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The Chair’s Discretion


ERIC PREVEN’S NOTEBOOK - Paul Krekorian, Council President, shouted, "Everyone, be quiet!!!" 

An anonymous speaker called out, "What about all your staffers?" 

Smart Speaker:  That's a diss!  

Paul Krekorian, Council President:  You will not disrupt this meeting. 


Jonathan Groat, Deputy City Attorney is happy to shut down the public, while possibly passing a kidney stone. 


Smart Speaker:  Are you not taking comments on amended number 10? 

Paul Krekorian, Council President: Yes, Mr. Preven, go ahead.  

Smart Speaker:  You hung up on me several times, I find that a bit awkward. This is a De Leon motion, who has been chastised by his colleagues, but here he’s sticking up for his people and wants a report back in one week to the full city council on the number of sworn police officers that we could realistically hire, and with the rest of that money, saved from the positions that we know we won’t be able to fill, he wants to protect you all… from the FBI.

Or something.  

It’s getting out of control, this meeting. The burying of the Special Meeting agenda — I certainly hope you call up everyone on the special meeting agenda.  There’s a Continuation agenda but the main thing you see on the face page is notices of cancellation.  You are doing everything conceivable - backward, on purpose. This meeting is like a primer on how to disenfranchise your community.  There’s 1.0 disenfranchisement, 2.0… you are functioning at 4.0. Kudos. 


The labeling of Friday's meeting falls beneath an acceptable standard.


City Attorney, Jonathan Groat:   So, you’ve already given your public comment this only for an additional minute on item 10 only.  

Smart Speaker:  Right, this from the lawyer for the head of the corrupt ad hoc committee on corruption, led by Paul Krekorian,  

The Crowd heckles:  “Folks, please get it together. You are doing irreparable damage to the brand.”  

Smart Speaker:  It’s Eric Preven and I’ll give a general public comment. The brand is in trouble.  I was very concerned about the way this meeting was labeled on the city’s website.  And I will say it’s been an interesting meeting a little drama.  First, Eunisses Hernandez closed a big deal by smudging out the specific number of tenants that could be protected, in the hopes that a few more tenants could get the $21 million. That tiny willingness to be a little less rigid was packaged as a huge victory for democracy.  

And then Matt Szabo, the CAO came out for the giant fiscal cliff reveal and poured a round of very strong, cold, dark shots amounting to $300 million in the hole.  Everyone knows that the dips in revenue and increases in costs are going to impact services big time so it raises the question that Holly J. Mitchell, always asks “Where are we gonna get all that money, Krekorian?”  

That’s why I’ve called for all elected public officials on either side of the gender continuum to develop or acquire a goatee through February. All y’all.  This is one of those things where we all must stand together, signaling that we are locking arms, yes, but also getting goatees. Special thanks to Bob Blumenfield.  For the goatees, and the rubber stamping of all the sneaky and angling amendments.  

And shout out to all for coming to Van Nuys. It’s very special to have you in a small room together where the humans are humans and the donuts are lightly audited by Ethics. Incidentally, what’s the deal with the channel thirty-five TV coverage?  We saw the veteran, Lt. Sharp in technicolor.  What a great hero! 


Just curious, why do the public speakers appear so tiny?   

“Get him out of here.”  

And it’s worth noting that Imelda Padilla’s attempt to disguise a day of political activity during election time with an honorable veteran in a rally-like environment.  

Kudos to all who participated. Thank you.  

Constructive Speaker: … “Like maybe I would have not been homeless... I would have been able to get through my period of difficulty because it pays your rent for like a year, but it only pays …it tapers down. By the end of the year, you are paying full market rent again. So your rent increases by several hundred dollars every single month. And that’s not appropriate for a homeless person or a chronically homeless person, to have rent increases every month, as soon as they move into housing. They usually end up homeless again. Right. But people who are facing homelessness, that have been paying market rent, they would benefit from that sort of a subsidy but it’s not available to them. So, we need to sort this out. We need to fund ongoing permanent subsidies for chronically homeless people. And we need to fund time-limited subsidies for people who are facing homelessness.” 

Smart Speaker:   It’s Eric Preven and I’d like to speak on the available items and a general public comment.  

Marqueece Harris-Dawson (CD8) Pro Temp:  You have three minutes beginning now.  

Smart Speaker:  Thank you councilmember Harris-Dawson. It’s very awkward to see you sitting there in front of the Krekorian sign. Can you pitch it down, slightly? 


 Marqueece Harris-Dawson with learner's permit drives the meeting with "blue halo."


Smart Speaker:  The item that the prior young person was just talking about - the ULA and how to get time-limited rent support for people who are still in their homes but in jeopardy of being thrown out. Sounds like a good idea.  And,  of course, escalating monthly rent for someone who has just been housed is a perfect example of An Absolute Krekorian.  An Absolute Krekorian.  Built-in increases until you die, and then he arrests you.  

