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Last Minute Los Angeles Voters Guide


AN ANGRY ANGELENO - Please ignore the LA Times Editorial Board.  Unless you want to pour lighter fuel on the raging fire that is Los Angeles. 

Let's try to save our beloved City in this Election instead of destroying it, like the LA Times did with their picks in the last election.  If you've forgotten, last time, the Times picked Mike Bonin Clone Erin Darling for the Venice area (thankfully he lost to Traci Park).  I'm sure Nika Soon-Shiong, the Owner's young Progressive daughter, who has inexplicably been allowed to meddle with the paper, was quite upset.  But otherwise, her, er, the Times' Editorial Board's picks did REALLY well...and we have suffered the consequences of that! 

Lindsey Horvath, Nika's buddy from the City of West Hollywood (WeHo), who put Nika on the WeHo Public Safety Commission, was also endorsed by the Times...for LA County Supervisor.  A job for which she was too young, underqualified, and too foolish and pandering.  The Times endorsement did not mention that the endorsed candidate was buddies with the Owner's Daughter.  Because the Times lacks journalistic integrity and ethics.  The endorsement also did not mention that both Nika and Horvath supported reducing funding for law enforcement.  Because mentioning that would lose Horvath votes.  And the Times has demonstrated time and again that they will play dirty to win. 

Who else did the Times endorse last time?  THREE of the “Gang of Four” Progressives:  Hugo (who's fine with homeless encampments next to schools), Eunisses (defund the police), Katy Yaroslavsky (whose latest idiotic remarks show that she believes that we need to make LA Traffic worse with Road Diets, aka Measure HLA).  What about Nithya? (who voted against more money for cops even though LAPD response times in my area are typically TWO HOURS) (Nithya ALSO recently made it clear at a candidate debate that she's A-OK with homeless encampments next to schools) (Nithya ALSO supports Measure HLA, the Bike Lobby's effort to destroy LA with Road Diets for Bike Lanes, at a cost of Billions, making Traffic Unbearable and destroying Small Biz by taking away both Traffic and Parking Lanes)  The Times picked up the spare in this Election, endorsing Nithya after we all know how horrible she really is. 

So, in the last election, the LA Times Editorial Board set Los Angeles on fire.  What's their encore? 

I usually return my VBM (vote by mail) ballot the next business day.  This time, I'm shockingly still holding onto it.  I just haven't gotten around to researching State Measure 1.  But let's look at the rest, and if you're unsure about State Measure 1, may I suggest reading all the content by my CityWatch colleagues to learn all about it. 

For President, I'm voting for Dean Phillips.  If you're a Republican (I'm a Democrat), may I suggest Nikki Haley. 

For US Senator, I'm voting for Adam Schiff or Steve Garvey, because it's gonna come down to those two.  It's what's known as a jungle primary, you can vote for a Demcrat, Schiff, or a Republican, Garvey, and the top two advance to the Runoff later this year, regardless of party.  Schiff and Garvey will be in the Runoff and Schiff will win, because this is the Bluest State in the Country and a Republican can't win unless they're Ronald Reagan (who is dead) or Arnold The Celebrity.  LA Times has been unfairly throwing lots of mud on Garvey (as I said, they play dirty over in El Segundo), so I kind of hope he makes it into the Runoff just to stick it to the Times.  Gotta wonder if the Times is secretly hoping that one of the two leading (female) Progressives will make it into the Finals with Schiff and defeat him.  Or is Nika secretly wondering that?  Will the Times switch its endorsement if that happens?  We shall see. 

By the way...very important:  You have to fill in bubbles TWICE for this position, for the FULL (Long) Term AND for the UNEXPIRED (Short) Term.  I imagine this has to do with Dianne Feinstein dying in office.  Looks like most of the Candidates didn't bother spending time and money running for the short-term position, so the long term list is long and the short term list is very short.  If somebody's a serious candidate, they should be on both lists.  So, remember to vote for Adam Schiff twice or Steve Garvey twice...or twice for somebody else, if you don't want either of those two.  And they're always telling us that we can only vote once...HA! 

