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Blowing Smoke


THE COHEN COLUMN--The Nuts with Nukes has a new member. Now North Korea doesn't feel so alone.

Trump’s fire and fury rhetoric, is his western version of slapping leather.

But this is not the video game Gun Fight. Where the cowboy that fires first wins the duel. Unlike the game we won’t get numerous opportunities to re-duel to get it right.

Thousands if not millions could be gunned down.

We, the American people are in this together. We all have friends, relatives, children that we care greatly about. How dare Trump the fool toss matches at someone wanting to torch our house?

The USA is the mightiest military power the world had ever seen. We do not need to resort to such bellicose threats. It actually makes us look weak and is demoralizing to us and our allies.

When North  Korea threatened to launch four missiles near Guam in response to Trump’s fire and fury rhetoric, Secretary of Defense Tillison later tried to comfort Americans saying  Americans should sleep well at night.

His reassurance implied a claim that the military could deal with a North Korea missile attack.

Actually, in fact it is well known in military circles that “US Guam has no capability to intercept multiple warheads”. There is a very limited ability to destroy multiple targets. As reported by UPI and from the US government itself:

Executive Summary • No Homeland Defense intercept flight testing occurred in FY16. Hence, previous assessments that the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) demonstrates a limited capability to defend the U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) area of responsibility from small numbers of simple intermediate range or intercontinental ballistic missile threats (greater than 3,000 km rang

What if South Korea out of fear of annihilation decides it is in their best interest to concede to some of Dictator Un’s demands to avert catastrophe such as returning dissidents that fled the glorious paradise of the DPRK? US embarrassment to say the least, just sayin’, it’s possible.

Has Trump the real estate bully been trumped by a better bully?

Sure beginning to look like it.

North Korea said Trump is “bereft of reason". They’re maybe right, but look who’s talking, the founding member of the Nuts with Nukes Club.

Will Trump spin out of control matching bellicosity with bellicosity until his narcissistic ego detonates in frustration, leading to …….

Invoking Amendment XXV of our Constitution which addresses succession to the Presidency and responding to Presidential disabilities is looking more appealing every day

Obama drew a red line in the sand with Syria back in 2013. When
crossed the Republican Congress voted to refuse support retaliation. (Mitch McConnell's lies to the contrary)

Trump, has himself, dug a hole in the shifting sands of his incoherent foreign policy with his off the cuff blathering, virtually daring North Korea to slap leather and draw first.

John McCain said Wednesday, “President Trump should not make threats unless willing to act, I don't think the President is ready to act.”

Or does Trump think he can continue to blow smoke and we’ll follow him anywhere.

Congress and Americans everywhere are increasingly snuffing him out.

(Michael N. Cohen is a former board member of the Reseda Neighborhood Council, founding member of the LADWP Neighborhood Council Oversight Committee, founding member of LA Clean Sweep and a contributor to CityWatch.)


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