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Former Sheriff Alex Villanueva Lays Down Bold Reformist Vision For LA Supervisor Run: “Change The Course”

Marc Ang, Alex Villanueva


RUNNING 2024- When I was asked to sit down with former LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, I did not hesitate. He is the only politician, Democrat or Republican, who I would drop what I’m doing to interview in 2024. In this wasteland of self-serving, politician-first and community-last egomaniacs, Alex stands in stark contrast.  

For anyone with an eye for facts and objectivity, and who can appreciate consistency, Alex is quite the anti-politician.  

I wanted Angelenos to hear from Alex in his own words as he explores his tenure as Sheriff, falling out of favor with the establishment such as his role as Director of Emergency Management, political creatures (including community organizations) that turned on him when he called for accountability, his record of achievements, community focus and his three main priorities regardless of whether he gets into office.  

Through this, I reconnected with a man whose story has not changed since the first time I interviewed him years back. His allegiance remains to effective and data-based solutions for the taxpayer and governance that makes sense, something completely lacking in the current Board of Supervisors. He also challenges, not only a biased media but the woke wing of his own Democratic Party and calls for true diversity in the table of local government, not just one voice. These are the traditional Democratic Party values all of us especially Angelenos, can get behind, sadly lost in the Frankensteined version of woke excess we see today. 


Follow Alex at alex4supervisor.com and on social media with the same handles. 

(Marc Ang ([email protected]) is a Southern California based community organizer, the President of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance in Orange County and founder of Asian Industry B2B. He has a heart for promoting quality education, practical societal solutions, business-friendly legislation, charitable causes and law and order. Marc has made front page news on LA Times and New York Times for his activism and leadership in the SoCal Asian community. He is also the Vice President of the American Independence Party in California. Marc’s book “Minority Retort” was released in 2022 through Trinity Broadcast Network. )