Schiff is leaving the House of Representatives, and we have a slew of candidates running for his empty seat, the 30th District.  The Times has also endorsed for the 45th and 47th Congressional Districts.  I can't help you with those, but may I recommend you consider NOT voting for the Times picks!  So, let's look at the race to fill Schiff's seat.  We have Laura “Speed Camera” Friedman, who the LA Times favors, because, of course, they do.  She fits very nicely into the whole ANTI-Car, Make Traffic Worse, movement...disguised as Public Safety.  And I don't drive a car, by the way.  I walk mostly, with a little Uber.  I took A LOT of Public Transit for Over a Decade, Pre-Covid and LA Homeless Druggie Apocalypse, mostly on LA Metro buses.  So, speed cameras are coming to Los Angeles, thanks to Laura Friedman.  That's just gonna lead to lots of the working poor who drive getting fines which they can't afford, it's gonna needlessly slow down traffic, just like Measure HLA, which the Times also supports and which is also ANTI-Car, and is gonna also lead to More Traffic, Slow Traffic, and, ultimately, to Congestion Pricing, which is gonna rip money out of our pockets and make it unaffordable for many folks to drive, just like Laura Friedman's Speed Camera Legislation.  So, you see, the LA Times is being consistent (consistently bad) in endorsing both Measure HLA and Laura Friedman.  I might also add that Laura Friedman is the typical Special Interest Politician.  And where is all that money coming from for all of Laura's flyers?  Highly suspicious.  I believe I have more flyers from Laura (or her Independent Expenditure Supporters) that came by mail than all the mail from all her opponents combined!  Perhaps that'll be the subject of a future investigation.  Can't wait! 

I don't like Mike Feuer, but I would take him in a heartbeat over Laura Friedman.  I'll be voting for Anthony Portantino, a California State Senator.  Also running are Nick Melvoin from the LAUSD Board, who shouldn't have a chance, but, for some reason, the LA Daily News (LADN) endorsed him!  Why did the LADN WASTE that endorsement?  They should have picked somebody who can actually defeat Friedman, which would be Feuer or Portantino. 

Next race:  LA County DA.  So, CRIME is such a big issue for Angelenos, and most folks HATE our current County DA, the Criminal Friendly and Super Dangerous George Gascon.  So, who does the LA Times pick?  Why, George Gascon, of course.  Not a surprise. 

What is a surprise is that somebody is asleep at the wheel over at the LA Daily News...or just engaging in pure sabotage.  They did NOT endorse in that race!  Can't you guys at least say “Anybody But Gascon”?  How hard is that?  This is the biggest example of the Southern California News Group (SCNG), owner of the LADN, completely dropping the ball.  SCNG is owned by Digital First Media (DFM) or MediaNews Group (MNG), which are owned by Alden Global Capital.  I think they just own too many newspapers and lost track of what's going on at their papers, even for one as big as the LADN.  They just bought the OTHER paper that Patrick Soon-Shiong owned, the San Diego Union Tribune.  LADN USED to be more conservative, the “Valley Paper”, but now that they're the only alternative to the LA Times and the Times is in full disarray, they have an opportunity to be so much more, and they're just squandering it.  LADN used the Umbrella Group's (SCNG's) endorsements for LA County:  very few endorsements, hard to find, rolled out late...just a really sad effort.  It's SO bad, makes me wonder if they're intentionally sabotaging their picks to get advertising dollars from their non-picks.  And, by the way, when you make so few picks and you make them so late, you're just sending your readers to the LA Times Endorsements List, which is complete and was released early. 

But SCNG did something even worse.  Into the void of a non-endorsement, they published a PRO-Gascon Editorial on the LADN pages, as well as the pages of sister newspapers, whose readers and advertisers also hate Gascon.  Now that's just sacrilege.  It's like, are you guys TRYING to lose subscribers and advertisers (businesses who are fed up with all the LA Crime allowed by Gascon)?  Written by Larry Wilson, it's entitled: “Why I'm Voting For George Gascon for LA District Attorney”.   Who IS this guy?  He works for the SAN GABRIEL VALLEY Tribune, the Pasadena Star-News and the WHITTIER Daily News.  “He lives in Pasadena and is based in the WEST COVINA and Pasadena offices.”  [emphasis added] 

But, you see the problem.  In the absence of an endorsement, Gascon's camp can use Larry's editorial to mislead folks into thinking the LA Daily News (and sister papers) endorsed Gascon.  So wrong for this to be published in the LADN.  So out of touch.  Actually, Larry sits on the SCNG Editorial Board!  Maybe that's why they couldn't come up with an “Anybody But Gascon” endorsement.  I think Larry's editorial is a good reason for Larry to be removed from the SCNG Editorial Board.  Time for you guys to get your house in order!  Actually, I just ran into an offer (“flash sale”) to get the LA Daily News (digital version) for a WHOLE YEAR for Only SIX Dollars.  Because that's what it's worth.  Do a better job running it and it will be worth more.  I also wonder if the Opinion Editor needs to be replaced after this clueless fiasco of publishing a Pro-Gascon Editorial during the height of VBM voting.  At least consider removing Sal Rodriguez from the SCNG Editorial Board so that he has more time to make better judgment calls. 

