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Is District Attorney George Gascón a Political Hit Man?


THE VIEW FROM HERE - Looking for political hit men is similar to playing Where’s Waldo. They’re somewhere but they don’t standout unless you make an effort to find them.  Mafia hit men serve the same role as law enforcement does for regular society.  Certain people are too disruptive to the organization’s smooth operation to let them walk around free.  Since Los Angeles is a charter city and a bona fide criminal organization, it needs both regular law enforcement and political hit men.  Often, the regular law enforcement are also the political hit men.

An Educational Detour

Unless one has studied law enforcement organization, looking for the Waldos, i.e. political hit men, is confusing.  There are two parallel systems:

(1) The Feds with their various cops, FBI, DEA, IRS agents, etc.  There are the federal prosecutors, US Attorneys (Los Angeles’ is currently E. Martin Estrada). Finally, there are the federal courts -- trial courts, appeals courts and US Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.

(2) The State with its various cops, e.g., LAPD, Sheriff Department, CHP and it has prosecutors, e.g., city attorney, county district attorneys (LA’s is George Gascón), state Attorney General and its courts -- trial courts, appeals courts, and California Supreme Court.

Back to DA Gascón

Since hit men seldom admit their role, our conclusions about Gascón are based on our reading of tea leaves. A political hit man can be identified both by whom he prosecutes and whom he ignores. Presently, the Councilmember Curren Price tea leaves and the Jason Reedy tea leaves suggest that Gascón is a political hit man.

DA George Gascón Defective Indictment Councilmember Curren Price

On June 13, 2023, DA Gascón launched his attack on councilmember Curren Price. By its very terms, the June 13, 2023 indictment missed the statute of limitations. Another Count, Form 100, does not require the reporting of a spouse’s separate income.  https://bit.ly/3CHNwpt June 22, 2023 Is the Curren Price Indictment Another Dirty Political Trick?  Gascón has had four weeks to file an amended complaint. 

DA Gascón Ignores Jason Reedy’s Political Violence

As most recall, Jason Reedy, who claims to be a member of Black Lives Matter, is the activist who stalked, assaulted and attacked Los Angeles Councilmember Kevin DeLeon at a children’s Christmas Party in December 2022. In the United States, political violence against a government official is unusual.  The huge exception is January 6th where insurrectionists broke into The Capitol to lynch Vice President Pence.  Just as the attack on The Capitol grew from excessive passion over an election, Jason Reedy’s attack grew from excessive passions unleashed during the Los Angeles mayoral race by the totally bogus claims that three Mexican councilmembers were anti-Black racists. An illegally made audio tape at the County Labor Federation from October 2021 was released in during the mayoral race in December 2022 and was falsely promoted as evidence the councilmembers were anti-Black. A lie travels around the globe while the truth is putting on its shoes.

Recent Arson at LA City Hall

The LA Times reports that on Sunday, July 9, 2023, the LAPD arrested Tercero-Maradiaga (age 36) for throwing an object thru the window of the city hall office of Chief Legislative Analyst Sharon Tso, causing a fire.  The incident occurred around 8:00 p.m. Saturday, July 8, 2023.  Thus, it is reasonable to believe that the act was both intentional but not intended to harm any person. The city hall sprinkler system extinguished the fire before the LAFD arrived. https://bit.ly/43jMHy3 LA Times 7-10-23

Per the LA Times, City Council President Krekorian said the suspect’s prosecution is necessary so that city employees can be confident that when they come to work, “they don’t have to fear for their lives.”  City Council President Krekorian continued: “I will not tolerate anything less than the absolute most aggressive prosecution of those who would attack government officials,” Krekorian said, pounding his fist on the lectern during a news conference hosted by Mayor Karen Bass. “Because it’s not just an attack on government officials. It is an attack on the people. It is an attack on democracy, and it can’t be tolerated.”  (Bold added)

If an attack on a government official’s unoccupied office well after office hours requires the “absolute most aggressive prosecution,” why has DA Gascón done nothing about Jason Reedy who was videotaped stalking, assaulting and battering Councilmember Kevin DeLeon? Tercero-Maradiaga was arrested within a day. Yet, we’re into the seventh month since Reedy’s battery, and nothing, not even an arrest. For whom is Gascón being a toady ? Mayor Bass? 

The Illegal October 2021 Audio Tape

Most have forgotten that the October 2021 illegally made audio tape is the sole basis for the false charges of racism against the three Mexican councilmembers. (Penal Code § 632) Where was Krekorian to pound his fist about the attacking a government official in December 2022?  Has Mayor Bass stopped the LAPD’s investigation and arrest of Jason Reedy?  One aspect of DA Gascón’s being a political hit man is his participation in covering up crimes to protect political figures. 

An investigation into the illegal audio tape would reveal who installed the audio recording equipment at the County Labor Federation.  Criminal investigations include the harm which the crime causes. If someone shoots a gun into the air on July 4th and it hits no one, no one cares. If it hits a 6-year-old kid, then the harm becomes everyone’s concern.  Because of the months of violent repercussions from the illegal audio tape, our learning who released the tape and who coordinated the false racist narrative is vital. Talk about lack of transparency!  Why the cover-up?  What sayeth thou Karen Bass?

The release and false promotion of the audio tape as racist touched off a mini-Jan 6th style attack of city hall, it closed city council sessions, and it caused months of disruptions of city council business.  It may have been the initiating event of the July 8th arson. At the December 2022 Children’s Xmas party, Jason Reedy pursued and battered Kevin deLeon - it’s all on video tape!   Pero, Gascón no hace nada! ¿Porque?

What Appellation Other than Political Hit Man Applies to Gascón?

What name describes District Attorney Gascón who files false charges against one elected official, Curren Price, but who ignores a battery against another elected official, Kevin DeLeon? Political hit man seems most appropriate. 

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor.  You may email him at [email protected].)

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