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Can We Afford to Expand the LA City Council?


RANTZ & RAVEZ - How many more MILLIONS of Dollars are you willing to spend on establishing and funding 10 additional elected politicians and their Staffs, Offices, Equipment, Computers, Salaries, Cars, Travel, Retirements, and associated business expenses to run the Los Angeles City Council in future years ?

The Los Angeles City Council is currently comprised of 15 Elected Councilmembers who represent the 15 Districts located throughout Los Angeles.   The city runs from the length from San Pedro on the south to the San Fernando Valley on the north and from the western part of Los Angeles at the Pacific Ocean to East Los Angeles on the East side of town.  The vast territory of square miles, according to the last reported official Census count, is comprised of 3,822,238 people with approximately 8,304.2 population per square mile.  Is the representation in Los Angeles City Council appropriate for the vast City of L.A.?  Some say Yes while others say no and are pushing to expand the L.A. City Council to 25 Elected Councilmembers.  Do the Taxpayers of Los Angeles really need to spend up to an additional One Billion Dollars for various expensed from buildings,  salaries and equipment to expand the Council to better serve the population of the city?  That is the golden question you will soon be able to answer if those pushing for an expanded City Council accomplish their goal of having a ballot measure placed before you in the near future. 

I say NO.  HELL NO!  It is not necessary and will do nothing  to better serve the diverse populations living and working in Los Angeles.  It will just remove  more money from  the critical services we already need and deserve as city residents and taxpayers.

Services like paved streets, removal of trash from homeless encampments now spread throughout the entire city, better and more efficient public safety services by the numerous city departments charged with providing a livable City. 

Remember the city runs from A to Z.  It starts with Airports and go all the way to the Zoo. Everything between A to Z was established to serve you the taxpayers of Los Angeles.  All of us!    

For example, more services and financial assistance could be funded to the local Elected Neighborhood Councils that were established by the Charter Commission to deal with local neighborhood matters and concerns.  We seldom hear anything about the effectiveness of the Neighborhood Councils since the city financially starves them from any significant resources to accomplish much for the 99 Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils.        

The list is very long and reflects what local taxpayer city funds should and could be used for to better serve all the residents, business operations and visitors of Los Angeles.  It is not all about the police and fire services.  It is about ALL the missing and lack of services that are necessary for a city to run in a smooth and efficient manner for everyone regardless of wealth or property values. 

 Something to think about when you are pushed and encouraged to vote to expand the Los Angeles City Council from the current 15 to 25 members.  I say NO.  HELL NO!

One more item of interest.  How many more L.A. City Councilmembers and city officials are waiting in the wings for the next FBI Corruption Investigation to break in the news? 


The Alameda Police Dept is currently offering a $75,000 enlistment bonus and a base salary that starts at $110,000 a year!  Why so much, the city is concerned about public safety and wants to assure the residents of the city that they are truly concerned about the quality of life in Alameda, California.  Not too bad from elected who demonstrate support for those that chose to “Protect and Serve” the of Alameda. 

Compare this to the Los Angeles City Council where the “3 Crazy Train” Councilmembers vote NO on a most reasonable  contract for the Rank-and-File Street patrol officers and detectives who try their best to serve all the people of Los Angeles 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Just to remind you who the “3 Crazy Train” Councilmembers are who voted against the reasonable LAPD Rank and File Contract.  Nithya Raman from District 4.  Hugo Soto – Martinez from District 13 and Eunisses  Hernandez from District 1.  I will do my best to remind you of these three and any of the other Los Angeles City Councilmembers who VOTE NO for your public safety and that of families, friends and neighbors who live or work in the City of Los Angeles.  

The Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashana begins at Sundown on September 15. 

I wish everyone a Very Happy New Year as Rosh Hashana approaches this Friday. 

(Dennis P. Zine is the author of RantZ and RaveZ.  The column is published in CityWatchLA.com twice a month to inform you of activities in your community.  Comments are welcome at [email protected].)