So, now, let's take a look at those LA City Clowncil races, the Even Numbered City Council Districts this time (last election, we did the Odd Numbered ones).  I'm not familiar with the Council District 2 candidates.  LA Times likes Nazarian.  Therefore, I would choose from the other candidates.  I already spoke about Council District 4:  Anybody But Raman.  For Council District 6, the Times has Imelda Padilla.  At least she didn't come out in favor of Measure HLA.  Props for that.  For Council District 8, the Times went with Marqueece, who is supporting Measure HLA.  So I say, Anybody but Marqueece.  For Council District 10, the Times went with Eddie Anderson.  Who??  Well, first off, he's NOT Reginald (“Reggie”) Jones-Sawyer, the Soft-on-Criminals State Politician who blocked efforts to get tougher on fentanyl dealers.  Really.  So, in this race, please vote for Anybody but Reggie.  Now, if the Times wanted a Progressive alternative to Heather Hutt, why didn't they choose Grace Yoo?  She's not progressive enough for you guys?  That's scary.  Anyways, Hutt has been doing a great job and deserves to keep it.  My one gripe is that she endorsed Measure HLA, which I'm sure was just an effort to get the Times Endorsement, which she's never gonna get.  So, since LA City Firefighters oppose Measure HLA (because of all the Traffic that it will create) and they support Hutt, maybe they can talk to her about pulling that endorsement for HLA. 

Next, we have Council District 12.  They found another Dangerous Democrat, aka Progressive Democrat, to run against John Lee.  This time, they're throwing Serena Oberstein at him.  Not only does she have one of the weakest LinkedIn resumes I've ever seen, but her big accomplishment is being on the LA City Ethics Commission (CEC), which is an utter joke to activist insiders such as myself, taking years to give slaps on the wrists of corrupt incumbents (who are always taken down by the Feds, not their fellow local or state Democrats), while being inappropriately harsh with those that challenge incumbents...so that they'll never run again.  Why wasn't Nury taken down by the CEC before the secret audio recording scandal?  You know, for her campaign reimbursing folks to get matching funds.  It was all over the LA Times.  Anyway, Serena doesn't even know how to properly follow Ethics rules herself!  Find these LA Times articles from 2019: “LA City Council Candidate Sues to Stop Former Ethics Commissioner From Running”, “Former Ethics Commissioner Says LA Charter Doesn't Bar Her from Running for Office”, and “Judge Bars Former Ethics Panel Member from Running for LA City Council”  ALL three of those are about Serena, The Trifecta.  They're all written by former Times City Beat Reporter Emily Alpert Reyes.  Because when you become really good at your job at the Times, particularly when you're showing TRUTH to the Public, they move you to another beat...Emily is covering Healthcare now, or Public Health, or something like that. 

So, Serena is running on her Ethics background...with a MASSIVE Ethics SCANDAL of her own.  And who does the Times endorse?  Serena, of course.  Why?  Because John Lee is doing a GREAT job for his Residents, especially regarding Public Safety, but he's the OPPOSITE of what the Times and Nika adore:  Progressive Anarchy, the Wild West, where Criminals and Homeless Druggies from Other States rule the Streets, the Homeless Industrial Complex is well fed, Traffic is made worse with Anti-Car efforts, etc, etc. 

Next LA City Clowncil race:  Council District 14.  I'm gonna say vote for KDL, even though I don't agree with a lot of his positions, especially from the old days when he was running for Mayor.  The guy's not a racist.  He ended up supporting Bass for Mayor.  But The Times (or Nika) tried to destroy KDL...and they're still trying.  Keep up the good fight, Kevin! 

Now we have the LA County Supervisor races.  Kathryn Barger is good.  You have to have one person to reign in the Progressive Extremists.  She's the one.  But she does need to do a better job on saving the animals at the County Animal “Shelters”...ALL FIVE SUPERVISORS need to do a much better job for the helpless animals.  So much killing of dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies going on.  Absolutely shameful.  Los Angeles' dirty secret.  Same thing happening at the LA City “shelters”...to a lesser extent.  The problem is twofold:  The local media helps the politicians hide what is happening and our local politicians do NOT care about saving the animals, spending very little money on them.  They'd rather overcompensate their Union backers that much more than properly fund the animals to prevent them from being killed. 

