite record revenues, the State of California is asking us to approve $14 billion in bonds (Propositions 1, 3, and 4) while the County of Los Angeles wants the voters to bless the $300 million Rain Tax (Measure W).

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Taxes! Enough Already!

LA WATCHDOG--The City, the County, and the State are hauling in record revenues totaling almost $250 billion, including over $40 billion from the four million residents of the City of Los Angeles. But it is never enough as the State has placed on the ballot measures to authorize $14 billion in bonds while the County is asking us to approve the $300 million Rain Tax to fund stormwater projects (measure W). 

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Garcetti’s Financial Follies

LA WATCHDOG--Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Budget and Policy Goals memo for Fiscal Year 2019-20 that was sent to the General Managers of the City Departments is using the homeless crisis to divert attention away from his fiscal mismanagement of the City’s finances despite record revenues from a robust economy. (See letter below.) 

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