It’s just not a good policy. And all the lies about the policies …almost ritualistic. My heart goes out to the folks who are trying.  And then here comes Mr. De Leon, the man people are angry with… making a little amendment asking for what is the realistic number of sworn police officers that we can hire, and how can we get the money, for those that we know will not be filled, back. Great question.  

Go ahead, starting erupting and throwing things at De Leon in anger but his idea sounded reasonable to me.  So feel free to throw things at me, too.  

I know Mr. Harris Dawson was very very excited about item 13 and the absolute bullshit that Price claimed was a technical amendment. It’s not technical at all, you bifurcated five cultural historic tax breaks that should each have their own item.  They’re at different stages. Stuffing it through during an election time for Heather Hutt (CD10) who was never elected - pre-trial for  Curren D. Price  - is a teeny bit weird. I'm sure Staffer B is okay with it.  

The residence of Tom Bradley, I guess is recognizable, and the California Eagle offices where Maggie Hathaway worked.  People should know that in all but a few situations, this process is less about honor — and more about tax breaks for the owners.  

The guy who invented or gets credit for spearheading this type of helpful activity with the Mills Act is Mark Ridley-Thomas (MRT)... formerly SD2, CD10 now convicted, preparing his appeal.  

Marqueece Harris-Dawson (CD8) Pro Temp:  You got to stay on topic, Mr. Preven.  

Smart Speaker:  I am on topic: cultural-historical designations. It really was one of MRT's great pioneering efforts, Mr. Harris-Dawson.  He came up with the idea of protecting properties by getting a designation from the Cultural pay-to-play window, and then he authorizes a tax break.  Item 13, is on the agenda, is it not that?  

And no disrespect to Jose Huizar who just got 13 years and over a half million in fines for his Rico charges.  Is MRT off-topic today to commemorate Huizar's tumble? Pending appeal? 

Marqueece Harris-Dawson (CD8) Pro Temp:  Your time has expired. 

Smart Speaker: Thank god, right?! 

Five Pack of Proposed City Historic­ Cultural Monuments:

(1) Tom and Ethel Bradley Residence, located at 3807 Welland Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90008; 

(2) California Eagle Offices, located at 4071 ­ 4075 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90011; 

(3) First African Methodist Episcopal Church, located at 2270 South Harvard Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90018; 

(4) StylesVille Beauty & Barbershop, located at 13161 Van Nuys Boulevard, Pacoima, California 91331; and 

(5) Jewel’s Catch One, located at 4067 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90019


 For the record.


Thanking Frank & Tanking Groat: 

Dear Raman, Fauble et al.  

In response to the “We see you!” letter, in which the Smartish Speaker, articulates that the practice of lowering the hands of speakers without warning or notice is … not nice. And requested the hand-raising data, known as metadata to put it to rest.  It’s 100% available, so we’re all waiting for February 9.  

Dear Mr. Preven,  

The City Attorney's Office has received and is in the process of working with ITA to determine if responsive data is available pursuant to your request as outlined in your email dated January 17, 2024. Please be advised that this office finds that "unusual circumstances" exist with respect to the request, as that term is defined in California Government Code section 7922.535. Unusual circumstances exist because of the need to coordinate with another City agency as to the logistics of providing such data. As such additional time will be required to complete a determination on your request.  We estimate a final response concerning your request will be available on or before February 9, 2024.


Thank you for your continued patience. 

Best regards,

Frank Mateljan 


Smart Speaker: Thank you.  

Progressive Regression: 

Unfortunately, the county of Los Angeles which I once had to drag up to San Francisco for a dressing down in front of the highest Court in California, namely The California Supreme Court, are regressing. 

Let’s move forward with transparency, this means sharing the emails about the plan to restore public comment to the bitter end of meetings, a direct misunderstanding of what the constituent residents want and need to provide public scrutiny.  You ignorant sluts! jk srsly.   

Let’s stipulate that the chair, Lindsey P. Horvath,  trained under Sheila James Kuehl,  but we all, myself included, aspire to improve. She is being handed a baton that needs to be carefully disinfected. Kuehl's early good intentions were marred by the terrible stain she caused on the county by using the Pandemic as a pretext to muffle the voices of the “inconvenient public.” 

As a person Supervisor Kuehl was not so bad, though she was mean on the campaign trail.   

But people came to know her as a  fighter with a big mouth, a Nehru jacket, and a tiny Porsche that emitted fumes she fought hard to curb at the Southern California Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).  But her dismissive attitude about the public will forever be remembered as a cautionary tale for those with power.  It’s fleeting. 

Hello Chong-Castillo!   

What a legacy! Making the good people of the greatest County on earth, who care enough to queue up,  wait until the bitter end. After everything has been said by everybody at least five times. Fi-plicate!   

We will publish eventually a report of the members of the public who sign up but are never heard. The frustration is off the charts.  Shameful.  

I wonder on what legitimate legal basis such a preposterous notion is based?  

“The Chair’s Discretion, Mr. Preven.”  

Smart Speaker: Yuck. 