In the Holly Mitchell race, I'm not a fan.  I was a fan of her beating Herb Wesson.  That man is evil.  But Mitchell has annoyed me too often.  One thing lots of people don't know is that the 5 County Supervisors sit on the LA Metro Board, which is kinda under the radar.  The last County Supervisor I remember really challenging the status quo on that Board was the late great Gloria Molina.  How often do you hear about one of the LA politicians on the LA Metro Board going against the Utterly Stupid things that they approve?  I'm talking about the (horrible) NextGen Plan for Bus Service, the (horrible) support for Digital Billboards, the (horrible) support for Congestion Pricing, the (horrible) renewal of the contract for LAPD security at LA Metro, etc, etc.  Well, Holly Mitchell spoke against fare enforcement on LA Metro Rail, which means you are riding with Fentanyl Junkie Thieves who are riding for free.  Progressive Extremism at its worst.  And that's why many people, particularly women, stopped riding Metro Rail. 

Similarly, with Janice Hahn.  How far has she gone politically with that last name and well-coiffed hair.  We can and should do better.  Don't get me wrong.  All of these people are better than Lindsey Horvath, but her seat is not up for reelection right now.  Former LA County Sheriff Villanueva is running against Hahn.  While I'm not a fan of the former Sheriff, I think he would shake things up on the Board of Supervisors, regarding Public Safety, fiscal responsibility, homelessness, crime, etc.  Maybe he and Barger could corral a third vote and make some positive change happen in LA County, because right now the City, County, and State are literally being flushed down the toilet.  Truly sad what has become of Los Angeles.  It used to be Paradise.  Hopefully it can be again.  The Problem is the Politicians.  So vote wisely and try to ignore the LA Times.  Put the Times under your cat's litter box, where it belongs. 

Oh, I forgot...judges.  Vote for judges and prosecutors (aka “Deputy District Attorney”), you know, the people that put Criminals away...they are also likely to be smarter, did better in law school.  Harder to get that gig.  When you can't get that gig, you might end up being a Public Defender, defending criminals and helping them avoid jail, keeping them out on the streets to commit more crime.  Surprisingly, several Public Defenders are running, and in the past, they would have little or no chance running against a Deputy DA or Prosecutor.  But I imagine they're counting on the Progressive LA Times Editorial Board to help them out with an endorsement. 

Finally, I noticed that Ilissa Gold is running for County Central Committee of the Democratic Party, 55th Assembly District.  These are the folks that make HORRIBLE endorsements.  LA County Democrats actually endorsed BOTH Gascon and Raman, just like the Times.  Really, after this election, we need to clean house of the Democratic Leadership responsible for this fiasco, all the way from putting up Old Man Biden for President to supporting these dangerous politicians at the local level.  I don't know how Gold feels about Gascon and Raman, but I definitely know I have been unhappy with her in the past.  My ballot says to “Vote For No More Than SEVEN”...THEY emphasized seven, which is wrong.  They should have emphasized that you can vote for less...and you should...here's why:  the more people you vote for, the less you're helping each one.  Let's say you only know and like 1 or 2 of them.  Then only vote for one or two.  Forcing yourself to vote for more only reduces the chances of your faves winning.  I know you don't feel comfortable only voting for one or two.  So, then, let's compromise and say you'll vote for three or four instead of seven. 

And I may not fill in a bubble for State Measure 1.  I wanna turn in my ballot ASAP.  It's ok to not vote for one of the races!  If you don't know, you can leave that one blank.  I've done that for a judge race or two in the past.  Remember that these races almost never get decided by your one vote.  It's usually a big difference.  And it's usually, sadly, ignorant people voting the LA Times List or based on TV commercials or Radio commercials or Print Ads or Mail Flyers that they received.  It's OK.  I get it.  You have busy lives with families, jobs, and friends.  That's why I'm here to help.  You might want to walk your ballot into a US Post Office and mail it from inside the US Post Office, just to make sure it gets counted! 

Enjoy Election Day and G-d Bless Los Angeles!

(“The Angry Angeleno” is the nom de plume of Yuval Kremer.  Yuval is a Registered Democrat; a Cali-Camp, Harvard-Westlake (pre-merger), USC, and Loyola Law School Alum; and a former ballot candidate for Mayor of LA (failing to prevent Mayor Garcetti's reelection) and LA County Supervisor (ran against Sheila Kuehl, Katy Yaroslavsky's former boss).  The opinions expressed by Yuval are his and his alone (not those of CityWatchLA), but will likely be yours soon!)