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Critical Vote Undermines LA Public Safety and Disrespects LAPD’s First Responders


RANTZ & RAVEZ - Three of the 15 Los Angeles City Councilmembers chose to vote NO on the Los Angeles City Council’s Agenda item 14 dealing with the LAPD rank and file Officers Contract. The MOU or contract deals with LAPD officers who work the streets of Los Angeles in marked police vehicles and the detectives who conduct investigations dealing with crimes from Murder and other crimes that occur too often throughout the city.  The NO Votes clearly demonstrate the lack of concern and respect for the dedicated and honorable rank and file personnel who usually work 12-hour shifts.  When the temps are 100+ to those rainy and cold days.  24 hours and 7 days a week the LAPD Officers are there to “Protect and Serve” all in the city.  

The 3 “Crazy Train” Councilmembers NO VOTE clearly demonstrates their lack of concern and support for those sworn to Protect and Serve everyone in Los Angeles and for Los Angeles Safety in general.   

Charter “Crazy Train” Council members Nithya Raman from District 4, who represents Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley; Hugo Soto-Martinez from District 13 who represents Echo Park and portions of Hollywood; and Eunisses Hernandez from District 1 (photos above) who represents Highland Park and Glassell Park are the only 3 council members who found that your safety and that of your community are not important to them.  Among their frivolous excuses for not supporting the contract was that it would negatively impact mental health, homeless and other city services.  When it comes to Mental Health, that is the responsibility of the state and L.A. County.  Millions upon Millions are spent on a host of Los Angeles County Mental Health programs and organizations annually.  I know the numbers and programs since I am the past chair and current member of the San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Centers Board of Directors.  Other excuses given to not support the contract included a budget shortfall or a possible recession in the future.  As the saying goes, you can always try and find an excuse if you look hard enough.  However, there is never an excuse for government not to provide safety to the business community and all the people and communities of the city.    

I am sure the “Crazy Train” Councilmembers already know that many law enforcement agencies in and around Southern California offer a higher salary and a variety of better benefits and incentives for officers in addition to much better equipment and a caring municipal government that understands priorities.

The California Highway Patrol and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept are both recruiting 1,000 law enforcement personnel.  People interested in a law enforcement career have many choices to select from.    

The bottom line is very simple.  “Crazy Train” Councilmembers Raman, Soto-Martinez and Hernandez will do anything they can to try and destroy the LAPD and public safety in Los Angeles.  When you read the next news article about another “Smash and Grab” or Murder in Los Angeles, or Murder on the Metro transit line, remember who voted NO on the LAPD contract.  Also remember them the next time they ask you for your Vote when they decide to run for re-election or another political office.  Raman is facing an election in the near future.  I am sure her opponents will be much more supportive of public safety then she has ever been.  A vote against the LAPD contract is a vote for more violence on Los Angeles streets and more Smash and Grabs at your local commercial centers.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Councilmembers who voted Yes on the LAPD contract.

District 2

Paul Kerkorian

District 9

Curren D. Price, Jr.

District 3

Bob Blumenfield

District 10

Heather Hunt

District 5

Katy Yaroslavsky

District 11

Traci Park

District 6

Imelda Padilla

District 12

John Lee

District 7

Monica Rodriguez

District 14

Kevin De Leon

District 8

Marqueece Harris-Dawson

District 15

Tim McOsker

The LAPD Citywide Personnel Numbers continue to shrink.

As of July 29, 2023, there are a total of 8,995 sworn members on the LAPD.  At one time there were close to 10,000 sworn officers with the Department.  This includes everyone from the Chief to the recruit in the academy.  Also included are all detectives and personnel on vacation, training and sick.  So, the actual field force is much smaller than 8,995.

The Citywide Crime statistics from 2021 to 2023 are as follows…

Theft is up +41.9%.  Burglary is up +13.5%.  Robbery is up +4.1%.

I remind you to always make a police report when you are the victim of a crime.  If you fail to complete a crime report, there will not be an investigation and the suspect can continue to terrorize others in your community.

(Dennis P.  Zine is the author of RantZ and RaveZ.  The column is published  twice a month to inform you of activities in your community.  Comments are welcome at Valley News [email protected].)

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