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5 Games to Train Your Memory and Entertain Your Friends


GAMING - Whatever our age, young or old, most people are usually extremely confident that we’ll remember absolutely everything that is said to us. Whether that’s chores to do at home, workplace tasks, or the list of groceries and ingredients that we need to bring home for dinner. However, time and time again we have been proved wrong: it’s simply not possible to remember absolutely everything. 

Even so, it’s certainly possible to work on improving your cognitive skills, and there are many ways to make brain training for focus and memory both useful and entertaining. It may never have crossed your mind, but there are actually plenty of games out there, including board games and even video games, that are specifically designed for the purpose of training and exercising your brain. Not only are these a great way for elderly people to keep active and mentally stimulated, but they’re also a lot of fun to test just how well you and your friends can really rely on your memories. To avoid any trouble with your focus during bingo games, (or any other game you enjoy playing) it might be worth having a look at the memory-training games below that you can play with your friends.  


1.       Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training

Perhaps this name sounds familiar to you, thanks to the beloved Nintendo DS version released in 2006! Much to our pleasant surprise, this game is still very much around, re-produced, and re-released on the Nintendo Switch! Video games have been said to improve the functioning of your brain, and as the name suggests, Brain Training is very much focused on getting you to complete puzzles and math problems in timed conditions in order to not only determine your brain age but to also improve it over time by completing these exercises regularly. One of the best features of this is how accessible it is for all ages, and it doubles the fun when you can compare scores with your friends to see whose brain was perhaps the wisest of all!

2.       Wordle

A word game that took the world by absolute storm, and for good reason! The aesthetically pleasing and simple-to-use word game is a daily mental exercise that helps you to see not only if you can guess the word, but also whether you can do it in as few attempts as possible. Every day, players must guess a new five-letter word, and each attempt with a correct letter brings you closer to the answer. The real competition is to see how few attempts you take to guess the correct word!


3.       2048

A more numbers-based game than Wordle, 2048 is designed to enhance and improve your math skills and understanding. With needing to reach the same number each time, you would think the novelty of it would wear off soon enough, but the developers have managed to keep things interesting by keeping the end outcome the same, but choosing the numbers that will lead you to the answer themselves. It’s your job to figure out which tiles will help you get to 2048.

4.       Elevate

Another app-based brain-training game, Elevate is designed to make regular brain “workouts”’ not only as stimulating as possible, but also very easy to do. And what could be easier than doing your regular exercise through the very device you use every single day without fail? Elevate focuses on all aspects of improving cognitive skills, from vocabulary and spelling to communication and arithmetic skills. And the best part about it is that no one level is exactly the same. As you solve each puzzle/question correctly, the difficulty and challenge level of the questions also increases, meaning that you can really push and test your brain.

5.       Lumosity

Lumosity is another highly regarded and very popular brain-training app. The fact that it has over 60 cognitive training games/puzzles available within the app is impressive in itself! To begin with you can take what they call a “Fit Test” to determine your baseline score, and then the ensuing cognitive game levels are tailored to be fun, with a bit of a challenge thrown in so you’re always pushing yourself. And to add a bit of a challenge streak between you and your friends, it’s possible for you to see one another’s scores each day to see how you’re all getting along! The fact that it’s an app is helpful enough, but the added competition is a great way to ensure that you actually complete the exercises as regularly as possible. After all, it’s within human nature to always want to win!