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The Man and the Birds Christmas Story


This is a powerful yet simple Christmas parable about the true meaning of Christmas that hopefully will be shared for many years to come. 

I used to listen to radio announcer, Paul Harvey, read this every year for decades at Christmas time on his radio show. 

The origin and the author of The Man and the Birds Christmas Story is unknown, but I thought I would offer my own version of it to you this Christmas. 

In addition to creating content and editing articles for CityWatch, I have been a radio broadcaster for many years.  That is how I met CityWatch’s publisher, Ken Draper, many years ago.  His career in broadcasting paralleled mine and I learned so much from him about radio.  He likened it to the ‘Theater of the Mind’. 

So with that, I bring you The Man and the Birds Christmas Story.  Now I am not Paul Harvey, but I hope you enjoy it and find it uplifting and inspiring this Holiday.



From all of us at CityWatchLA.com, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

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