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LA Election June 7: Here Are My Picks


RantZ & RaveZ - Who should you vote for in the June 7th Primary Election? 

If you are looking for moderate and not radical candidates to represent you, you will find those candidates listed here.  If you are looking for Radicals on either side of the aisle, you won’t find them here.  I am registered as a No Party Preference and vote for moderate candidates regardless of their political party.    

I received numerous requests to publish a list of candidates for the June 7th Primary Election.  Here is my list of recommendations for your review and consideration.  You ultimately decide who the Best Candidate is to vote for.       

I must mention Public Safety when considering who to vote for….Here are the LAPD Citywide Crime Stats as of May 14, 2022.  (2020 vs 2022)  

Murders are up +41%, Robbery is up + 16.9%, GTA is up +36.5%, Shooting Victims are up + 66.7%. 

After review, I have selected to vote for the following candidates….  

Los Angeles Mayor:

Rick Caruso 

Los Angeles City Attorney: 

Hydee Feldstein Soto


Sherri Onica Valle Cole 

Los Angeles City Controller:

David T.  Vahedi 

Los Angeles County Supervisor:

Roxanne Beckford Hoge


Alex Villanueva 

Los Angeles County Assessor:

Jeffrey Prang  

Measure BB:


Members of the Los Angeles City Council

District 1.

Gilbert Cedillo 

District 3.

Bob Blumenfield 

District 5.

Sam Yebri 

District 7.

Monica Rodriguez 

District 9.

Curren D. Price, Jr. 

District 11.

Traci Park 

District 13.

Mitch O’Farrell 

District 15.

Tim McOsker 

Members of the Board of Education:

No Recommendations.

The LA Unified School District’s Teacher’s Union is asking for a 20% salary increase while thousands of  students have left the District. 

Federal, State and Judicial Offices: 

United States Senator:

Alex Padilla 

Members of Congress 27th District:

Mike Garcia 

Member of Congress 32nd District:

Brad Sherman 

California State Assembly 40th District:

Suzette  Martinez Valladares 

California State Assembly 46th District:

Jesse Gabriel 

Los Angeles Superior Court Judges: 

Office # 3 

Tim Ruben 

Office # 60

Abby Baron 

Office # 6

Ryan Dibble 

Office # 70

Renee Yolanda Chang 

Office # 90

Melissa Lyons 

Office # 116

David B.  Gelfound 

Office # 118

Keith Koyano 

Office # 151

Patrick Hare 

Office # 156

Carol Elswick       


(Dennis P. Zine is a former and retired LAPD Supervisor, former and retired 12-year Los Angeles City Councilman and current General Manager at Bell Canyon in Ventura County.)