The County Problematic Desk: 

Dear Mencos: For DAVIT ZARGARYAN Deputy County Counsel Board Liaison Division:\ 

Today is January 26th.  You promised the records by January 23, 2024.  Problematic.  

Specifically, I requested the following: …[A]ll memos or emails between the district board offices and the executive officer about the county's public meeting protocol and schedule. Including the rollback of meetings. Also, on what date were the current board rules approved by the board of supervisors? Were there any hearings? Outreach about the proposed changes? 

Thank you for your patience as we continue to search and review files that are responsive to your request. We anticipate providing you with an update on or before January 23, 2024,as to… 

Smart Speaker: That came and went. Now… 

Thank you for your patience as we continue to search and review files that are responsive to your request. We anticipate providing you with an update on or before February 6, 2024, as to whether we were able to identify any responsive disclosable public records and reserve any right to assert all applicable privileges, doctrines, and exemptions. 

Smart Speaker:  It’s 100% available, so we’re all waiting for February 9.  

The Bitter End: 

Way before the bitter end of Tuesday’s City Council meeting in Van Nuys, there was a touching remembrance about a mini-truck passed from father to son who warmly introduced, Robert Davis Sharp. “Can I get you to say a few words, Dad?” 

Robert Davis Sharp: Yes, I am a man of few words. I taught my son not to lie, but he lies.  [Laughter] 

It’s a pleasure to be here. If you would like to be here, just become 100 years old and they’ll roll out the red carpet for you like they’ve done for me. I don’t really know why I’m here, but I’m here. I appreciate the honor and the greatest generation… those that died for this country, I have some good friends who are no longer with us and went overseas and were killed in the effort. I am not a great spokesman for anybody but I’m certainly grateful to be here today.   

And don’t honor me, honor the military guys that allowed you to be here today, they were a great bunch of folks. I think I’m the last one, I maybe have one more friend who is still alive. To live this long has been quite an honor. The only bad thing is I have to rely on other people to feed me and get me where I’m going; doctor appointments and all that nonsense. Relying on other people, I don’t… 

Imelda Padilla, Council member (CD6):  Any closing statements?

Robert Davis Sharp:  You’d like me to stop? 


Paul Krekorian, Council President:  Council member Padilla, I appreciate your commitment to efficiency but Lt. Sharp has the floor.  


Robert Davis Sharp:  I know you’re not here to honor me but 100 years of this country’s growth.  I’m grateful for the honor… I’ve had a lot of honors lately and I don’t know why… I don't know why they’re doing that.  They interviewed me the other day on blue tooth.   Better to honor the military guys.  They got me to go on blue tooth, I don’t even know what that is. 

Council President Tip Of The Week:  Keep It Simple

Several doctors from Utah compiled tips for dealing with an older population.

Nothing surprising: Speak slowly, clearly and loudly. Use short, simple words and sentences. Stick to one topic at a time. Simplify…” 

Smart Speaker: You mean stack ideas in complicated piles of three, like Krekorian, so it has the rhythm of a political speech?  

Paul Krekorian, Council President:  Let me just say, Lieutenant Sharp. Typical of the members of the greatest generation, you came and spoke with humility and gratitude and with modesty and with appreciation to us and on behalf of this council on behalf of our country let me just say, that it’s the other way around. It’s we who are so grateful to you. Not only for your service, but for the inspiration that you give and that those of your generation have given and subsequent generations about the need for patriotism about the need for duty about the importance of commitment to the country and the values that it represents. So…we are incredibly grateful to you for your service and for the inspiration that you give to all of us… still!  And, I want to invite you in advance to our veterans day celebration in November as well, so I hope you’ll be joining us for that.  


Paul Krekorian, Circus Ringleader:  Council member Rodriguez, the floor is yours.  

Rodriguez immediately teared up in recognition of her own father’s sacrifice for the betterment of the “world” as an LAFD fireman. Not sure if UFLAC was around in Mr. Rodriguez’s day but they sure are around now. “Thank you.”  

Hugo Soto-Martinez (CD13) stood up to thank Imelda Padilla (CD6) for dragging everyone to Van Nuys City Hall.  Eunisses Hernandez (CD1) also leapt up like a bunny rabbit to commend Padilla on her big delivery of… a meeting in Van Nuys.  

Here is the entire council meeting, where you can see the council in action. 

Smart Speaker:  Inaction? 

No, in action!


To: [email protected] <[email protected]>

Sent: Monday, January 29, 2024 at 12:07:24 PM PST

Subject: CPRA request for correspondence - Re Meeting Location changes


Outgoing CPRA Request: 

Dear City Family:

Please provide all email correspondence between DONE or any other city representative, and the NC President or other NC member about the NC meeting location change from the the NoHo Senior Center to a new, either temporary or permanent location for meetings of the NC.  


(Eric Preven is a longtime community activist and is a contributor to CityWatch. The opinions are of Mr. Preven and not necessarily those of CityWatchLA.com.)