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My Recommendations Re. the March 5th Primary Election


RANTZ & RAVEZ - The recommendations reflect my personal views and not of any political party or organization.  My endorsements include Democrats, Republicans, and other political parties.  I only endorse candidates that support Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Education, the Business Community, and the Rights and Privileges we enjoy living in America. 

Before you Vote in this election, go grocery shopping, gas up your car, pay your bills including your Mortgage or Rent, property tax and utilities then Look at your 401K.  After you do this, then Vote for your future and that of your Family.    

If you plan to follow the Political Endorsement recommendations from the Los Angeles Times, check with one of the many terminated reporters and see what they think of the newspaper that is millions in debt and on the path to a financial collapse.  Can you believe that the L.A. Times Endorsed George Gascón for L.A. County District Attorney!  That should show you something interesting about the lack of credibility and lack of concern for your safety and that of your community by the L.A. Times Editorial Board.         

Los Angeles City Council Members. 

Los Angeles City Council District 2.    Adrin Nazarian

Los Angeles City Council District 4.    Ethan Weaver

Los Angeles City Council District 6.    Imelda Padilla

Los Angeles City Council District 8.    Marqueece Harris -Dawson

Los Angeles City Council District 10.  Heather Hutt

Los Angeles City Council District 12.  John Lee

Los Angeles City Council District 14.  Kevin De León 

Los Angeles Unified School District 

The Los Angeles Unified School District is a bloated administrative organization.  While there are many dedicated teachers trying to do their job of educating students, the school district’s administration and most Elected School Board members are bought and paid for by the teachers’ union.  I have one recommendation for the Board of Education District 3 Member. 

Raquel Villalta  

State Senator, 27th District. 

Senator Henry Stern 

Member of the State Assembly, 46th District. 

Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel 

United States Representative, 32nd District. 

Congressman Brad Sherman 

HLA, City Mobility Plan Street Improvement. 

For Bicycle lanes and other modifications when street paving projects occur. 

With all the congestion on Los Angeles roads, this very expensive measure will further reduce vehicle traffic lanes and cause additional gridlock on roads that are already over capacity.  How long do you currently sit in traffic going back and forth from home to school or work?  While I support bicycle riders, this measure is not the answer to reducing congestion and establishing safer streets in Los Angeles.  


Los Angeles County District Attorney 

Anyone other than George Gascón!  I can’t say enough about increasing crime and violence in Los Angeles County and not focus on what Gascón has done to destroy public safety in the County of Los Angeles.  If you are thinking of voting for Gascón, talk with any member of law enforcement and ask what they think about Gascón and how he has totally undermined public safety in the 88 cities of Los Angeles County.   

There are a total of 12 candidates running for L.A. County District Attorney.  I recently attended a debate involving all the candidates except Gascón who declined to attend. 

The qualified candidates I believe who are ready to become the next District Attorney for Los Angeles County and I support are listed in alphabetical order.

Debra Archuleta, Jonathan Hatami, Nathan Hochman, John McKinney and David Milton. 

Los Angeles County Supervisor 

The only member of the Board of Supervisors that I support in this election is Kathryn Barger in District 5.  

Judicial recommendations 

Office #12.     Lynn Olsen

Office #39.     Jacob Lee or Steve Napolitano

Office #48.     Renee Rose

Office #93.     Victor Avila

Office #97.     Sam Abourched or Sharon Ransom

Office # 115.  Keith Koyano

Office # 124.  Judge Elizabeth Spear

Office # 130.  Leslie Gutierrez

Office # 135.  Steven Yee Jak Mac

Office # 137.  Tracy Blount 

State Measure 1 

$6.38 Billion in bonds to build Mental Health treatment facilities for those with mental health and substance abuse challenges.  Provides housing for the Homeless. 


This is just another grab at our wallets after Billions upon Billions have been provided to address the Homeless and those suffering from Mental Illness.  This cash cow has dried up and it is time to Just Say NO to more Taxes when California has a Deficit anywhere from a $30 to $60 BILLION Dollars!      

United States Senator.

27 people are running for the Full 6-year Term. 

My recommendation is for Steve Garvey.  Mr.  Garvey can add common sense and reasonableness to the current National Political Dysfunctional environment in Washington, D.C.   

7 people are running for the Short-Term Senate position. 

I recommend Steve Garvey for the Short-Term Senate position. 

This Concludes my recommendations for the March 5th Presidential Primary Election.  I wish everyone well as we move along in our daily lives and hope for Peace and an end to the Wars involving Ukraine and Russia and Israel and Hamas.


(Dennis P. Zine is a former and retired LAPD Supervisor, former and retired 12-year Los Angeles City Councilman and current General Manager at Bell Canyon in Ventura County.)