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Reasons Rookies Lose Money at the Poker Tables


WANT TO BET-Sitting at the poker table is filled with so much fraught, especially for newbies. Having a strategy is what is most desirable for any rookie’s success.

Going bankrupt when you are a rookie is very easy since you are still considered an amateur and possibly, you could have not yet learned the ways of the game. Most often rookies are advised to take advantage of playing in numbers since it becomes hard for sharks to spot you and render your financials numb.   

Though this cannot be a long-term solution it can act as a tremendous strategy against loss. At Casino Zodiac, you get to understand some of the reasons rookies can lose their money at the poker table and how to avoid this. 

Betting Too Aggressively On the Wrong Situation

If there is something very pertinent in any gambling game is patience. Successful players display patience in all their judgments; this is the reason for their consistent triumph. Rookies on the other hand have not learned the rules of their game, their minds are always fixated on financial gains rather than the right move making it hard for them to focus on efficient ways of maneuvering around. Being aggressive in playing different hands is not bad, but choosing the right time to display aggressiveness is knowledge. 

Believing They Are Better Than They Are

Due to poor competition, most rookies develop a sense of confidence in playing the game which is very hard to break. To be a better player, be calm and always give yourself a chance to learn more tricks. An overconfident attitude is a sure bet to failure. This is a very common attitude that is developed and as a newbie, one needs to fight this sense of confidence to give more room for more informed moves at the poker table. 

Lack of Enough Knowledge of the Game

Poker is a game that has been in existence since time immemorial. Throughout its existence, it has endured a lot of advancements and modifications for the progression of the game. This fact alone raises eyebrows to us that this is a very complex game that needs adequate knowledge before making that decision of holding the cards in your hands. Going to that table without knowledge is an economic suicide on your side. One may end up losing everything because they lack sufficient knowledge. 

Lack of Strategies

When you place yourself at the poker table with sharks, the first thing that should ring in your mind is strategy. Having zero strategies is self-sabotage. 100% of the sharks have a strategy on how they will maneuver around to ensure that they win and that their funds stay intact. It is not advisable to have zero strategies regardless of the situation. Always have a comeback strategy to keep you in check.